Black Ops 3 zombies on hold in favor of Sledgehammer

By Alan Ng - Feb 7, 2014

As previously feared, it looks like the highly anticipated Black Ops 3 release date is on hold until 2015. Activision has just sent out word that Sledgehammer Games will be in charge of the Call of Duty 2014 game, and that the company will join Treyarch and Infinity Ward in a three-way developer triangle.

In simpler terms, Black Ops 3 will not release in 2014 which also means that you will have to hold on tight for a new Black Ops 3 zombies experience.

Activision has confirmed the news in their latest financial call, also confirming that Sledgehammer Games will take charge of the next Call of Duty game.

Don’t forget that Sledgehammer were also co-developers on Modern Warfare 3, so they do have experience. Activision seems to be very happy with the studio as well, even having this surprising statement to make:

Bobby Kotick expects “Sledgehammer’s 2014 Call of Duty game to be one of if not the best Call of Duty games ever.”

Unsurprisingly, there were no further details on Sledgehammer’s game in relation to a Call of Duty 2014 release date. It’s obviously refreshing to see Activision confirm that the game is on the way though, so hopefully more details will be coming soon.

What is your reaction to the news that Black Ops 3 is definitely not releasing in 2014? Are you optimistic that Sledgehammer Games can handle making a Call of Duty game this year that could be the very best, in Activision’s words?

Time will tell and obviously the debut Call of Duty 2014 trailer will give us a clearer idea. Give us your reaction to this below. We wonder if Sledgehammer games is planning their own take on zombies, similar in the way in which Infinity Ward has just brought us Extinction mode.

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  • Sergio Valenciano

    well turned out it was one of the worst

  • kevin

    I didn’t like aw

  • kevin

    Need to make black ops 3 for ps3 plz


    i think that bo3 should have came out im beast at zombies and it came out for aw but they should have kept the zombies for bo2 and sledge hammer had they chance ghost

  • mg

    Sleghammer games dose not need to make it like AW

  • mike

    Well turns out was not black ops 3 it’s advances warfare what’s everything think about that??my opinion is they still need to make a black ops 3 fir my self I just don’t like the warfare setting is all still great game though I do have it

  • mateo

    i agree ,the only reason i but black ops is because of the zombie maps,the really need to think about doin just a zombie game

  • Bo5tonian617

    Not at all!!! I wish my opinion would matter but it doesn’t. Dnt want another cod that just has new skins and adding some titanfall moves. Wish treyarch would just make a zombies only game cause I would buy that all day!!! Dnt really like MP when zombies is on I am totally addicted and it sux because we get shafted! 1 map per dlc and that’s not enough. Won’t buy Cod AW! Ghosts was horrible with extinction. It was a trial copy to see if ppl would buy it like zombies! I only play zombies!

  • Phantom

    this sucks

  • BobBently

    no zombies,,, no purchase

  • ricktofen II

    ZOMBIES should become a stand-alone game, i’ve said that since the original Black Ops. Then they can keep adding to it through the usual DLC. However it would need more structure too it, otherwise it would get boring easily. Matchmaking should match easter egg hunters with each other coz i and many others get sick of ppl whining ” do it this/that way ” just bogoff and let us play however we want too!

  • Also I’d like to commemorate on John Connor, I believe your point to be true and I agree with you completely.

  • The only real comment that I can address to this is that we all have to give each developer a fair shot. (Look at Treyarch) In all honesty the next Call of Duty could turn out to be garbage, but it’s worth the effort to think it might end up being as good (or better) than ghosts or black ops 2. And to respond to the matter at hand, I am an extremely big fan of zombies, I only bought black ops 2 for the zombies game mode, but in the end, i believe that the choice that Treyarch is making, by publishing “black ops 3” later, gives them a chance to work on the game. So in the end, we get a brand new call of duty AND a re-vamped new zombies game as well… all WE have to do as the gaming community is to be patient.

    • Richtofen told me so

      Treyarch didn’t make the decision, Activision did since they own the franchise; treyarch, infinity ward, and sledgehammer games are developers, they themselves don’t publish games. FYI I’m no ripping on you just putting out some info. But I’m stoked for Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 (zombies)

  • John Connor

    Treyarch should make a zombies game specifically. Having the same futuristic soldier theme would start to taste like warm water.

