Nintendo Wii U next-gen status debated

By Marlon Votta - Feb 7, 2014

When we take a look at some of what is being said on social media websites about the Nintendo Wii U we can’t help feeling that this console is not being held in as high regard as it should, with many consumers questioning whether this is a current-gen system or a next generation one. While some may suggest this comes somewhere in between we understand that owners of the Wii U feel that Nintendo makes some of the best first party games and the innovative GamePad has taken this console into the next generation.

With the arrival of the new PS4 and Xbox One the Wii U has fallen further down the pecking order, but many gamers feel that the Nintendo system is a small step up from the 360 and PS3. The specs and graphics are not much different to the current systems and the option to play on the Gamepad while someone is watching the TV is bound to be a step up, but can it still be classed as a next-gen console?

The new consoles from Microsoft and Sony are rapidly catching up to the Wii U as far as sales are concerned, which is not good news for Nintendo as we enter a New Year and this has prompted some game developers to start pulling support for the struggling system, with refunds offered to customers on DLC they are not continuing to release.

In addition, the Wii U has a few first party titles coming out in 2014 and this could accumulate more business, but we are unsure whether the next-gen consoles are too much competition for Nintendo. Below this post we have embedded a video debating whether the Wii U really is a next-gen system and this six and half minute video by Techno Buffalo runs through all the positives as they contemplate this as a true next-gen console.

This brings us to a post we wrote over a year ago as we discussed whether the Wii U is first to next-gen, but still a decade too late. We mentioned comments by industry analyst Michael Pachter claiming Nintendo always arrives too late as far as releasing products onto the market is concerned.

We explained the innovative features back then and questioned whether the Wii U can attract users prior to the release of the PS4 and the Xbox One, but now they are both in circulation we are intrigued to know whether people are still going to want to buy a Wii U, even if it is remarkably cheaper than the new consoles.

While some consumers feel that the Wii U is stuck in limbo between the likes of the current and next-gen system we would like to know if you consider the Nintendo Wii U, as a next-gen console?

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  • Dcj91x

    I’m confused… Inovation does not make something “Next Gen” but copy and past, adding only better graphics does? .. The hard ware “Specs” in the PS4/XB1 are better.. I get that but what do they actually do. Do they play any new games? Do they set any new standards in the way we play? Is there any new invations that they offer? When it comes dow to it what is the real difference between the ps4 and xb1, you change the casing and a few services how many people will notice? With nintendo you have mutiple otions on the way you play with the gamepad, the Pro controller, the wiimotes, the GPcameras and more.. and not to mention the customization of the Gamepad. Yet none of this nore the other variety the WiiU offeres, Miiverse, Nintendo TVii and so on is considered Next gen.
    I think The WiiU is more than “NextGen” just just most peoples perspective and defenitions are not.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I don’t think it matters all that much as long as people care about the games. Nintendo can get themselves a nice sales boost from Mario Kart and Smash bros which will probably ensure they sell enough Wii Us to keep supporting the console which is all a Nintendo fan really needs. I think the gamepad has the potential to make the Wii U the only next-gen console a bit like the Wii was with its motion controls but even Nintendo are barely supporting the gamepad at the moment.

  • Neil Kitchener

    While I have to say all three NextGen (well not current Gen) systems have dissapointed me. The wiiU was the only one that did try to innovate again rather than just putting more under the hood. While I can’t really say much in regards to the PS4, I can tell you that the XboxOne is gathering dust while the wiiU still gets daily use albiet from some really great indie titles and some solid multiplayer action. It seems these days people assume that Console Generations are only determined by sheer power and these are usually the people that think “Hardcore” gaming usually refers to the level of violence, cut scenes that are longer than most hollywood blockbusters or craming the largest number of players online and having to put up with 12 year olds who have just learned their first swear words and are trying to fit them into conversations wherever they can.
    The XboxOne is probably the one I seem most dissapointed with, but I do think that Sony could do well this Gen and not unlike the last gen where gamers had a combo of systems like myself with a wii60 I wouldnt be suprised if Nintendo do alright for themselves alongside the PS4 in a PS4U combination. Third parties I think will favour the PS4 and Xboxone, but with the indie scene really taking of with this generation and the wiiU has some really good indie games on and upcoming and first party titles and Nintendo funded exclusive third party titles coming out, I can see the wiiU doing very well for itself.