Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Galaxy S5 specs excitement

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2014

Are you excited about Samsung’s upcoming mobile phones in 2014? The company is preparing to launch some high profile tablets with the Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro series, but consumers are much more excited to see what happens with regards to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 smartphone releases.

Both devices are highly anticipated and both are expected to release sometime in 2014. The Galaxy S5 looks certain to be announced at MWC 2014 with view to a Spring release, while we could see the Galaxy Note 4 take on the iPhone 6 towards the end of the year.

With Samsung remaining very quiet though on what hardware specs both devices will feature, we have been left to examine what the rumor mill has had to say about both phones.

Fortunately, it looks like we are going to be in with a treat with regards to upgrades from the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4. We are hearing that Samsung will really push the boat out this year to ensure that their devices are chosen in preference against competition from Google and Apple.

Specifically, the Galaxy Note 4 could be a device that ships with a 4K resolution, a feature that would send a message out to all rivals, whilst stunning consumers with a display quality that hasn’t been seen on a phone before.

It could end up being the flagship Galaxy Note 4 feature, whilst Galaxy S5 specs could include something special too with an 64-bit 8-core Exynos processor combined with 4GB of RAM. We are also hearing whispers that the Galaxy S5 display will be even better than the S4 screen too, with something known as Quad-HD being discussed behind closed doors.

Lovely concept design by Jermaine Smit

Lovely concept design by Jermaine Smit

The Galaxy S5 could also go one better than the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner, by offering enhanced security measures that allows the user to protect their phone and data with an eye retina scanner.

With the Galaxy Note 4 not expected until the end of the year, it also allows Samsung to simply shift features from the Galaxy S5 into the Note 4 – such as the processor and RAM. A mouth-watering 16 megapixel camera has also been rumored for both devices, but we’re yet to see more details on whether this is true or not.

We have been getting feedback from many happy Android owners who believe that Samsung is now starting to move ahead of Apple with the continuous upgrades on the Galaxy series.

Do you think that the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 will be able to hold their own against anything that Apple releases later on this year? Don’t forget that Apple could also have a 6-inch iPhone in the pipeline that could be a game changer for the company.

Either way, it is a very exciting time to be a Samsung Galaxy fan with both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 on the way in 2014.

Give us your opinions on the level of specs discussed for both devices so far and whether they meet your desires. Alternatively, let us know below if you want to see a new type of feature that hasn’t been the subject of rumors yet.

If you can only choose one – will you buy the Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5?

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  • john halm


  • Chris Wingert

    Just reading galaxy note 4 and s5 has smiles on my face, we all know they just keep getting better over there at samsung, owning the note 2 in the beginning that turned many heads asking is that a phone, to the note 3 which was even better I’m looking forward to having a note 4 with a faster processor and more ram, but the sheer mention of 4k resolution gives me goose pumps, I do hope for an extra added security, but one thing I hope they will improve on is the edging and backing, the note 3 black seemed more solid and less slippery but the white did not and I was disappointed as that was one of the features mentioned it would have versus the plastic feel and slick surface of the note 2 that drove many of us crazy, but the edges of the note 2 felt more solid and easier to clean where the note 3 felt cheap and easy to catch filth in, although it still felt like a lightweight all around solid phone, I would like to see something better from the note 2 and note 3 on the note 4, as for the galaxy 5 I’m also looking forward to release, my wife owns the g4 after swearing to her iPhone I made her a deal, try it for 6 months and if you still swear by iPhone I will buy you the latest iPhone out, those 6 months were recently up and all she keeps asking is when is the g5 being released, well I think if samsung offered some similar offer to iPhone users that many of them would never go back, I’m really excited about a quad hd screen, but I’m all about technology and how far we have come

  • Michael Campbell

    Iphone lost a long time ago it’s just taken so long for lawl fan to take the jump for iPhone to Samsung because the money we all spent on iTunes but trust it is worth Samsung note’s won it for me big screen put your own music films on with hassal more free then iphone

  • Jack Castella Sr

    It all boils down to battery life for me. I am tired of investing in expensive devices with many powerful and useful features that are no longer useful after 6 hours of battery time.

    • Florris

      One of the reasons I prefer my Note over an iPhone is that I can buy a couple of spare batteries for it for five pounds apiece and swap them when necessary.

  • Still luv my iPad

    I ditched my iphone for a Note – because of 2 reason.

    1st – Poor experience w/ carrier -> SPRINT

    2nd – Screen was too small

    3rd – User Interface did not allow for much customization

    Don’t get me wrong, I have an iPad and like it, but probably will move on and try something else because of reason #2, #3

    • FollowUp

      I said 2, meant 3 then I remembered #1

  • Levy Smith

    A 6″ display for the new iPhone will not be a game changer. Consumers do not buy the Galaxy Note simply because of the display size. There are so many other things which apple needs to improve in order to re-gain the favor of many lost fans.

    • GSR

      Like get rid of itunes.

  • althea

    I wud buy s5
    Althea maloy

    • nimblejack

      “wud”? I suggest spending the money on spelling lessons.

  • bgor

    That wil be great if the S5 n Note4 up graded to become a 64bit machine.
    4K dispay is an ideal evolution.
    8 Core processor with 4GB RAM is a great improvment.
    16 megapixel camera is good for me to take photo more fine.
    But we need something to do about the bezel.