  • John Connor

    Hopefully this gives them time to make their games a whole bunch better for each release. 1 extra year.

    • dj jammer

      If there is no zombies …I will not purchase


    Listen COD change this whole thing and let it off for one more year so we can make a “actually black ops game” not some crap not trying to be mean but make another mw3 but not black ops or maybe go back to when we played company of whatever get my point



    • Richtofen told me so

      Calm down, treyarch didn’t add extinction… Infinity ward did…have you not noticed the different between the two developers games?

  • Matthew Gisewite

    Black ops 3 is going to be terrible in all way’s even zombies. Considering that in the campain mason can be dead or alive and in zombies everything was a lie and samatha and another kid were playing “zombies” There can only be one thing that can be done about this though and thats make a whole game based on zombies as in the campain is zombies since you screwed up on the campain in black ops 2 and pretty much screwed of the story line for zombies. Looking forward though to seeing how this will be done but as far as multiplayer though do not try and be something your not do not add a battlefield feel to the guns I hate it when my gun is out matched because I don’t have this attachment on it. Your CoD not Battlefield your simple multiplayer as in its simple you aim shoot and then kill and try and stay alive. And for the sledge hammar game coming out it will probably be terrible considering its being made by sledge hammar and not any of the main CoD designer groups. It will probably either start a new story line or keep the old one picking off where they started on mw3. Either way though ghosts has extinction and black ops has zombies what will sledge hammar have that will really be the only thing I am interested in. You can’t do aliens and you can’t do zombies. Will you go back to the whole defending mode? where you defend your self from waves of enemies and if so try and make it more operation like as in there’s thing’s we have to do and eventually win not just sit there and wait to die.

    • Komic

      Actually when zombies ended in black ops 2, You actually hear they’re dad telling them to come down and close the windows. so possibly the zombie thing could actually be happening. then leading to treyarch to have a slim but good chance at actually making a good zombies storyline. treyarch did good with zombies. and now then have a extra year to plan it out.

      • Bradda2you

        I agree with you. Just because it was looking like the storyline ended doesnt means it HAS ended. All we can do is stay positive and hope Treyarch will think this through really good and give us another amazing zombie-mode. They have an extra year so thats plenty of time comparing to the ussual 1 year they had to come up with.

    • Komic

      They’re dad being Doc Richtofen

      • Richtofen told me so

        Their dad being Maxis, richtofen was the boy

    • Richtofen told me so

      Let me make this clear to you…sledgehammer is a new CoD developer, how can you “go back” to something that never existed for that developer? But a bigger question remains: how the f*** can you look forward to game that you say is terrible?

  • Jason M Riffe

    Bobby Kotick expects “Sledgehammer’s 2014 Call of Duty game to be one of if not the best Call of Duty games ever.” didn’t they say the same exact thing about ghosts?? And that infinity ward was ” The best in the business” let’s face it 90% of cod players have only played infinity wards garbage to pass the time for the next treyarch release as far as sledgehammer is concerned idk its fresh meat so definitely something the cod world needs but at the same time notany people cared for mw3 and what if the things people hated about is what sledgehammer came out with? Only time will tell but I won’t buy it simply because I spent 220$ on ghosts and Dont wanna make the same mistake agian

  • Spoiled-Queen Candice Hernande


  • Carlos

    NOOOOOOO. Call of duty 2 and Modern Warfare 2, no Sledgehammers = GOLD, BEST GAMES EVER. MW3 and Ghost, enter Sledgehammers= CRAP, WORST CODS EVER

    • Carlos

      Call of duty 4*

      • Richtofen told me so

        How can you say Sledgehammer’s game is crap? It’s not even out yet?!

  • mikeesty

    PlayStation should let us cross platform black ops 2 that way we can play zombies on ps4 that would hold me over till 2015.

  • gamepatriot

    Sledgehammer helped on MF3 and it was turd, this is just a money scheme for Activision, zombies is the only good thing in the cod series now we have to wait longer because they want more money.. sad.

  • JackG

    What a load of crap! Zombies all the way!!!

