Uncharted 4 release bewilderment endures

By Peter Chubb - Feb 2, 2014

Naughty Dog has already teased us with a short teaser trailer for the next Uncharted game, but as always they have shrouded the game in mystery, not only with the story of the new game from the series, but also as to its release date. There had been speculation as to 2014 or 2015, with many fans hoping that it would be the latter.

We suggested a few weeks back that a 2014 release for Uncharted 4 was out of the question, but a new rumor had suggested the opposite. It’s no surprise that one or two retailers had a placeholder date for the game, which was a pre-order date of November 2014, and a release of December 2014.

However, it’s now been reported that they have now changed this and have moved the date to December 2015, and we have to wonder why? The retailer in question is Amazon, and you have to understand that they must have heard something to show a delayed release for Uncharted 4.

We would be naive to think that Amazon does not contact publishers, and so this makes us think that they have some sort of insider knowledge. If this is the case, then it would seem we were correct after all, although we have to wonder why Naughty Dog would wish to release a teaser trailer so early on if they don’t plan to release it until a couple of years after the first trailer was aired?

Retailers set tentative release dates all the time and so Uncharted 4 could still be released later this year, and while we do hope so just to see how Nathan Drake looks on the PS4, we still feel as though 2015 is more likely.

Speaking of Nathan, there have been rumors that he might not be in the next Uncharted title, but this has angered so many fans who are faithful to the game.

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  • Joe_3r

    Lol when uncharted 4 comes out I’m going to get it on the exact day then I hope I get the naughty dog paw on my rank but I don’t know what legacies they’ll have or co-op modes/competitive layouts. I really wish the game can have better fighting skills on the mp version, maps, and instead of always having 5 people on a team there should be 6 to make the game more challenging and fun! UC4 should also have more weapons from other games like call of duty. Instead of keeping old characters we have new people. In the game we should most definitely get more boosters than just 2 instead we need 4 and at least 2 medal kickbacks and then for the competitive loadouts and co-op we should finally get power weapons except we only get to use them if we should complete co-op adventure all 5 maps or however many there are. Also the xp on our rank won’t be as hard and long to complete to get to the next rank. There should be half xp instead to rank up. There should be 6 legacies and 75 ranks. More character customizations. UC4 graphics should look real and game. Better leaderboards. And get to use at least 2 paid boosters that should cost $150, 000 each paid boosters, cooler taunts and more!

    • shut up

      shut up

  • Ditto

    Interesting….. 😮

  • Ditto

    Interesting…… 😮

  • patsfan365

    Yes, because retailer placeholder dates are reliable enough to put all your chips on.