Sochi Olympics coverage on Comcast’s Xfinity TV

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics is not going to draw the same number of viewing figures as the London Olympic Games, but that doesn’t mean there will be a shortage of coverage, and so we were not surprised to learn that Comcast’s Xfinity TV will be showing live coverage of the sporting event.

Customers who have an Xfinity TV box will be able to view more than 1,500 hours of Winter Olympic coverage from NBC Universal, which includes coverage from several channels, such as the NBC Sports Network, CNBC, NBC, MSNBC and USA Network.

The good thing is, all of this content will be available to you at all times of the day, as it will be stored On Demand. However, Xfinity TV customers will also have access to this content while on the go, meaning you can view the Sochi Olympics coverage on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Over the years sports fans have only had access to limited coverage of certain sporting events, such as The Winter Olympics, but thanks to improvements in technology you now have access to far more and even though this comes at a price, it’s one that is worth paying.

Those of you in the UK also have the ability to view a decent amount of Sochi Olympics coverage though various BBC channels, as well as On Demand. You can already see the busy schedule for the games on the BBC Sport website.

We’d love to know how you plan to watch coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics? We know that people would love to view it on Apple TV, but that’s highly unlikely. Finally, you can keep an eye on the Sochi 2014 Olympics medal count via this app.

Thanks to Comcast.



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