PS4 1.60 problems with login errors

By Alan Ng - Feb 6, 2014

Earlier on this week we told you that PS4 update 1.60 had gone live. With the majority of PS4 users having installed the update, we have been getting one or two complaints about the PS4 1.60 update specifically causing login errors.

The 1.60 update was a nice surprise for PS4 users, with Sony confirming that it adds support for Pulse headsets, as well as offering a mute option when using the PlayStation Camera.

They were the only two talking points of the update, but users have been finding out a lot more since installing.

One of which appears to be a login problem, which could have been triggered specifically after the PS4 1.60 update. The good news is that Sony are aware of the problem and are investigating, as confirmed by their statement below:

Although it looks to be a minor issue at the moment and not affecting every single PS4 user, we’ve still had feedback from others who say they have not been able to login once since installing – which is obviously frustrating.

If the problem gets worse, Sony may need to issue a hot fix or provide another quick firmware to solve the problem. We’ll keep you updated with how this pans out.

In the meantime, get in touch with us below if you have been having problems logging into your PS4 account since the 1.60 update went live.

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  • Rathnar

    I am not having log in issues after updating, my issue is that when I put in my disk to play a game it does not play the game. it will open the game try to load it but then take me back to my home screen. please help!

  • kayley

    My update wont download 🙁

    • NgTurbo

      Why won’t it download Kayley?