Xbox One Games with Gold Vs PS4 PS Plus showdown

By Alan Ng - Feb 4, 2014

Just when you thought that Sony’s PS Plus program was unbeatable, Microsoft has reminded you this week that they will soon have some great news for Xbox One users. Specifically, the company has confirmed that Xbox One Games with Gold will be going live soon and should offer Xbox One users two free games each month.

It has been a long wait since launch, but soon we will be able to say that an Xbox One Games with Gold Vs PS4 PS Plus showdown is now on, with Sony and Microsoft battling it out in order to gain your crucial subscription fee.

The news is straight from Microsoft’s mouth, with Phil Spencer revealing to one user that details on the Xbox One side of the ongoing promotion will be coming very soon.

To remind you, Xbox 360 users can currently get two free games per month as part of their Gold subscription. The difference with PS Plus, is that Microsoft allows members to keep the games permanently even if their subscription expires.

This is different to PS Plus, which offers a lot more content but that content is linked directly to your subscription and so when it runs out – so does your access to games.

Despite that though, Sony has been offering high quality games on PS Plus which has shocked PS3 and PS4 users in a good way. The entrance fee has been the subject of plaudits for months, so how can Microsoft compete with that?


Offering free games on Xbox One is a big deal, so Microsoft will have to find the balance. After all, we highly doubt that Microsoft will just be giving away say, Forza 5 or Dead Rising 3 for nothing.

Two free games which you can keep is a big promise to live up to, but it all depends on the quality of those games in our opinion – will Microsoft choose to just offer Indie games instead?

Give us your reaction to the news that Xbox One Games with Gold will be going live soon. Are you tempted to take up Microsoft’s offer, or will you stick with your PS4 PS Plus subscription?

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  • Josh101

    You left out the discounts the PS+ offers. Which are really huge. Just a few weeks ago you could buy Killzone Mercenary for the PS Vita for $9 compared to purchasing physically at $40. Less than 1/4th the price, before taxes. There are tons of sales that are offered. That is just one example.

    • Israel Lopez

      Xbox Live offers lower prices for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers too whenever there’s a sale. Latest Example: The other day on Xbox One Microsoft offered Crimson Dragon for $14.99. Gold Subscribers could get it for $9.99. During the Christmas holidays on the Xbox 360 I bought Forza Horizon for like $5 too in one of those sales.

      • IndubitablyMe

        I didn’t see it offered for $9.99. I saw it for $14.99. Was the Gold price buried in the menus somewhere?

      • Josh101

        That’s awesome. I was more pointing out that the games you get on PS+ free or discounted are brand new games. Outlast for example is launching this month and you are getting it free for the first month as a PS+ game. When the PS+ launched on the Vita the games that launched with the service were brand new games released within that year, all 3 on launch day, Wipeout 2048, Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. Separately purchased worth over $100 retail. The PS+ deals where you buy games are greatly discounted as well. As I stated in my original post. 9$ for a $40 retail game.

        • Michael

          Of course you also have to remember that most of the games that are being offered have been out for a while on PC. Not to mention some of them are F2P.

        • Josh101

          Well the Free-to-play games will be able to be played if you don’t have PS+. Soo those don’t count as free PS+ games. You can play those no matter what. The free games offered through PS+ are retail games.

  • IndubitablyMe

    Not much of a “showdown.” I really thought this would be an in-depth article based on the title. I personally foresee great things happening with both of these programs. People always tout PS+ as having better games than XBL’s GwG offerings but that’s not necessarily true. I had PS+ for 6 months and the only memorable game I remember getting was Borderlands 2, which became free about a week before my membership ended. You can imagine how pissed I was when one day the game just stopped working.

    I’ve gotten a lot of good games through “Games With Gold” and although they aren’t the newest games they tend to be pretty decent titles. Many of the AAA games I already owned — as they had come out many, many years earlier — but having them digitally available on my console was a step up and has actually enticed me to revisit several of them. The smaller games were usually ones I hadn’t even heard of but ended up having a blast playing.

    In the end they are both great programs which only exist because each console manufacturer is trying to compete with the other. So I say “bring it on!” because both programs are a win for gamers and will hopefully lead to even better stuff (in the spirit of competition) for the future.

    • Josh101

      That’s unfortunate. There are tons of great games offered through PS+. Being offered across PS3/PS4 and Vita is what makes it much better than Xbox games for gold. For example, on PS Vita you can download for free, Uncharted Golden abyss, Little big planet Vita and Wipeout 2048. Those games purchased separately, would cost $100 retail, before tax. Which is more than the subscription price alone. Now add in PS4 and PS3 games you get free and there is no service that is better for the asking price. I think today they are adding Street Fighter Vs. Tekken as an addition to that already awesome lineup for the Vita.
      What makes it even more awesome is if you don’t have a PS Vita or PS4 you can log online on a computer and “purchase” them, soo whenever you do get a PS4 or Vita, you’ll have all those free games to play with the subscription.

      • IndubitablyMe

        That’s the type of information that should have been in this article! I totally forgot about different PS platforms having different games. Come to think of it, when I had PS+ I got LBP for the PSP. So I guess I got two great games, haha.

        I had no idea about logging in to get the PS+ games. I will totally start doing that ASAP so that when I get my PS4 in the next year or two I’ll have built up a great back-catalog of games. Sweet!! I could totally swing the extra $50 a year, I suppose. Amazon occasionally does them on deep discount like they do with XBL, right?

        • Josh101

          Yeah they do it on Amazon quite frequently. I got 2 years worth of PS+ for $60 ($30 a card) on Black Friday from Best Buy. Soo that was a steal. The PS+ subscriptions stack as well. Soo I was able to redeem both and am covered until Christmas 2015:). If they have another deal like that this Christmas I will probably buy 3 years worth.

        • IndubitablyMe

          Sweet. I’ve never paid full price for XBL and don’t plan on doing so for PS+ either.

  • Anon

    You forgot to mention Live costs $60 a year and PS+ costs $50 a year.

  • xp_kiler

    O_O holy crap im gona stick with x1