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The Order: 1886 gameplay from screenshots unfounded

Two new screenshots for the upcoming game The Order: 1886 have appeared online, and this tease is said to be stills of some gameplay footage that hasn’t been see yet. However, some gamers are a little skeptical of this, which we will get to in a moment.

First things first, these images are of a low quality and very hard to make out, so we have tried to brighten up the image above in the hope that it helps to reveal a little more about the game. We do love how GearNuke believes this to be such a fantastic tease and that it is from actual gameplay footage, and new footage at that.

There has been a huge reaction to this, with some gamers saying this isn’t new stills, as they are pretty certain they have seen it before. Whatever the case may be, it does show how desperate people are for a new The Order: 1886 trailer just to see how well the game is progressing.

Personally, we feel as though the images have been taken from a cut scene and not actual gameplay. Speaking of that much-needed trailer, let’s hope it isn’t going to be full of cut scenes like some other game trailers we have seen, what we want is real gameplay.

As yet we do not have a specific The Order: 1886 release date, all we know is that it will be released on the PS4 later this year, sometime after late September.



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