Flappy Bird high score verified in screenshot

By Alan Ng - Feb 9, 2014

It looks like Flappy Bird fever is still as high as ever. After telling you about the Flappy Bird record score here, fans have flocked in big numbers to let us know that they have achieved their own Flappy Bird high scores – some of whom even claim to have hit the Flappy Bird world record.

Just when we thought that a score over 10 was commendable, it looks like most of you have perfected the skill of Flappy Bird and managed to legitimately rack up scores of into the hundreds.

We think that Flappy Bird is a difficult game to master, but obviously some of you have cracked it. Now we are pleased to share some of your feedback that you’ve sent in to us, through Twitter, Facebook and via email.

This score of 213 by Vincent Ramirez on Flappy Bird Android is a great effort as shown in the image below. He asks us if this is the world record, but unfortunately Vincent – it’s not.


On Twitter, several Flappy Bird addicts have been in touch to share their high scores with us. This 226 by Kevin Buckley is a fantastic effort.

We thought that this couldn’t be beat, but then Austin Lang comes along and smashes it to pieces with a wonderful 284 – all without the use of hacks if you can believe that.

As far as we’re aware, this is the new Flappy Bird high score. We could be wrong on this and we probably are with so many scores being racked up by the second.

We challenge you to beat Austin’s effort of 284 without using Flappy Bird hacks or cheats. If you do, we’ll update this post and add the new score below so you can claim your throne.

Happy gaming everyone and thanks to everyone that sent their scores into us.

UPDATE: You won’t find Flappy Bird on iOS, it has been taken down.

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  • cRescRC

    I watched this guy flapping to 500. Then it died. Then he tried again. Something like 612 or something. Then a month later he claims 1270 with a photo (not a screenshot). And claims it is world record. I don’t think so.

  • abhishek prasad

    hv 354……without any hacks
    can confirm wid a pic..ha ha

  • achraf

    i`ve got 344

  • God

    481 here

  • Jesus


  • Agent 21

    Hi…not sure what the latest top score is but i just beat my personal best…i got 337…i have a screenshot but dont know how to upload it

  • lilkid

    i got 9999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • Cale Mcbeath

    i got 328. can verify as well

  • swagger

    i got 526 and i am not in here

  • Verypro

    i just got 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 no hacks

  • john sacko

    1123 without hack. Did it while driving a car!

  • Liam O’Connor

    I just got 697

  • Jesse T

    i just got 425 with no hacks or cheats while my girl was tanning. I had her take a pic of my screen since i cant screen shot. Beat that.

  • jaycin

    I just got 243!!!

  • pavlova

    My friend got 311, he even recorded it to prove it’s legit. So 284 is obviously not the record

  • Hisworo P Mulyo

    412 for me

  • sky

    No offense to this site, but screenshots are easily spoofed – There is absolutely no way to verify the legitimacy of any of the scores posted on this article. The only scores that matter are the ones that have accompanying videos to prove their legitimacy.

  • Sal

    In case my the picture didn’t show up you can check my avy for my record.

  • Brian Best

    I guess you aren’t going to update this record, huh.

  • TK

    11 for me. Not to brag or anything but id say i’m pretty close to the record.

  • Brian Best

    Now search, Flappy Bird World Record *Updated* (940). 🙂

  • MacPoland

    I got 808 on iphone.

  • zbgds

    my record is 75679237498237027078

  • Sal

    My record is 641. Check the avy for confirmation.

  • Tylerihavealifeiswear

    My high score is 1,414… Unfortunately I don’t have video to prove it. It’s real, and I can assure you it’s real, but that’s not to say you have to believe me. I haven’t seen a score posted higher than that anywhere, so as far as I know the record is mine.

    • Brian Best

      make a video then…

    • ryo

      why don’t you capture the screen when you game over, it will be showing your highscore if it’s true

  • aaron

    There was a guy on twitch yesterday with 594

  • Warner Carpenter

    I believe I have the world record right now at 506. I have a video taken of my game at 506 with the medal sparkling and everything. Can you tell me how would be best to get it to you? I want everyone to know how much of a loser I am

  • Brian Best

    Since it won’t post links, just search youtube for Flappy Bird World Record (464). There’s the video start to finish.

  • Sal

    377 for me. Check the avy

    • Brian Best

      not changing my avatar for it, oh well.

  • Brian Best

    I have 505, but this won’t let me post links. If we are challenged, how do we prove it here?

    • Justin Mejia

      but you said you have 464 in the other comment

      • Brian Best

        The video is of 464, so that is what i named it. At the end, you see my current record at 505. I also to a pic of when I got the 505 that i could link to but…