Pokemon X and Y Pokebank US release delay could be karma

By Alan Ng - Feb 4, 2014

The wait is finally over, for EU gamers at least. We can confirm that the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank is now live in Europe. Unfortunately though, it looks like those in US are going to be last to the party.

At this moment, Pokebank is finally live in Europe after more than a month of patient waiting. This wait has been intense as ever, largely due to the fact that Game Freak and Nintendo remained absolutely silent on the matter.

We also see that there has been no big statement about Pokebank going live in Europe – just as we thought would happen. This should allow everyone in Europe to download the software without any of the same server issues that plagued the initial Japanese launch.

It also means that after all of the abuse that Nintendo received, US Pokemon fans are the last to receive the missing content – with no ETA on a US Pokebank release time or date for that matter.

Dare we say it, but has the powers up above over in Japan decided on purpose that US Pokemon X and Y players deserve to get Pokebank last?

Give us your reaction to the fact that the service is now live, but not in US. For those trying out Pokebank right now, give us your early impressions below!

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  • Drifter

    But I cant get Pokebank why is that plz hlp

  • uberhakz

    Pokebank is out in the US I downloaded it today.
    I see complaints even today. Its out.

    • uberhakz

      By the way… Trust gamestop. They said on a post that it would release Feb 4th and it did (in Europe) and then they said the 5th and it is. At least GameStop is truthful. 🙂

  • DefinitelynotEric

    Lots of people being antiamerican on Facebook groups, picking on us like we were the bad guys 0,0 I’ve seen more Hey America……. Poke bank than peaceful comments for trades :/

  • Spazzy poke

    I can wait for poke bank but the only thing that gets me ticked is I’m a battle aficionado and as Americans who battle we get our a$$es handed to us because The Japanese have complete legendary control and the 4got how to wipe their own A$$ without legendary TP so we need the dam poke bank to even the playing field and knock them down a peg……we’ll get our chance in the spotlight soon ;D

    • Bill

      I hear ya! I keep on getting beat by that darn Giratina and other legendaries…I need pokebank NOW!!!!

      • uberhakz

        Its out at least in the CST zone. Texas here I have pokebank 🙂

  • Aijith Veeram

    Nintendo is gonna go down sadly, they can’t even release an application like pokebank on the day they promised

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Karma really?

    well i can’t wait to see the big “Karma” nintendo will get for being dicks with pokebank, i mean for godsake most people are pissed because of the lack of communication if anything.

    maybe the guy who had this stupid idea will get beat up.

  • PFC2012

    Guys where I am it’s febuary 5 but in Redmond Washington aka Nintendo of America’s HQ it’s febuary 4 so pokemon bank could very well come out in an hour I’m not saying this 100%.

    • uberhakz

      Yes it did come out. I live in Texas and it came out around 3pm cst

  • Sean Robert Gerard Fernandez

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. karma? A company would never do something immature like delay a product because of people complaining about them. They’re releasing it in “zones” like first Asia, then Europe and Aus/NewZealand next will be North and South America. They’re doing this to prevent the server from overloading like in Japan. So stop you’re bitching and be patient. It’ll come and it’s not here now because of personal spite or karma.

    • Aijith Veeram

      You probably live in Europe

      • European Gamer

        i do.

      • Sean Robert Gerard Fernandez

        Nope! I live in California. Born and raised!

  • torchman11

    I feel like Canada is forgot about alot

    • lilyellowdragon

      Yeah cause we are tied to the states unfortunately..

      • european gamer

        Its sad that, i love canada

  • Callum

    What about all the people running on US consoles? I can’t be the only one out there with a US console who doesn’t live in NA.

    • Ace

      Same here. I live in Asia but only have a US console

      • Callum

        I live in Hong Kong, and my console was gifted to me so it’s not even like I had a choice.

  • Diego De Luna

    By the way, I wouldn’t be expecting Pokémon Bank anytime soon. The difference in time between the Japan release and today’s release in Europe is probably the amount of time it will be before we Americans get it. That being said, it’l most likely be two weeks to a month before we can transfer our Pokémon. I hate to say this, but it seems like what’s going to happen.

