Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign update for Android, iOS app

By Matt Tran - Feb 5, 2014

An update has been released for Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign on the iOS app and Android, bringing plenty new action packed features to the game. In addition to these extra additions, a host of bug fixes have been implemented into the Marvel Puzzle Quest update.

The R47 update gives players the ability to now view the rosters of others anywhere their name appears, in addition to this the roster management has been improved through the rewards cache button. There has also been a big improvement to the chapter select icons, with the visual representation being made a lot clearer on both Android and iOS.

Another feature that the update brings to Marvel Puzzle Quest is added visibility to the PVP skip button, you can now also purchase boosts with Hero Points. There has been an upgrade implemented to color damage boosts and all AP cache boosts. The connect to Facebook option has also had a text change, now saying “Save a backup to Facebook” and “Save data backed up”.


If you are interested to find out about all of the various bug fixes that have been added in to Dark Rein, you can do so by visiting the D3Publisher Forums. The Marvel app features all of your favorite superheroes in a challenging yet really fun strategy game. Reviews on both platforms have been very positive and now this update is live it should improve playability.

Let us know how the Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign update went for you, have you noticed big improvements?

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