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Avengers Alliance PVP 13 rewards, Agent Venom preview

We’re happy to report that Avengers Alliance PVP 13 has now ended – properly. After the initial crisis last week, Playdom made the right decision to award players with the correct PVP 13 rewards that they earned last week originally.

Avengers Alliance fanatics were then given a choice to either accept the reward that they earned last week when the tournament was supposed to end, or battle it out once again and collect a high reward if players managed to achieve a higher league than before.

The grand prize is Agent Venom and we can confirm that he is a beast. More importantly though, many of you have contacted us asking when Playdom will be issuing the ‘backlogged’ rewards.

Unsurprisingly, there has been no ETA on this and since Playdom confirmed that they will be handing out these rewards ‘manually’ – it could take a few days yet.

Bear in mind that there are millions of Avengers Alliance players, so it does appear that Playdom has quite the task on their hands in handing out the original rewards – especially since we are apparently overdue for Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 16 with Iceman.

Back to Agent Venom though, as we can offer you a preview of the character with the included video below. We can answer a few requests as well about Venom: Firstly, he becomes a Bruiser in ‘Out of Control’ mode and he can also gain Combat Reflexes as an Infiltrator and carry that skill into Bruiser mode, potentially allowing for Combat Reflexes and Enraged at the same time – pretty neat.

As we wait for Playdom to give everyone rewards, let us know if you have received anything on your account yet. Feel free to ask any questions about Agent Venom that you want to know as well.



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