  • DarkWolf13

    You all need to stop about “Get over it.” I’m not happy PokeBank is not released in NA just but America flaming Nintendo so this and this HAS nothing to do with it! Not everyone in NA flames Nintendo, it’s those people who get online and put all their rage and go over their heads and make BS statements including the famous “Feb 29 PokeBank release date” getup. I’m not surprised NA is getting it last. Aside from that, I’ll finishing raising my remaining Pokemon and wait for Bank.

    • uberhakz

      By the way at least where I live, Texas, it was available at 3pm CST.

  • Desperate Pokebanker

    Ugh, apparently on “Other” forums, they state that since U.S. got Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald 8 months (a lot really) earlier than Europe, we get Karma’s Delay….

    • Diego De Luna

      That was like a decade ago .-. besides, Pokémon Bank was delayed, but generation three games wern’t. They just released it at that time. I wouldn’t be pissed if Pokémon Bank wasn’t delayed, but we wern’t going to get it for eight months. It is delayed though, still for America, and I am pissed.

  • Diego De Luna

    I love how Japan and Europe are calling us Americans impatient and ungrateful, yet they have Pokémon Bank and we’re still waiting.

    • European Gamer

      Look, im from the uk and im going to be honest. im impatiant. it was a kill zone waiting and i feel sorry for you americans but i do get a lot of slag for being from the uk. i feel sorry. But you gotta admit americans in general are giving nintendo a hard time. 🙁 but if i can help, like transfer some pokes over for you…

  • Lilyellowdragon

    Lets all pretend for a second that we dont know what Pokebank is, then youll feel better!

  • unknown

    I feel so bad for Nintendo after all America really put them thru crap, Nintendo if your reading this then I apologize on behalf of impatient jerks

    • Weerd Whale

      They should have had the servers and the program ready BEFORE the original release date. They should have tested the servers in advance, to ensure that the app wouldn’t cause a crash. Now many players are inconvenienced and yet we’re all still expected to pay the same price as before. We deserve a discount if anything.

    • gggreninja

      First of all… people arent “impatient jerks”. They were promised a product by a certain date that should have already been prepared properly. No one sits around for the iPhone outside the Apple store on the off chance the new iPhone wont be released that day and that is essentially what happened to the world (then it happened to Europe and America, now just America) People invest time and money into this stuff expecting a product that WORKS COMPLETELY ON RELEASE! Any other company did this they would go bankrupt. SECONDLY: to Nintendo’s side of the argument, the PRESIDENT of NINTENDO took a HUGE pay cut to make sure that PokeBank and Nintendo’s servers would be up and running sooner rather than later. Which is huge in case you were wondering… CEOs rarely back a product or corporation that much. The norm is to cut your losses and head for the hills but Nintendo seems to have some integrity in the aspect. So suck it everyone who is complaining! Still sucky America is the last to get it but I feel like America (specifically the United States) has done much worst to Japan in the past. And in that regard deal with it America! Alsooooooooooooo the US probably has more people who’d use those PokeBank servers than most of Europe not to mention normal Nintendo servers… I dont want another first day crash!

      • T0g3pi

        “First of all… people arent “impatient jerks”. They were promised a product by a certain date that should have already been prepared properly.” Actually, we are being impatient jerks, I have seen so many death threats to Nintendo on GameFAQs and I even saw someone say “we should nuke japan again if they don’t give us pokebank tomorrow.” I don’t know about you guys, but we are becoming not only jerks but full on dickheads just because of something that Nintendo initially had no control over. Seriously, this is why we are not getting pokebank along with everyone else, because we were being dickheads to the company, and I think we DESERVE to get it last. Don’t think I’m being a hypocrite here, I have a lot of event legendaries and my sinnoh starters to transfer over.

      • Jonathan Sykes

        um actually pokebank may have been promised but I havent seen or heard of anyone actually paying any money for a COMPLETELY SEPERATE feature to the XandY series that they didnt even need to make

    • Thomas Ragan

      I don’t feel bad for a money making company stalling a product release. Or for a broken product like the X-Box 360. I for one will not purchase this product. Just saying not intrested in it. But other people are waiting. And they really do deserve a response from Nintendo.

