PS4 1.53 features needed when update is live

Are you patiently waiting for the PS4 1.53 to go live? We could be expecting the update at any point this week, although we’re a little surprised to see that it didn’t go live over the weekend.

Hopefully this is an indication that Sony are not only providing us with the fixes that didn’t come with the 1.52 update, but also some functionality and features for fans to enjoy.

Sony has promised to keep updating their UI with constant improvements, so we think it is up to the community to make their voices heard and let the powers up at Sony know when needs to come.

In our opinion, we need to see Sony really make an effort to provide more apps to users. There can never be enough apps for the system, with thousands of third-party apps available – it could be one area that Sony could target as a way of gaining an advantage over the Xbox One.

Another area which Sony needs to improve on is customization. Users would love to be able to personalize their PS4 console to their own tastes. The option to have various wallpapers and themes with the click of one setting should have really been available at launch – let’s hope that Sony are working on this as we speak.

On top of the features above, we’re assuming that Sony is also working hard on the compatibility issues of the PS4. Countless headsets and accessories still do not work with the PS4 and it’s a problem that most users would like to see fixed or at least improved upon with the PS4 1.53 firmware update.

Then of course there’s the missing PS4 DLNA feature which Sony has promised will be coming at a later date. As we countdown until the update goes live, let us know what new features you want to see with the PS4 1.53 update.

What would you say is essential at this moment?



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