Pokemon X and Y Pokebank US release delay could be karma

The wait is finally over, for EU gamers at least. We can confirm that the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank is now live in Europe. Unfortunately though, it looks like those in US are going to be last to the party.

At this moment, Pokebank is finally live in Europe after more than a month of patient waiting. This wait has been intense as ever, largely due to the fact that Game Freak and Nintendo remained absolutely silent on the matter.

We also see that there has been no big statement about Pokebank going live in Europe – just as we thought would happen. This should allow everyone in Europe to download the software without any of the same server issues that plagued the initial Japanese launch.

It also means that after all of the abuse that Nintendo received, US Pokemon fans are the last to receive the missing content – with no ETA on a US Pokebank release time or date for that matter.

Dare we say it, but has the powers up above over in Japan decided on purpose that US Pokemon X and Y players deserve to get Pokebank last?

Give us your reaction to the fact that the service is now live, but not in US. For those trying out Pokebank right now, give us your early impressions below!



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