PS4 Slim release from Sony in 2014?

By Matt Tran - Feb 5, 2014

Since the PS4 was released there has been a common question raised to those who did not buy one, “are you waiting for the PS4 Slim release?” For some gamers buying the second generation of a new console is preferential, but will Sony release the PS4 Slim in 2014?

The next gen launches at the back end of 2013 were huge, Sony enjoyed the most successful games console launch in history and even today stores are selling out quicker than they can restock their shelves. Despite this impressive success, there are still players out there who are happy to hold on to their PS3 and wait for a slim model of the PS4 to be released further down the line.

Realistically is it very unlikely we will see a Slim PS4 released from Sony in 2014, the time period between the launch of the PS3 and its slimmer model was 3 years depending on your region. However nothing is certain and the market has changed since then. If the rumors of Microsoft planning new Xbox One models for this year are true, Sony may intervene and counter with new options of their own.


The announcement of the PlayStation Vita Slim was made recently and this would be a perfect combination in a slim PS4 mega bundle, especially released just before the holiday season. The gaming community has expressed a desire for a launch like this on the forums, with an expectation that Sony will also make the slim model cheaper, it is currently priced at $400/£350.

If the PlayStation 4 Slim were to be in development behind closed doors at the moment, it would allow Sony to iron out the issues that players have reported so far from the PS4. There has also been a big call for Sony to add PS3 backward compatibility, a feature which the PS4 sorely lacks but will be offered through streaming on PlayStation Now later this year.


It is more likely that we will see the PS4 Slim come in the next year or two, which will not be an issue for people who do not mind the wait. If you are desperate for a PS4 but really want to adopt the Slim version as your first model then it could be time to make a choice. It is almost a certainty Sony will offer a redesigned and sleeker PS4 in the future, but the big question is when. Can you wait and more importantly do you want one?

Do you think that we could see a PS4 Slim release in 2014, have you bought the current model yet or are you holding out for the second generation PlayStation 4 to launch?

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  • Stobbart

    It will be great if the PS4 slim is as small as the PS2 slim but then it might need a external power brick, so it might be slightly bigger.

  • boshk

    waiting for the slim and the price drop. no need to get one before then.

  • tag

    Yo sony would you have the ps3 could play any ps2 games that would be awsome i heard that many
    of fans try to play ps2 games on ps3 besides i havent yet gotten ps4 yet either since it failed and
    microsoft aint making more x box’s anymore.

    • John Estrada

      PS3 does play PS2 you need the original 60gb or 20gb model…

  • mohammed

    Im waiting for slim because it will have much more memory to the ps3 fat had 18gb the slim had 160 and now it is 250gb

  • TheWelshOne

    Im waiting for the slim version due to a few things being reported on the current version. Dont really want to wait another year or two but i suppose the wait will be worth it.

  • Justin Martinez

    I think thats a pretty logical and sequential order of slim console releases

  • Justin Martinez

    i don’t know how much more slim the ps4 could get its already slim i’m willing to bet there’s a model of the ps4 that sonly planned on releasing that was just as big as the xb1 but sony back peddled and at lauch released what would have been the ps4 slim instead to further distinguish it’s self from the xb1. Now microsoft on the other hand can dramatically decrease the size of the xb1 especially since they dont include the power supply inside the console. I can see sony releasing a slim ps4 that doesnt include the power supply in the console and that would definitely make the ps4 slimmer than it already is but the decrease and the marketing wouldn’t be as dramatic as the xb1 slim. but even further down the time line after the first slims come out the second generation of the slim models can be dramtacally reduced in size if sony and microsoft release a a ps4 and xb1 slim that dont have built in power supplies or opitcal drives and instead rely solely on digital downloads insead of discs

  • Justin Martinez

    Actually the the ps4 and especially the xb1 can be dramtacally reduced in size if sony and microsoft release a a ps4 and xb1 slim that dont have built in power supplies or opitcal drives and instead rely solely on digital downloads insead of discs

  • William James Alexander

    I’d would call PS4 slim omega slim just because Xbox had to call there new generation console “one”.

  • enuffalrdy

    I’m just waiting for the 2nd generation. It doesn’t matter if it is slim. I figure the next generation will be more advanced for their VR headset. But that could change if my PS3 gives out first. Hard drive is full and the console has become very loud while playing. My HDMI output stopped working over the weekend.

  • el Cam

    waiting for slim myself…

  • adrian gil

    Maybe when blacks ops 3 comes out it would be a bundle?

    • Taufiq Faryadi

      are u waiting for half life 3 too?

  • bert

    @thesmud0:disqus I’d wait for a slim. Or even a super slim. Because they might have the issues with the current ten of PS4 sorted out by then or even added new features and by the time a slim comes out at least you will have a choice: if you prefer the original PS4 or the smaller slim one.

  • TheSmud0 .

    The only reason I am waiting for a Slim-Model is because users of the current version have reported that the current PS4 model can get VERY LOUD in some situations and that is something that could shatter the gaming experience for me at times. Is that a reason to wait or is it not that loud as a lot of people claim? Thank’s for every honest answer.

  • Wilb

    Not waiting for a slim version, a different colour would make it better, don’t want to get a skin, wife had one for her laptop and left all sticky marks when taken off to be replaced by a better one.

  • Brandon Lee Holt

    Maybe not sleeker…. but change some of the layout maybe? the power off and eject button are to close to together and hard to determine which is which at times…. no for me but for alot of others and the usb slots are to close to the disk tray.

  • poulsen

    it’s going to be a long wait but totally worth it. in two years there will be much better games and hopefully they’ll be able to fully use the potential of the PS4 technology.

  • Nick

    I just can’t wait for the next PS4 Model just to be safe from the defective ones….

  • gio

    hi my name is gio I am waiting for the ps4 to have a slim version I think that the slim version my come out faster because our technology is really advanced

    • jose

      Lol you sound stupid as like you don’t know shut

      • Gary

        ^^ That made you sound really smart Jose, well done. Cookie?

  • clevs

    if a slimmer model is even possible it aint gon be out in no 2014… maybe a backwards compatible version with a bigger hard drive or external hard drive compatability.. BUT SLIM???… nahh

    • clevs

      the ps4 is already a ps4 slim. lol

    • Hollis Bush

      Apple comes out with a new phone and tablet every year, don’t be surprised if Sony does something on these lines for gamers this year and next year.

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    This article is a joke and Wat of a reax! =P….seriously smaller version of a machine that just launched 3 months ago… Not to mention the thing is already slim! -_-…wtf…. This is just as bad as some reporters already asking about a PS4 … And this thing about them having to counter every last thing Microsoft does is ridiculous. ..even the rumor about a diskless Xbox one is just as stupid!

    • el Cam

      how is a system going diskless stupid? I have over 800 games on steam and 0 disks. I have over 100 games on wii and have a big as stack of disks. I prefer diskless or better yet forget console all around you console gamers dont know what your missing. one of my gpu’s cost as much as a ps4 what does that tell you.

      • ad

        if one of your gpu’s cost as much as a ps4 then its a waste of money

        • el Cam

          Can you explain your logic.

  • Josh101

    Idk. The PS4 is pretty small as is. I don’t think they will necessarily release a smaller, cheaper model. I would think they may do away with the 500Gb drive and toss a larger one in and charge it the same price. If not keep the current model in production and charge a premium for the larger HDD drive.

    • Maximiliano Elizondo

      yeah simple change the HDD for one complatible