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Dreamworks DreamTab specs desire from Nabi makers

We have some great news for those of you who are looking to buy a new tablet in 2014 for your kids. You may remember the Nabi tablet craze of 2013, but now we have some interesting news for you – a collaboration between the Nabi makers Fuhu and Dreamworks animation studio.

The resulting product is the Dreamworks DreamTab, a tablet that is on the way this Spring. It was unveiled to the public at CES 2014 and now we’re pleased to bring you a further look at the device.

With Fuhu already bringing the Nabi to the wold, the DreamTab has unsurprisingly attracted a lot of attention. We already have confirmation that the DreamTab is going to be under $300 when it hits the market, although we’re still waiting for an official DreamTab UK and US release date and full list of specs.

We do know that an 8-inch DreamTab is on the way, as well as 12-inch too later on in the year. Partial specs can be seen here, but obviously we are still awaiting to see crucial information such as processor, RAM, camera quality, storage and battery potential.

Would you buy this for your kids?
Would you buy this for your kids?

Being a Dreamworks product, it has already been promised that regular content will be put on the tablet, content which includes characters from the endless array of Dreamworks movies, like Shrek for example.

We’ve also been told to expect a barrage of Dreamworks accessories to use on the DreamTab such as cases and headphones.

As we await further details on this tablet, enjoy the video that we have included below. Let us know if this is something you would consider as an upgrade from your Nabi tablet, considering it is from the same makers. What specs would you expect to see to make the purchase easier?

This could be one of the big sellers of the 2014 Holiday season, we are calling it early!



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