PS3 update 4.55 live, but no change log

By Peter Chubb - Feb 6, 2014

With the recent release of a new PS4 firmware update the PS3 never wanted to be left behind, and so has also received an update. PS3 update 4.55 is nothing that special and as such there is still no change log.

However, we do know that this latest firmware update for the PlayStation 3 is to help improve stability, but Sony has yet to share the finer details. PS3 owners believe that it is to help improve Blu-ray/DVD playback, but that’s just a guess.

We are also hearing that the ‘Clock Bug’ seems to have been resolved for some PS3 owners, but we’d like to hear from more of you to corroborate this. Whenever a new firmware update is released there are a few hidden gems, and so we do hope that the 4.55 change log will go live soon, although we are sure eagle-eyed gamers will share what they believe they have found in this update.

What else would you like to see improved on the PS3, and how long do you think Sony will keep offering support for the PlayStation 3, seeing as though they now have the PS4 to concentrate on?

Speaking of the PS4, its small 1.60 patch only improved stability and included the ability to mute the camera, which we recently discussed in more detail, but no doubt it won’t be long before a major update is released.

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  • Lev

    Working fine for me too.

  • flipside

    this update has worked fine for me :))

  • Eduardo Torres

    I would really like a filter for your download games such as, Demos, Add-ons, Extras, Ps Plus games etc.

    • Connor_ZKI

      you can make your own filters using albums

      • Eduardo Torres

        Yeah I know, I mean like in the download list. I don’t really like scrolling through the 80+ things in my list to just redownload a theme.

        • Connor_ZKI

          try not to delete the theme in the 1st place,lol

  • Francis Jairam

    I am not updating my PS3 UNTIL I heard more about this update because I don’t want my PS3 to be having problems. I heard that some people were having “instant loops” and some error code when restarting the system.

  • fred

    funny how this is been release just days after ps4… just say 😛