  • Austino

    Zombies zombies zombie screw any other cod we need black ops 3

    • mateo

      heck ya,i love zombies and the story line

  • Gwyn

    Just keep Raven studios away from it! The utter drivel that was Ghosts made me snap the disc in half after only 7 hours.
    If memory serves, that was touted to be ‘ one of the best, if not the best CoD yet ‘. Right, and Hitler only invaded Russia to say Hi to Stalin in person.

  • Ryan Anderson

    hello I think that if they were to make zombies, I would do a future maps and future weapons. keep going into the future and not the past like when they started waw and went to black ops then blacktops 2, it was the 50s and hopefully now in the next year will be future like the year 2125 or just 2070 don’t just go back to the old days, keep it going. biggier maps and objects move, lets say you have a horde of zombies chasing after you and theres a light post or pole, shoot that or take a grenade and blow that sucker to the ground and you can block their path but maybe u can get a few kills depend how soon it falls to the ground. make zombies where objects break and fall, just like call of duty ghost multiplayer. Also another imput where instead of power, because we got power already, have us find keys or codes to unlock doors or other objects, make it a new experience and something different instead of levers or switches or just do a mix of everything. One last input by the way, when you un into a wall and its barriered and when you shoot it it has holes, well in battlefield when you shoot a wall with a tank it crumbles to the ground and had a huge hole in it well all other call of duty games don’t do that well see if you can let us blow a few walls up and holes so we can take short cuts and paths. Thks

  • jackstew99

    Anyone want to have a game of origins or buried or any map add jackstew99

  • isaiah

    I only buy Cod Black ops for zombies … since im not the only one that does that why not add more DLC’s to black ops 2 so we wont be so bored …….and ps when Black ops 3 Comes out at least one of the Zombies maps have to top “BURIED” because its the best map yet and i just want to see better

  • Andre A Silvestri Sr.

    too add black op2 was kool but i expected more on it cause 1 was so original peace im out

  • Andre A Silvestri Sr.

    ghost is a very fun game in my opion 2nd best i ever played next too black ops 1 i like the slide n ghost and the map changn only thing i dislike on ghost is the fact that the helo pilot n chopper cant be shot down without running support kinda dumb not very many secondary choices i k ghost stomps mw3 allthough i loved mw3 face off maps when others didnt im glad bo3 will be awhile gives me time too play my games and n gives them time too improve the multiplayer n zombies that i dont care 4 but son loves zombies so too sum it up ghost is not bad actually really good and u all need too quit whinning about the wait or start makn games yourself peace im out

  • sid

    So now we have to wait yet another year to find out what the nav card reader does? This is a load of bull, I only play COD for zombies. If there wont be another BO3, then make more zombie maps to keep us fans happy until next year. Simples.

    • RonZombieSlayer

      Nav card just changes the color of the eyes on the zombies when you do all the easter eggs. I’ve done it. I don’t know why no one knows this yet?
      Unless it does something else to I don’ know about

      • JC

        when all easter eggs on the same side of a story (richtofen OR maxis) are completed for (tranzit, die rise, and last of all buried) when you complete buried’s easter egg you can complete the story and thus unlock the super easter egg if you will. Also the nav tables all need to be completed and activated as they all connect (nav cards fit the tables from the previous map)

  • Abner mcBeardington

    Treyarch should hire a programmer with a degree, there clearly weren’t any working on blops2.

  • Steve Newland

    ghosts is terrible. having bought an xbox one I’m pretty upset that bo3 won’t be out till after a year of the xbox ones release

    • mzheadshotwunder

      I don’t get why the ain’t releasing it for ps3,, I don’t want to av a ps4 yet, my son has well loads of games and tbh there’s half the ppl still on the ps3 who haven’t upgraded. Pissed off

      • JC

        talking about a game that’ll be released in late 2015 2 years after the ps4’s released, it’s not like the ps3 was released last year either, ps3 did it’s time there’s plenty to game on it.. why u mad bra

  • zombies4ever

    no bo3, no zombies = this makes me very sad. im a big fan of zombies and only buy the game because of the zombies mode. i hope all zombie fans, who love the mode, will not buy 2014 cod, if it hasnt any survival mode. AND i really hope that zombies will be released in 2015 :(((((((((

  • zombies4ever

    no bo3, no zombies = this makes me very sad. im a big fan of zombies and only buy the game because of the zombies mode. i hope all zombie fans, who love the mode, will not buy 2014 cod, if it hasnt any survival mode. AND i really hope that zombies will be released in 2015 :(((((((((

    • NONanomous

      I know I really like zombies!

