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Fresh GTA V Online Jobs endorsed by Rockstar

In a constant effort to make the Online portion of GTA V far more enjoyable, Rockstar recently created GTA V Online Jobs, and even though some fans saw this as a sweetener due to the long wait for Heists, it has proved rather popular. What’s more, Rockstar has now endorsed ten new Jobs that are live on PSN for the PS3 and XBL for the Xbox 360.

Okay, we know that there will still be many of you angry that the developer is still keeping you waiting for so long for Heists, but let’s look at the positives. Vast improvements have been made to Grand Theft Auto 5, and there have been a decent amount of new content brought into Online mode.

Back to those ten new GTA Online Jobs – On Rockstar’s website they have a list of all ten new GTA V Online Jobs and have advised that you bookmark them on Social Club, as it makes it far easier to access them.

The new Jobs are as follows: Beach Side Race, Custom Freeway gymkhana, From Weazel to Weazel, Rush Hour, High Road, The Pad of Death, Horseback Hell, Lodge Battle, Woodbury, and Long Haul 2.

Remember, Rockstar is always on the lookout for new player-create Jobs, and so you are asked to share your ideas and why you feel they are worthy of being included to the Rockstar Verified program.



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