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Momentcam app update with Group photos

We have some great news for those of you using Momentcam on Android or iOS. The update has been given an update in light of the Chinese New Year of the Horse and it’s a very pleasing one. Not only are the makers of the app giving away free gifts every day, but the app has also been updated to offer group photos and photos for couples.

When the app launched, users were limited to creation tools using a single person only. Now, Momentcam is becoming very popular and it’s pleasing to see that the makers are bringing the updates at a frequent pace.

If haven’t used Momentcam for a while, the next time you fire up the app you will notice a completely different UI awaiting you. The creation options have been expanded tenfold, allowing you to customize and create your caricatures for groups and couples.

The fine details have also been expanded as well, with many new hair, eyebrow and even beard options to choose from.

Couple photos are now available!
Couple photos are now available!

Once you have created your picture, you can then either save it to your photo collection, or instantly share it off to various social spaces – another new feature, although we notice that Whatsapp isn’t included on the list yet.

If you haven’t tried Momentcam you should definitely give it a go as users seem to love it. Plenty of 5-star Momentcam reviews on the Google Play Store seem to justify this as well.

Is Momentcam your favorite photo editing app at the moment? It’s pretty amazing considering that it is all free to use.



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