      • Unkown

        i bought every dlc just for zombies I’m still rank 12 online rofl!!!

    • Jacob Bøhler Bjørk


  • Master chief

    Incoming titanfall… Stand by!


      ok if zombies doesnt come out i will go on a rampage making a zombies mod then go to skedghammer studios, call in a titan to fall and crush their production facilitys then use my covenant carbine to blast their shitty old computers that were crappy technology even in the 80’s then get a tactical nuke streak and end this madness once and for all.THEN WATCH fRIGGING MY LITTLE PONY CUZ MY 5 YEAR OLD SISTER HATES ME!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Lipman

    Seriously Activision? Modern Warfare 3 was the WORST call of duty I have ever played. And now you want the co-creators of that terrible game to stand in the way of one of the only reasons why you have such a large fan base (that being the zombies mode). I swear cod is getting worse and worse every year. The only good cod that I own that doesn’t have zombies is modern warfare 2 because MW3 was utter garbage, and call of duty 3 only has a good campaign mode since the online is crap. And ghosts is so bad it’s not even worthy of me wasting my money on to even rent it. Pleas do not make us wait for trey arch zombies or at least do us all one favour and make it a separate game altogether. Sincerely, disgruntled ‘fan’

    • Josh

      No, MW2 was the worst. At least there was some effort in MW3.

      • Adam Lipman

        for me, it was the other way around where the story in MW2 was great and the one in MW3 it took me half a year to beat because I got bored after the first couple days and neglected to finish it. Not to mention the online in MW2 was far greater in diversity than MW3 such as having ashotgun as a secondary weapon.

        • Josh

          I’ll give you credit on the shotguns for secondary (Granted, I thought that made builds a little overpowered, but it does add flavor), but I found that MW2’s story was too quick when compared to MW3, and the multiplayer (I played on PC) quality ranged from Not Half Bad, to Oh God……The Lag & Hackers!!

    • Abner mcBeardington

      Why would you wait for anything treyarch makes?

    • I hate cod ghost

      You must have not play ghost yet

    • drrayse

      You took the words out of my mouth. You exactly said what i was thinking. I dont need to say more. I am completely behind you.

    • JC

      MW3 and BO2 all the way.

  • master zombie killer

    we want zombiieess please. And new weapons too

  • asdf

    Disgraceful! I hate all these crappy cods without zombies and now we have to wait even longer for yet ANOTHER company to jump in, meaning waiting TWO years a time for new releases! I dont buy any cod title that doesn’t feature zombies and won’t start now! Extremely dissapointed!

  • i love zombies

    No zombies I won’t buy it or any of my freinds

  • i love zombies

    Infinity ward and sledgehammer should quit making call of duty all together jump off a bridge and let treyarch take over every game treyarch has made is better in every way infinity ward makes the same game over and over and I’m tired of it without zombies you have nothing

    • Ryan Porter

      I think its so funny everybody hated on treyarch until ghosts came out

      • Jesse Brodhagen

        …ghost sucked….like…ALOT

        • Ryan Porter

          thats my point.

      • Abner mcBeardington

        Don’t worry, I still treyarch is the worst developing company out there currently

  • Hunter Grassi

    I looking forwords for the new zombies maps try to make them better this time no glitches ok its really annoying people that do that. Try to make it like origins again but for the first map it would be a lot better.

  • bob

    this is great idea..this way the game will be on x-box one with better graphic and hopefully put some creative work into the game and make it more exciting especially the zombie maps

    • Jesse Brodhagen

      Microsoft deserveth not the game of COD

  • James

    I think this is the best news ever. At lest they’re actually going to take time to work on their game then release one every year. It’s no surprise anyway. They got to figure out the story for zombies and the main story for the game. and from where the zombie story is goin. i feel like there’s going to be A LOT of plot twists.

