Mass Effect 4 trailer news teased

By Matt Tran - Feb 3, 2014

Fans on the lookout for Mass Effect 4 news, we have a treat for you as trailer news has been teased. Developers at BioWare have tweeted some Mass Effect 4 cinematic details, with the progress giving us a clue about the release date and also the progress being made on the upcoming alien title.

Mass Effect 4 is expected to be released next year opposed to 2014 as there is still plenty of work to do, although it is in playable state and reportedly amazing state. BioWare developer Ken Thain earlier tweeted that the team were off on their first motion capture session for the next Mass Effect in Vancouver, using EA’s mocap facility to bring the aliens orientated shooter to life.

The motion capture process has teased at the preparation of a debut cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 4, which will bring excitement to a huge gaming community! Another member of the production team, Michael Gamble also confirmed that the crew had been lucky enough to get a sneak peak at some new level environments, describing them as amazing.

It is good news that we are seeing development progress and the team are providing updates to assure the fans that Mass Effect 4 is right in the swing of things production wise, hopefully the trailer will come quickly, possibly a reveal at E3 this summer. It is likely we will see a next generation version of the game developed for the Xbox One and PS4.

Are you excited about the upcoming Mass Effect 4 release in the future? Let us know in the comments section what you are most excited about and what new elements and species you would like to see the game bring when it launches.

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  • Lars 1963

    Mass Effect 4? That’s just stupid! They obliterated the universe with Mass Effect 3. They crushed all the lore to pieces with plotholes the size of the Stygian Abyss. They forced an embarrassing “saviour” role upon my character whether I wanted it or not and left the entire universe they have created in a illogical shambles.

    Forget it, Bioware. Make something new!

  • Stryker Shaka

    I can’t wait to play ME again. I was severely disappointed in the decisions made at both the end of ME2 and ME3 (killing a giant robot-human?…an AI that we apparently installed on the top of the Crucible and now I have to die because “he” says so?) That said, I will never love a trilogy or any game as much as I enjoyed each ME game. The art, the story telling, the relationships (Garrus is MY DUDE!), the consequences, saying goodbye to friends…what an experience Mass Effect has been. I can’t wait to see what Bioware has in store for us next!

    • Kosmos Agamemnon

      “I was severely disappointed in the decisions made at both the end of ME2 and ME3 (killing a giant robot-human?…an AI that we apparently installed on the top of the Crucible and now I have to die because “he” says so?) ”
      I think you have some plot points confused here. Firstly you didn’t kill a giant robot human at the end of ME2, you killed a Reaper that took the form of a human. It took that form because (apparently and I actually find this bit laughable) it adopts the appearance of the species used to create it, which raises a plot-hole question in the third game where it is stated that each reaper is created in the image of Harbinger.
      Next, the AI on-board the Citadel was not put there by humans, or any council race for that matter. The Citadel is the home of The Catalyst, an AI construct created by the first race, the apex race, the Leviathan’s. It had a mandate (to be the Catalyst) to preserve life at any cost and was given a mandate to do exactly that. The Intelligence created the Reapers as a solution to the problem of conflict erupting between Organic species and machines, it is the role of Shepard to resolve that conflict.

  • deadlyjedi

    I think there is a chance we see the new Mass Effect game Q4 if all of the foul ups and negative publicity EA has gotten over the last year or so ends up severely damaging their corporate bottom line. Which is a good chance it might. They just screwed another IP in Dungeon Keeper. They will need to get it out just for reporting reasons.

    But nonetheless, i think the majority of this game is going to be either micro transaction based or DLC. You’re fooling yourself if you believe for a second the new mass effect will be a engrossing game expereince. Its just going to be product.

  • Raiden

    I’m wondering what can fill the Reapers’ place. Strong bad guys are extremely neccessary. Whatever they do, I hope they can keep this beautiful picture we have in our mind about ME series . . .

    • Royal

      I would say that you’re right. We need a badass race. But mass effect was also about mercenaries n’ stuff. But i dont think it would be the same if we just kill low life mercenaries… But i still think it will be a great game. Because for all i can say, i would say that Mass Effect kept EA alive….

  • ramlod

    It better not just be on xbox one and ps4 some of us want to play me4 on there xbox 360s

    • Thiago

      Unlikely. Possible, but unlikely. I’m right there with you, though.

      • ramlod

        we can just hope.

  • mclarenfan1968

    Misleading title, no teasers have been confirmed or teased by anyone at Bioware. Then the article goes on to ‘hoping’ about hearing something on a teaser. Traffic generation tricks much?

  • Manclor

    Computer version??!?!

  • Craig A Nelson Jr.

    Totally agree, i wish it would go back to its roots but i dont see that happening

    • Thomas Evans

      Same here, The first Mass Effect was defiantly my favorite, The loot and exploration was awesome in that and it was what I would class as a Full RPG.

      • Theodore Orcutt

        well what I’ve read so far on every scrap of Mass Effect 4 News they are going to go back to the first m.e. as far as exploring the galaxy I just hope that they don’t mess up the romance system that’s what made me kept playing this series over and over again I hope they keep the qoreans in it despite a lot of people don’t like them but there’s a huge fan base form but I am keeping my hopes high.

        • Thomas Evans

          The quarians are Great. I don’t see why people can’t like them Tali was awesome.

        • Theodore Orcutt

          I like them too but there’s a lot of people that just can’t get past the hole helmet thing and what i read on one piece of news a while back Bioware showed the game to select group of people and ask them what species they would get rid of and most of them said the quarians if they absolutely had to nevermind there were three species in the series that hade very little to do with the gameplayed very little

      • Florence Coniglio

        Riding around in the mako killed me..

  • Jack

    It is sad that the Mass Effect series is now refered to as a shooter.