Facebook craze Neknominate has mixed support

Whenever a new Facebook craze hits more often then not they are just a bit of fun, but the latest called Neknominate has mixed support from Facebook users. Most people see this as just a bit of fun and that there is no harm in it, while there are those who do not support it, especially when it leads to devastating results.

Neknomination is a new craze that sees Facebook users put up for a drinking challenge, and more often than not the results are funny, such as the guy who had to down a pint with his mates excrement in the glass. While it is a horrible thought, it is still a bit of lighthearted fun.

However, this is not the case for a 19-year-old man from the UK, as he took part in the Neknomination craze and sadly lost his life. We know that this news is very sad and his family will be very upset by what has happened, but for people to come out and condemn Facebook is a little over the top.

The thing is, he wasn’t forced to down a pint because he had made his own decision. However, I’m sure that if this happened to one of my family or friends I’d being feeling the same way.

Downing a pint of beer once in a while isn’t going to do you serious harm, but to down a pint of Vodka or other spirit is, and so if you do partake in Neknominate on Facebook, then just make sure you go for the latter instead.

We would just like to say we do not endorse this game in any way and would not ask people to try, but all it takes is a bit of common sense and we won’t hear of people losing their lives.

Speaking of those who do not agree with this latest Internet craze, one man from Plymouth has decided not to accept his Neknominate challenge and as such has seen him as a sort of online hero, which is a little over the top.

What are your views on this game?



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