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Facebook Paper app reviews give verdict

The exciting new Facebook Paper app has been live for a short while now, so what are your first impressions of the app? The Facebook Paper Android release status is unknown at this point, but we are pleased to be able to bring you some of the first Facebook Paper app reviews for you to take a look at during the wait.

As we told you previously here, Facebook Paper is an entirely new visual approach to Facebook. It transforms your normal News Feed into a series of images, images which can be customized to your particular reading tastes and habits.

The app contains various swipe gestures to make the experience a pleasurable one and as we said before – it could become your primary method of Facebook on mobile from this point on.

As the wait for an Facebook Paper Android release date goes on, we can offer a selection of video reviews for you to take a look at below.


We have included feedback from The Verge, Tech Crunch and Techno Buffulo – all of whom say that Facebook Paper is a very impressive effort from Mark Zuckerberg and his team.

While it is lovely to use at the moment, we do wonder though when Facebook will make the decision to put ads all over it. We can’t see it remaining free forever without ads, that just won’t happen.

It’s also interesting to see what the makers of Flipboard think about Facebook Paper, since many users have rightly pointed out that the two apps look distinctly similar.

Check out the reviews below and let us know what you think about Facebook Paper. Will it replace your Facebook mobile app or not?



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