GTA V, Skyrim insistence for PS4 port

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2014

How long are you willing to put up with the ongoing silence from Bethesda and Rockstar with regards to a GTA V PS4 port and Skyrim PS4 port? Rockstar are perhaps the biggest sinner with their lack of communication regarding GTA V for PC, but are we slowly getting warmer towards both games finally coming out on Sony’s next-gen PS4 in 2014?

There has been increased speculation that the main reason for Rockstar’s silence on the PC version of GTA V, is solely due to their increased workload in delivering a next-gen console port on PS4 and Xbox One at the same time.

We have seen from the introduction of GTA V cash cards that business is everything to Rockstar, so it would be perfect from a business point of view to bring out the game on PS4 as well, to maximize sales even further with interest perhaps starting to fall with the console versions.

With regards to Skyrim, Bethesda are also in a similar position. The announcement of Skyrim for PS4, complete with all of the DLC released so far would almost feel like a new game for many gamers.

Imagine if Bethesda has been working on this over the last few months, specifically upgrading those graphics to make it a worthy port rather than a rush job?

Are you ready to play Skyrim with PS4 graphics?

Are you ready to play Skyrim with PS4 graphics?

Just look over the shoulder at the Definitive version of Tomb Raider to see how important these next-gen ports are to some publishers – it’s big money to be made either way you look at it.

Would you be happy to spend another $50 on buying essentially the same game, but on new hardware? The big question to us is whether they will just be basic ports, or if they will be more akin to that of a remaster, with Rockstar and Bethesda actually taking time to redo the graphics completely.

If they do that, then we have a feeling that most won’t mind paying again – especially if it comes included with all respective DLC on top. Anything other than that though and questions may be raised from fans who say that the upgrade isn’t worth paying full price for again.

With both Skyrim and GTA V expected on PS4 at some point in the future, let us know what you would like to see to justify paying for the game again. What would you accept from Rockstar and Bethesda?

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  • Ivan D

    It be nice for a Ps3 upgrade just like COD and BF4……I have Collectors edition that i want on GTA V Ps4 with out rebuy

  • evan

    i wouldn’t hesitate to buy skyrim for the ps4. The elder scrolls online feels too much like wow. i don’t want that, but I will pay full price for a game that is a massive adventure that my ps3 was never able to handle. It failed on ps3, so they should release it for ps4.
    Or sony should make the ps4 capable of playing pc games

  • justerthought

    Well considering Skyrim was the best game I ever played, I have the money ready and waiting. Elder Scrolls Online is just a joke.

    I have money waiting for GTAV, Far Cry 3 and The Last Of Us. All classics that would be a real joy to play again on PS4 in super HD with silky smooth movement.

  • Darth Paul

    I sold my old ps3 for some stupid reason 1 year ago. Now, I was about to buy a ps4…. But since Skyrim on ps4 is not an option (streaming is experimental, and my game files in the cloud wouldn’t be run on ps4 anyway), I think I will buy another ps3 instead, so I’d be able to play Elder Scrolls V. Its also about Uncharted, Infamous, and several other epic games that I didn’t play, but mainly Skyrim. One year later I would buy a ps4, with a wider variety of titles, probably lower price, and who knows? Maybe a special edition of Skyrim too.

    • justerthought

      You’re in for a treat if you have not played Uncharted 3 coop arena. Skyrim ran crap on PS3 but it was still the best game I ever played. I’m on PS4 now and want to move forward.

  • Mr. Hanky

    Hell yeah, I’d get Skyrim again. My kids lost my PS3 disk for it, and I’m mulling whether to get a PS4 or build a gaming PC. There are not a lot of upcoming releases incoming for PS4 to justify it for me, but I’m waiting for news before I commit.

    • justerthought

      Building a gaming PC is a continual investment with constant updates. The PS4 is supplying a level of graphical performance that is impressive enough for most people, without all the hassle of maintaining a gaming PC. The games will come towards the end of 2014 and a lot of the good ones will be exclusive to PS4.

      • Mr. Hanky

        Very true! But, if I invest say $1000 now, I can build my own with an i5 processor, 16Gb RAM a decent graphics card, with a 1 TB HD and this will look better than PS4 for at least the next 3-5 years. At the end of that time, I may “have to” upgrade my graphics card to have a better looking experience. Plus, PS Store doesn’t compete to Steam sales. I’m just mulling the extra expense and performance vs. the exclusives.

  • Rob Gidney

    And it would be nice to see a Gta 5 port seeing as I just bought it and couldn’t take it to my next gen console. I wouldn’t mind buyin this game again either as long as it came with the Dlc.


      Yep… that’s how I feel. I search everyday to see if Bethesda change his mind. I wish I could interrupt a Super Bowl press conference and scream. Skyrim Legendary Edition for ps4!!!

  • Rob Gidney

    Same here! Would gladly pay full price for a revamped Skyrim with Dlc included. I actually would go as far to say I need it!

    • justerthought

      Yes it would be a dream come true, but I somehow think Bethesda have lost their way with Elder Scrolls online. It looks like a cruel joke with money making hooks tagged on it.

  • Fear Monkey

    While it could happen, I would highly doubt that there will be a PS4 version of Skyrim.
    Bethesda has never done that before, release an older game that appeared on a old system for a newer system. Skyrim came out in Fall of 2011, and they are close to releasing a Fallout 4 sometime this year. Not to mention that The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming out on PS4 in June, and I would think they would want all their marketing and customer attention on that game, and releasing Skyrim on PS4 would compete with that.

    The PC version of GTA:V is a no brainer, and a PS4/Xbox One version would be expected as well, as it would be extra easy money. That being said, they might forgo it on PS4 if there is a red dead game coming out anything this year, which I doubt.

    • Mr. Hanky

      BethSoft has got to know that there are some like me, that will not do MMO’s. I played WoW for 1.5 years and won’t go that route again.

      • Rob Gidney

        Definitely should be multiplayer but not an mmo. Paying monthly by the way is gonna fail miserably. No one should be stupid enough to pay 15 dollars a month for playing a console game. Not to mention the initial 60 you have to pay for the game. No brainer. That is a rip off!

        • justerthought

          Elder Scrolls Online looks crap. Naff gameplay and graphics dumbed down to a network bandwidth. No way an I going to touch the game. It’s a joke that’s trying to rob you at the same time. Bethesda has dropped the ball big time. Epic fail.


    This is a no brainer. I need skyrim on my ps4, I would pay $60 with DLC’s on top