Pokemon X and Y Pokebank Celebi can be farmed

We’re pleased to finally say that Pokebank is now live in the US following on from the European launch earlier this week. Now attention has shifted to how to get a free Celebi in Pokemon X and Y and we have some information to help you on this.

Celebi is the powerful rare Pokemon from 2nd Gen of course and you may have been slightly jealous watching everyone over in Japan enjoy Celebi first.

Now though, we can confirm that there are multiple ways to get Celebi after the launch of Pokebank. The most common of which can be obtained by following the below steps:

1. Download Pokemon Bank
2. Go into the app, and set up your bank
3. You’ll be given a choice to receive 100 pokemiles or 10 BP from Brigette. Choice either, and after this choice, save, quit, and go back onto Pokemon X/Y
4. On the opening screen of Pokemon X/Y, open “Pokemon Link” (green button at the bottom)
5. Select “Yes” to “retrieve data using Pokemon Link”
6. You should receive your 100 pokemiles/10 BP
7. Now, go back into the pokemon bank app and repeat steps 3-6. Brigette will give you a celebi instead of the 100 pokemiles/10 BP


Alternatively, we are hearing that it is also possible to farm Celebi, although this is a much more risky route to take. It involves creating a new Nintendo ID, which would obviously wipe away any previous eShop purchases that you have made – so be careful.

If you are looking to farm Celebi, you will need to read through the instructions and the warnings over at this Reddit thread. It is however confirmed to be a working method if you have no problems with creating a new Nintendo ID.

So there we have it, it’s great that Pokebank is finally available to everyone. Are you having any problems trying to get a Celebi in Pokemon X and Y since the launch?

Let us know how you get on below, we’re sure the community will help out if you run into any issues.



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