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PS4 1.60 update countdown is live

Earlier on this week we spoke about the possibility of Sony releasing the next PS4 1.53 update, which we were assuming was the next version to drop. However, we can however confirm that Sony will instead bring the system up to 1.60, meaning that PS4 update 1.60 should be a major update when it is live.

The good news, is that the update is about to go live at any moment. Sony has revealed that PS4 1.60 will be going live on Tuesday February 4th and will come with one highly anticipated feature.

Finally, we are pleased to say that with the PS4 1.60 update, your PS3 Pulse headset will now be functioning as normal. Sony has revealed that the standard Pulse headset will be supported with the 1.60 update, and also the limited edition GTA V Pulse headset on PS4 as well.

Although not revealed in the PS4 1.60 patch notes by Sony, we can also tell you that this update will include the following:

– General stability improvements

– Ability to mute camera

Sony has also taken the time to announce the official PS4 headset, which they will officially market as the Gold Wireless Headset. It will cost you £79.99/€89.99 or $99.99 to buy and includes 7.1 virtual surround sound and ‘crystal clear voice chat’.

Full details on what else the headset does can be found here. Remember, this update will be going live at any moment so let us know below if you have the update yet and where you are based.

Have you discovered any PS4 1.60 Hidden features that we need to add to the list above?

Update: We have received reports of the update being live in various cities around the world.



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