Amazon video game console evidence mounts

It looks like an Amazon video game console is definitely coming. We first told you about the rumors in an previous report here, but now we have further evidence to suggest that this could be happening sooner rather than later – more console options for the consumer is a great prospect to look forward to.

With Amazon potentially bringing us a games console in 2014, don’t forget that there are also whispers that Nintendo are preparing to launch a counter attack with another Wii console that finally could have a true ‘next-gen’ label next to it alongside the PS4 and Xbox One.

Amazon has done wonders in recent years in the tablet space with their Kindle line, so could they have the same effect by taking on the likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft in the gaming world?

This week, we bring confirmation that Amazon has secured the services of Double Helix Games in a purchase that hasn’t been disclosed publicly.

This is a massive deal, not only because Double Helix Games are the developers behind the excellent Killer Instinct reboot on Xbox One, but also because it seemingly confirms Amazon’s seriousness in entering the world of console gaming.

It is obviously early days yet, but could we perhaps see Amazon steal the show at E3 2014 by revealing their games console with the first launch game by Double Helix Games ready to shock gamers worldwide?

This console has already rumored to be below $300, so it really is exciting times for gamers. Could we expect to see Double Helix Games take charge of mobile and indie style games, or will Amazon be thinking of building a system that can equal that of the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of hardware and performance?

Give us your reaction to this and your thoughts on why Amazon chose Double Helix Games above anything else.



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