Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition unboxing in style

We have a quick heads-up for those of you planning to buy Elder Scrolls Online. We recently told you all about the impressive looking Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition, but now we can go one better and share with you a rather awesome unboxing video displaying all of the contents up close and personal.

If you are tempted to pay extra for the Imperial Edition, we highly recommend you check out the video below first. It comes straight from lead content designer Lawrence Schick and offers the best preview that you could imagine.

To recap, the Imperial Edition will cost you either $99.99, €99.99 or £89.99. Bethesda has already warned that stock is extremely limited, but the grand prize on offer is a stunning 12-inch Molag Bal statue.

With the Imperial Edition, you also have the chance to play as an Imperial with the luxury of being under any alliance.

We are used to seeing statues being gifted away with every limited edition by Bethesda, so let us know what you think about this one. We absolutely love the effort that has gone into this unboxing by the way, let’s hope Bethesda keeps this theme for future editions.

Is the Imperial Edition worth it?



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