Next Borderlands 2 DLC release confirmed

Borderlands 2 enthusiasts will welcome news of more upcoming DLC for the game arriving next week. This new content will be a Valentine’s Day-themed pack and a unique skin and head will be awarded to those beating the DLC’s boss with each character.

For the more hardcore Borderlands 2 fanatic the fight can be repeated many times with increased difficulty. The new content is discussed on IGN as the Valentine’s Day-themed DLC will be the fourth Headhunter downloadable for the game. The next Borderlands 2 DLC release date is stated as the 11th February, which means it will arrive next Tuesday, and Gearbox has announced this as being the Wedding Day Massacre and Mad Moxxi content.

The two arriving additions cover the feud between Borderlands 2’s Hodunk and Zaford families, which you may remember from the Clan War mission. In this, a Goliath from each family will soon be hitched, while Moxxi gets the Vault Hunters to retrieve vital ingredients for a love potion to assure things go to plan.

A video of this can be seen on the aforementioned website, and as we look further down the road more content is expected to arrive in April, with the Son of Crawmerax and Sir Hammerlock confirmed as the fifth Headhunter pack.

The April DLC will mark the end of Borderlands 2 DLC after releasing nearly a year and half back. Do you think the final DLC pack will have hints about any future Borderland’s sequels?



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