New Battlefield 4 montage and guns loadout

How good do you consider yourself to be at Battlefield 4? If you are looking for some inspiration to get you motivated, we have quite possibly the best Battlefield 4 montage to release so far for the game. We also have a heads-up on one Battlefield 4 guns loadout that you could find useful.

We often hear how Battlefield 4 contains gameplay moments like no other and moments that certainly cannot be replicated in other FPS of similar ilk.

This week, we have a real treat for you with the release of the Fear! Battlefield 4 montage which we really enjoyed watching ourselves. Watch in awe at some of the amazing gameplay moments on offer, including manual chopper takedowns with RPGs, long distance sniper rifle shots and even some commander showplay to top it off.

We think you’ll agree that this is one of the best Battlefield 4 montages seen to date and you have to say that the player in the video has some skills to pull off those moves.

Meanwhile, we’ve also been getting requests from fans to talk about Battlefield 4 gun loadouts and which weapons offer a good balanced set up.

Loadout: One fun setup which you may want to try out is the Battlefield 4 SV98 Desert Rat with M1911 pistol loadout. This is only recommended for experts, but it can be deadly and extremely satisfying once you master.

Watch the included video below and you’ll see LevelCap demonstrate how this setup can be very useful in close quarters – 100 damage body shots is a big deal guys.

If you miss though, be prepared to switch to your pistol instantly otherwise you’ll turn into a dead rat, let alone Desert Rat.

Watch the amazing montage and cool new SV98 loadout and let us know what you think of both. Feel free to list your own best Battlefield 4 loadout which you want to share with the community.



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