Batman Arkham 4 or Justice League announcement

By Peter Chubb - Feb 7, 2014

There’s no getting away from the fact that Batman Arkham Origins wasn’t as well-received as some of the other games in the series, and as such fans have been waiting to learn what is next from the franchise. While it may be far too early for Rocksteady to release a new Batman Arkham game, there’s nothing stopping them showing what’s to come.

We mention this now because news recently broke suggesting that Rocksteady could announce a next-gen version of Batman, whether this will be Batman Arkham 4 or Justice League is up for debate.

Rocksteady had gone on Twitter earlier today and tweeted an image of a plaque, which had been translated by a NeoGAF user suggesting that we will learn news of this new game in a month.

The tweet doesn’t make any mention of Batman, but the smart money would be on a new Batman Arkham title. We might not see it this year but then again we might, seeing as though Rocksteady might wish to rush a release of the fourth installment of the game on the PS4 and Xbox One.

However, there is still a strong possibility that the tweet could be to do with a new Justice League game, or possibly a Batman vs. Superman movie tie-in.

Then again that movie is not due for release until July 2015, but then it’s not like developers haven’t announced a new game more than a year in advance before?

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  • zackybear

    They need to put it on ps3

  • Pat Kolp

    I still think they need to make a JL game, just like how they made Marvel ultimate alliance game

    • Ernie Rothstein

      they aready did….its called justice league heroes

  • Batmanarkhamtom

    sorry buddy, the batman vs superman film was pushed to May 2016