  • clevs

    at least now developers will have more time in between to perfect their games

  • clevs

    hopefully sledgehammer puts in SURVIVAL MODE like MW3.. Treyarch(zombies) Infinity Ward (aliens) Sledgehammer(survival)


    this is stupid news, now wait 2 years for zombies? great, awesome and ghost extinction sucks as well, i wonder whats next?

    • weezomb

      blak ops 1 zombies was the best game ever made by humans!but then blak ops 2 zombies got much WORSE, because the game FEEL changed. the graphics became too cartoonish and when you kill zombies u dont FEEL anything anymore..not sure why maybe its the sound effects. i still play the map FIVE everday,best map ever. even details like the way pakapunch works is better in BO1. PEASE MAKE BO3 MORE LIKE BO1,HIRE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT MADE BO1 AGAIN !!!They are proven geniuses.. why would you hire new people, are you nuts????????????? blak ops 1 zombies was the best, plus it had more realistic graphics, moon is the 2nd best map ever. then you fools tried to change what worked and made the worst map ever, green run! ride a bus? fog?????? lava burning you everywere?? wow dumbest crap ever.. perks like whos who?? so dumb.. you dont fix whats not broken.. if they made new maps for blak ops1 id pay big money.. just stik with what works, which was blak ops1 zombies. id trade blak ops2 for ONE NEW BO1 zombies map.. prerably a map that lets you use scorestreak award on the zombies!!!!you people are fools making us wait so long.. and why would you NOT keep making NEW MAP PACKS for the current blak ops in the meantime? forget story lines, just make awesome maps. we dont need blakops 3 or even 2, WE JUST NEED A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF NEW ZOMBIES “MAPS”- call em maps but each new zombie map is like a new game

  • Colton

    This is freaking stupid alot of people don’t like the Mw2 & 3 in my opinion ghost is probably the worst call of duty ever I want zombies! This is ridiculous!!

    • Abner mcBeardington

      Um everyone in the world will agree besides four mw’s are the next best.

  • Mr. Marvelous

    You guys are dumb. Zombies comes out every other year so why you mad? Ops 1 zombies mw3 none ops 2 zombies ghosts none meaning ops 3 zombies. Plus I knew ghosts was gna be crap so I didn’t get it nor ps4. Proly get ps4 when ops 3 comes out.

    • Angel Garcia

      Did you read the article? It’s going to be a 3 yr cycle meaning MW (sledgehammer), black ops (treyarch) and ghost (IW). This means 2yr wait instead of later this year.Everyone was expecting black ops to be the next title but it will not since they threw sledgehammer into the mix.

    • Zman

      Lol where just sayin it’s crap as it’s not coming out like the normal games we’ve gotta wait an extra year for zombies hence why everyone is moaning

    • whiteout


    • kos a

      hey dumb dumb, read your comment. Every other year! BO2 was Nov 2012, we are expecting zombs Nov 2014. This article is stating zombs for 2015, I think the only dumb person here is clearly you!!!

    • Abner mcBeardington

      Lol good to know you’re one of the everything must be equal noobs

  • ooothomasooo

    Guys, at best this supports your choices to get ps4 and xbox one because Trey’s cod will only be on nex gen. I will dearly miss zombies – still got the others and extinctions storyline to keep ME ALIVE! However I want to see how this turns out. MW3 wasn’t a total wreck but I feel that without IW they might have a better chance.

  • Mark Coull

    Call of duty is pish anyways!…bring on the mappacks for battlefield 4!!!!

    • tavo

      ur gay

    • joeblow

      I love bf4 it’s defiantly better than ghosts… but I like both franchises no matter how much better battlefield is

      • Dan

        Battlefield is absolute rubbish ghosts is very average main problems no proper uav or vsat wtf?? Map sizes way to big game suits campers I only enjoy about 6 of the maps and you also get killed ridiculously fast extinction is it’s only saviour black ops 2 best cod out there ATM period.

        • Abner mcBeardington

          Wow. The fact you just stated the 2nd most recent game dropped shows you know NOTHING of this series. Blops2 is worst game of series

  • Josh Brown

    MW3 sucked so bad…sledgehammer better bring it and I really don’t want to wait for zombies another year.

  • Xbox n friends

    Am I the only one who likes to play 4-player split-screen with there friends and zombies is the most fun to play?So this pissed me cause I just sold my 360 for the One and there is no 4-player ZOMBIES!!!

