GTA V online crew limit relaxed

- Feb 5, 2014

We have covered a lot of stories about Grand Theft Auto V since its launch and particularly surrounding the need for heists, use of cheats and glitches, plus the improvements needed to fix money sharing issues in GTA Online. Now, within the past 24 hours, we have seen Rockstar make an improvement to GTA Online and Crews.

This clan-like feature has just had its member limit increased dramatically, which means any crew can have as many as 1,000 members following the change by Rockstar. This is much better than the old crew cap of just 300 people.

When Crews released with Max Payne 3 two years ago, we shortly after started to see gamers create crew names related to GTA V thanks to so much hype building about its pending release. Now that gamers can experience GTA V online, love or hate it, we will no doubt see crews take advantage of the extra space allowed for members in their crew.

If you play the multiplayer mode in GTA V and belong to a crew, how long do you think it will take for your crew to reach 1,000 members?

It is also worth noting that Rockstar is celebrating the new crew limit by holding a Crew vs. Crew battle on February 7th, which has a start time of 2pm ET. You will also get to see the GTA Online event live on YouTube and Rockstar’s Twitch, so feel free to share a comment if you will be taking part or watching it live?

Do you think this is the ideal limit for crews in GTA V’s online mode, and if not what would you like to see as your ideal member limit? While we are on the subject of GTA V, do you have a wish list for the next 1.10 patch? This video lists a few things one fan wants changed.

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  • jase_llan

    I believe (and hope) the Rat Loader is returning in the next patch

  • RokStur

    GTA Online is broken R*

  • Fred

    So? Online is broken! R* needs to fix it and quit trying to mollify us with this meaningless BS.

    • Js__

      Online works fine for me.

      • Congratulations to you, Js. Apparently you are so special that R* created a bug-free version just for you. I am honored to be in your almighty presence.

    • Donda

      Pretty much