Gmail login ideal for main Email

By Peter Chubb - Feb 7, 2014

Back in the day the Email program of choice was Outlook, this was because of the huge market share of the Windows PC, but over time things have changed. Not only are there more people using Mac OS X, but also Windows has lost out massively to Android and iOS.

With more people now using mobile devices they need easy access to their Emails and as a result it stands to reason why more people are finding Gmail login ideal for their main Email because they have much more freedom than before.

We know there are alternatives such as Hotmail but since Google launched Gmail it has improved with age. I’ve used Gmail from the start because it is so much easier to access from multiple devices, and far easier to set up than other Email clients.


If you have been thinking about changing your default Email client and cannot make your mind up as to whether or not you should go with Gmail, then Google have several reasons to go with them.

Gmail goes the extra mile for its users and as such is now one of the most popular Email clients, and offering a wide variety of settings and 3rd party integration are just two reasons why you should pick Gmail. However, Gmail also allows you to change many aspects of your signature, such as changing the font and size.

There is far more to offer than these features, all of which are better explained when you set up a new account, which you can do here. Gmail is constantly changing to further improve the service, they can do this as often as they like, rather than how Outlook used to, or the OS X email client that only undergoes updates very occasionally.

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  • MzDez

    Theirs always things going on and wrong when it comes to gee-mail or goolge period . When crash report is sent in there’s no change. And when using other programs it frustrats you because some things don’t work the same and or the it takes to long to learn or multi task within program or app if you will somebody needs to create a app were its simple but yet so complexed. Still waters run deep. And some time less is more

  • rarnedsoum

    This has been true of Gmail for at least 5 years.
    The iphone is 7 years old.
    But Gmail has significantly decreased in reliability, usability, and stability over the past year.
    While your recommendation can still be considered valid, it is soon to be outdated, as successors come into play in the near future.
    Just as Microsoft had something good in XP, Google has also lost their way and Gmail is no longer as good as it was.

    • Cornbread

      OK..Your point is only valid if you have a suggested replacement? So what do you use? I’m all for a better email service. So please share with us.

  • joyhassa


  • daqiqi
  • Jonathan

    Can’t email without Gmail… My dad’s email is connected to my gmail account and I do not have to go to outlook…

  • Beat Odermatt

    I agree. We have used gmail well over 10 years and it has been great.