    • Angel Garcia

      Yes, you are the only who enjoys 4 player split screen zombies. Lol. You have a one so buy dead rising

  • Wintergreen5000

    Sledgehammer better add Zombies in their “best ever COD game”, cause I’m frickin’ pissed by this news…

    • Patakbomber (psn)

      activision are in denial. they desperately don’t want to acknowledge that cod multi player is on the decline. they keep trying to come up with ways to revive it. they should seperate zombies off into a seperate game but they won’t because it would divide the fan base. and they think this would be bad because it would hasten the demise of an already failing multi player. MORE zombies is what’s needed. instead of trying to find an alternative to zombies on treyarc’s off year they should let treyarc do zombies every year regardless of who’s in charge of main game development. we as fans don’t want an alternative to zombies, just zombies. they could even let infinity ward or sledge hammer have a go at it, it would be better than no zombies. I personally think they should leave it in treyarc’s capable hands. i think one of the main reasons black ops 3 has been postponed is because its going to be next gen console only, and the ps3 will probably still be alive and kicking come november and they don’t make as much money in the transitional faze of a console death / birth.

  • Zman

    Absolutely pointless buying my ps4!!! I’m really annoyed there’s no zombies to play, you could of at least let us play black ops 1 and 2 on the ps4 with updated graphics etc and maybe a new map or two to soften the blow of the wait come on guys we know you can do it?????

    • Trev Perry

      Yeah Ialso bought my ps4, thinking I would defo have some zombies to play ( on ghosts) or like u say on the old versions, sold my ps3 for gods sake!!!! also thought i would be able to play GTA 5

      • Angel Garcia

        Dude, treyarch is in charge of zombies which is why everyone is pissed. We won’t have COD zombies until 11/2015 probably.

        • Trev Perry

          Yeah that is too far away!!! I can’t believe it!!!

      • Zman

        I didnt sell my ps3 as I had an idea that sony would screw us over 🙁 played some black ops 2 last night on origins 🙂 what’s our gamer tag I’ll add you if you want I’m a beast at zombies lol

        • Trev Perry

          I will buy a ps3 again! and I WILL play zombies FY treyarch!!! 😛 theboytorres2010 is my psn

      • Zman

        Such a shame if you decide to get your ps3 back and wanna play some zombies add me up 🙂 MG_ZS_86

  • kos a

    No matter what this article says and to be honest its not saying no zombs for 2014 but there will definitely be zombies in 2014 even if sledgehammer makes the game. Whether it will be a separate game or DLC from PSN or part of the COD 2014 game. That I can guarantee you because everyone knows what makes the game sell and what makes the Dev’s money… ZOMBIESSS!!!

  • kos a

    No matter what this article says and to be honest its not saying no zombs for 2014 but there will definitely be zombies in 2014 even if sledgehammer makes the game. Whether it will be a separate game or DLC from PSN or part of the COD 2014 game. That I can guarantee you because everyone knows what makes the game sell and what makes the Dev’s money… ZOMBIESSS!!!

  • D

    I was holding out for zombies, so this is very disappointing. Not really interested otherwise.

  • Nopz

    MW2 is the best and probably always will be

  • jaydot

    It’s stupid. Zombies are the best thing cod has. People are gonna move on and when they do decide to come back to zombies people will already have moved on

    • tavo

      true by the time zombies come out its not going to be cool which will cause them millions

  • j.john

    Stupid, we have to wait 2 years to play zombies on a ps4, im not gonna buy that crap from sledghammer

  • Angel Garcia

    Damn, I wanted some next gen zombies. I enjoyed MW3 but another modern day hi-tech FPS from the COD franchise that flops (ex. Ghosts) could kill COD in my opinion. If we have to wait until 2015 then I hope treyarch releases a zombies only game with a campaign/online survival and grief….And release a standard multiplayer game with league etc.

  • joseph-evans

    Not buying it !! .. only like playing zombies. now need to wait another year !!! Not good the time it comes out wee people who buy these new console only buy them to play game’s wee like to play so looks like my ps4 will be gathering dust for for 2 years now . Waste of money !!!

    • Josh101

      Call of duty is the only game you like? Sad, sad times.

      • asd

        i only play ghosts