Battlefield 4 servers down frustrate gamers

By Alan Ng - Feb 7, 2014

In a month where EA are trying to show their appreciation to Battlefield 4 players, it looks like that appreciation will have to wait as the Battlefield 4 servers have gone down again. Players are getting BF4 lost connection to EA server errors at the moment and obviously it isn’t ideal when players just want to enjoy a late night session.

As far as we’re aware, Battlefield 4 servers are down on Xbox One, but it could be affecting other platforms too. Some players have been able to get into a server, only for servers to then drop connection and end the game prematurely.

At the time of writing, there has been no word from the official Battlefield 4 Twitter account, but you can bet that everyone else has been having their say on the server problems.

Here’s a few frustrations that we have picked out:

Hopefully EA will be working on getting the Battlefield 4 servers status up and running as quickly as possible, so everyone can resume their epic dog fights.

Get in touch with us if you have been having problems getting into a game this evening.

UPDATE: It looks like the Battlefield 4 PS4 servers are down as well.

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  • chapapa

    This server connection was fine lastnight but now unable to connect..isit still down?? i mean obviously since it doesnt let me join a server..this is frustrating

  • Chris

    PC owner myself and they are the worst fanboys in the world. Not to mention arrogant. No other platform exists apparently

  • Brian

    I can’t get in a game at all nat type open

  • Crimson107

    This is why no game should ever run EA Servers… this ruins good games.

  • [Lg.C]biodiesel

    O kiddies get a PC and play BF4 the way its meant. Lg.C gaming community servers are still up

  • davetha

    Well that’s what happens when u play a PC game on a console lol

  • Kyvikz

    PS3 Servers seem to be back up.
    Im assuming this was either an attack or EA being retarded.

  • Kyvikz

    Was hoping to unlock the M4 tonight. Guess not. WTF?
    Its seriously mind blowing how many problems this game seems to have.
    EA needs to quit being douche fucks and fulfill projects. Battlefield is a great game but its a bit of a rule of thumb to make sure things work before you release them.
    I still can’t save my campaign. Although nobody ever plays campaign I do on occasion.
    I feel bad for anyone who actually spent $60 on this pile of crap. In its current state, I wouldn’t buy it for half price.

  • Dr Dragon

    some servers are up on PS3, as I have connections playing as I can see them through PSN, but I cannot connect.

  • DirtyDroidX

    Back up!

  • DirtyDroidX

    Still down on XB1 Pittsburgh

    • Luke

      Same but in UK aswell – I am also on Xbox One

  • N1Ran88

    They are back online

  • NotMyWhiskey

    Second assault better be up tomorrow. That might make it a little better. Just a little…

  • Momo

    It’s working now on ps4

    • NotMyWhiskey

      Keep us posted. Thx

  • N1Ran88

    BF3 is also down on the PC

  • sukmydikeayoufaggots

    PC down

  • NotMyWhiskey

    360 down in MD. So downloading free game. If not up tomorrow at lest I will have something new to play.

  • john

    Ps3 is also down… Thanks DICE!!!! Sure has been one hell of a start to customer appreciation month!

    • Scott Zimmerhakl

      Yeah thanks DICE!…What a crummy game huh? Oh, wait…multiple EA servers on multiple game titles/platforms down? Actually has nothing to do with DICE and the work they are putting in to fix the game. You should all direct this towards EA, same for rushing out the title as well. Besides, servers were down for like an hour, go make a sandwich and chill

  • Ars-Hexis

    Can even log into battlelog… Played a game on bf4 Commander for iPad, was trying to check for my Battlepack and… Nothing.

  • Michael Owens

    Shitty ass servers

  • big_muffin_man

    Worked for ps4 until 2340 est….now down….I was hopeful for a patch but I suppose its the garbage servers again.

  • Eric Newby

    They down for every platform and apparently for all games. Hopefully they are replacing there crappy servers with new and improved ones 😉 But who knows, they obviously don’t care about being curteous.

  • Cody

    Xbox 360 is down add well.

  • Alex Frost

    Xbox 360 servers are down too.

  • NgTurbo

    Problems with Disqus??