Black Ops 3 zombies on hold in favor of Sledgehammer

As previously feared, it looks like the highly anticipated Black Ops 3 release date is on hold until 2015. Activision has just sent out word that Sledgehammer Games will be in charge of the Call of Duty 2014 game, and that the company will join Treyarch and Infinity Ward in a three-way developer triangle.

In simpler terms, Black Ops 3 will not release in 2014 which also means that you will have to hold on tight for a new Black Ops 3 zombies experience.

Activision has confirmed the news in their latest financial call, also confirming that Sledgehammer Games will take charge of the next Call of Duty game.

Don’t forget that Sledgehammer were also co-developers on Modern Warfare 3, so they do have experience. Activision seems to be very happy with the studio as well, even having this surprising statement to make:

Bobby Kotick expects “Sledgehammer’s 2014 Call of Duty game to be one of if not the best Call of Duty games ever.”

Unsurprisingly, there were no further details on Sledgehammer’s game in relation to a Call of Duty 2014 release date. It’s obviously refreshing to see Activision confirm that the game is on the way though, so hopefully more details will be coming soon.

What is your reaction to the news that Black Ops 3 is definitely not releasing in 2014? Are you optimistic that Sledgehammer Games can handle making a Call of Duty game this year that could be the very best, in Activision’s words?

Time will tell and obviously the debut Call of Duty 2014 trailer will give us a clearer idea. Give us your reaction to this below. We wonder if Sledgehammer games is planning their own take on zombies, similar in the way in which Infinity Ward has just brought us Extinction mode.



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