  • Ansalon

    If its TRUE that we’ll be getting ours tomorrow then its going to be a POKE PARTY OF A DAY. Tomorrows the release for the new X and Y TCG set plus pokebank?? Hoping here. Hoping.

  • Pillzman’s cat

    Do i care? NO! why? Because i can just breed my pokemon and trade them for my old pokemon and i can keep my old pokemon on black 2 and continue to play with my old set up. Its sad how many people are whining, i have about 89% of the pokedex done and pokebank is not out.
    ~Pillzman’s cat

    • FLASH

      That’s your own opinion.

  • jynx

    I live in Hawaii, and I have to wait with America to get it… Come on Japan 😛

  • no name

    First of all, pokebank isnt out in other north american countries either, not just the US. Second of all, Nintendo is probably fearing that if they released it everywhere at once, there would be more server troubles. NA getting games last isn’t anything new. In fact before x and y we would almost always get the games last. Techinically we got x and y last too. So everyone should stop complaining. Pokebank will probably be out sometime this week

  • Merylas

    Nintendo always shafts America when it comes to releasing stuff. Quite frankly, I find it amusing that they literally CAN’T do anything until PokeBank is released without having to pay hell for it. Noticed how literally anything Nintendo says or does is just overshadowed with “PokeBank now” requests? Yea, until they fix it, that’s all they’re gonna get. For all the strugglig Nintendo has been dealing with, they’re really not trying too hard to repair the damage.

  • Honeydew

    Well, looks like us Americans are last to the party. Thanks Obama.

    • GreenMachine

      How is it Obamas fault LOL he has nothing to do with pokemon

      • T0g3pi

        No, He’s talking about Brock Obama, his obsession with women made him press the down all servers button while he was watching nurse joy porn

  • Pokemon trainer with the hat

    I live In northan Ireland I got it 3 hours ago

  • Pokemon trainer with the hat

    I have pokebank but guess what I don’t have pokemon x or y so really useless but getting it in a week

  • I got dots

    they prolly leavin US out last cuz they got moar people and are still worried about server issues

  • Nicholas James Burke

    People aren’t mad that Pokebank isn’t out yet. People are mad that Nintendo isn’t communicating what is going on. Their professionalism in this case and lack of communication with the Pokemon community is absurd.

  • im a dot

    people shouldn’t be mean to just Americans for being impatient I’ve seen Europeans be just as impatient/ Nintendo could have at least said something to us in the 39 days we have been waiting

  • Malum

    Dear Japan,
    Do you remember what happened the last time you ticked off America? Remember August 6th 1945? I guess not..

    • Malum

      Just so everyone knows I do not live in America. I live in the UK. The Americans just have ways of literally blowing things out of proportion. It is still unfair that the US sold more copies than any other country in the world but they delay the release there. It’s just bad business Japan

      • blahblahblah

        I think whoever said it above is right in that the reason you are stating (selling 20 million more copies) is the exact reason they are waiting for US release. If the big problem last time was server overload issues, it makes perfect sense to leave the biggest population for last so as to not overload the server once more.

    • Pie

      Wow, not even funny.

    • Malum

      First and foremost I live in the UK. I was referring to the fact that Americans blow things way out of proportion..Literally! However it is bad business for Japan to delay the release of Pokebank to the US despite that the US sold 20 million more copies than Japan. Nintendo is already in trouble with the failure of the Wii U. This will not help their current situation.

    • Pokemon trainer with the hat

      Lol bro I think that’s why they have not released it in your country yet they can remember a lot of stuff

    • Szayel

      Wow, what an ignorant thing to say.

      • Thomas Ragan

        You may be correct but Japan did attack Pearl harbor first. Just saying. They could have given up first but no their pride got in the way.

  • zekrom18

    What about Australia? It’s not on the eshop yet here either…

  • Zjordo

    But im Canada and i get tied in with America No Fair

    • ana

      Try being a latin american pokemon fan… nope, a nintendo fan first, then we can talk about getting tied with america being unfair 😉

  • Jefa-fa

    I kind of stopped caring about X and Y anyway, so this doesn’t really bother me. I might go back to playing one it comes out, but until then, I’m just kind of going back to Emerald and HG.

    • Pik-achoo

      I’m doing the same thing. Emerald’s probably my favorite of the series, but I loved Crystal and the Gold and Silver Remakes. I have a shiny Oddish in Emerald that I’ve been trying to bring up, but I have to beat Platinum again because I restarted ._.

  • Yup

    There’s no bone to pick with anyone. North America is home to most of Nintendo’s buyers. If the servers go down again, it’ll probably be because of us. They’re probably doing last minute tweaking before they open to the millions of Americans that own the game. As for opening the app for other regions before the US, it all goes hand in hand. They’re readying the system, gradually letting everyone in, stabilizing the system, and soon opening to everyone.

    I’m ashamed to be an American right now, no wonder why everyone thinks we’re ignorant fools! Think before you comment!

    • Kyle

      We are not mad that is not released yet were mad about the lack of communication on nintendo’s part.

  • Alana Corine Thomas

    I wasn’t bummed as an American, but as a Pokemon fan. Noooot trying to point fingers but who got their games sold under the table and uploaded pictures of X and Y before the release date? Every region will be whiny and bitchy, I believe that Americans came across as whiny when it was just more sarcasm. (Going by the many posts/memes I saw.) But I suppose if that’s how they like to do their business, then okay.(:

  • Chad Newcomer

    I never gave them an attitude and I am ashamed to call myself an american gamer because of the hate they got -_-

  • Morningstar

    Saw it coming We don’t deserve pokebank if all we do is whine and send death threats over a stupid game.

    • im a dot

      I’ve seen plenty of Europeans say the same things

  • Jon Esteron

    I feel bad for nintendo for the way US players have treated them i mean i have never seen such a negative attitude towards an app…

    • Kyle

      Were mad that nintendo has only given us 3 statments about releasing it in the past 39 days not that it has not released yet. Their communication on this has been god awful

  • something482

    The only reason were getting it last is because the US had the most sales for X and Y. If they weren’t prepared for us we could crash the severs since were the biggest group of players.

    • MrGabenWatch

      This is sad, but true; I’m glad someone understands. They need to wait at least a week so that their servers calm down and then maybe, Just maybe we will get it unannounced. Easier That way for them.

  • Derpster

    I’ll download it but not bother with the paying aspect…at least until the next gen.

  • foxfirefizz

    the waiting is always crappy… I just want to transfer all my old pokemon, instead of having to recapture every pokemon I had before.

  • Ryan

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    • Aki

      No. Just don’t even. You should be ashamed.

      • John

        Hiroshima and Nagasaki…?
        What/who are they?

        • MrGabenWatch

          The two 1945 Nuclear Bombing locations in Japan.

        • -_______-


    • CARL

      The fact that you think that your government or military gives a damn about your massive cry over not getting a video game is pretty sad. Oh i’m sorry, i mean, ‘MURICA’ lets go bomb japan with our bombs because we’re a free nation and we have the right to bear explosives now apparently ? you idiots need to be culled.

      • Kyle

        You need to understand america did that to try to end a war and it did. God dammit im tired of these ignorant people who think we did that for the fun of it. Lets not forget it was japan that bombed pearl harbor which caused us to do it.

    • torres

      I’m not even american but dude, I feel so gulty finding this funny.

  • KandiSaur

    Just heard from a reliable source (nintendo rep for gamestop) that Pokebank will be released TOMORROW in the states.

    • Tysen

      since when as gamestop reliable? especially about nintendo news?

      • Tuver

        I personally choose to be hopeful and optimistic about this news.

        • Flip

          i hope it gets here soon. the wait is killer

        • Lance

          wish they gave more then 7 boxes i was gon transfer everything from white but with only 7 boxes i dont think thats gona happen

        • Nicholas James Burke

          Put a pokemon in every box in your PC and more open up. You get 31 total.

        • jessie

          I have 15 boxes right now

        • T0g3pi

          There is not just 7 boxes, there is, if I’m correct, 100 boxes to transfer pokemon

      • timmy

        actually gamestop said about 2 weeks ago that it would be released February 4th and it looks like they were right

      • Malum

        He also said the Nintendo rep for Gamestop, not Gamestop employee. So you not read English? The reps work for the actual company ie Nintendo.