Elder Scrolls 6 release aided by Elder Scrolls Online?

By Matt Tran - Feb 2, 2014

The Elder Scrolls 6 release for Xbox One and PS4 is expected to be somewhere within the next 3 years, with the Elder Scrolls Online coming very soon. For those looking into the future for the Elder Scrolls 6, do you think it will be aided by the potential success of the ESO coming this year?

So far details on an Elder Scrolls 6 title are rare, we know it will come in the next few years on the next generation platforms, following on from the stunning predecessor Skyrim. From what we have seen so far of the Elder Scrolls Online, it looks equally amazing, producing beautiful graphics and large scale multiplayer battles in addition to character creation and new features.

Skyrim was open world and you could embark on any quest or objective you wanted, not even having to travel through the game’s main story line to achieve a powerful set of stats and levels. There was sadly no multiplayer feature after lots of demand, many friends wanted to play together but this was not something Bethesda managed to make possible.

Elder Scrolls Online beta key sent sporadically

The Elder Scrolls 6 however could offer a blend of player driven story and quest mode gameplay as well as an epic multiplayer offering at the same time. It could be that the reaction to the Elder Scrolls Online forms the basis for the motives of the Elder Scrolls 6. Once the developers discover through the ESO exactly what everyone wants and likes from multiplayer, they can go about applying this to ES6.

Skyrim won numerous awards and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, it would be wise of the developers to extract the best parts and rework them into upcoming Elder Scrolls titles. Until the Elder Scrolls 6 is officially announced and some details are revealed we will not know what direction the game will be taking. We have already seen some group content from the ESO, it looks great.


Reviews on the Elder Scrolls Online beta have been mixed so far, however the major gripe that many players are having is about the $15 a month subscription fee. In general the feedback on the game itself has been very positive, which bodes well for the ESO and a future ES6 title.

It is likely that the release and reception to the Elder Scrolls Online will aid the future Elder Scrolls 6 game, allowing a form of fine tuning to take place. Obviously each players expectation of an Elder Scrolls game will be different so Bethesda and the development studio will need to work hard to create a well balanced game for the majority, the ESO has been described as being aimed at the hardcore ES fans.

We are interested to hear from all Elder Scrolls fans on what they are expecting to see from the Elder Scrolls Online and a future Elder Scrolls 6 title. Will you be playing all future ES games or basing your decision on the previous title, moreover do you think that the ES6 release will be aided by the ESO?

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  • Saratje

    It will delay an Elder Scrolls 6 title. It does NOT matter what branch produces what game, Zenimax or Bethesda, high up it’s all one big board of company bosses, they own the license, they will want all the spotlights on TES:Online for the next two-three years or so, before allowing Bethesda to make or launch a TES6. The fact that Zenimax made TES:O and Bethesda made TES5 has nothing to do with license holders. They make the call to start on a game.

    • alex

      ESO was already being developed within 1 year of skyrims release… No offense but if you knew how much work is put into games TES6 is gonna take a bare minimum of 3-4 years if they’re planning to make it like skyrim but scaled up to PS4 and XB1 specs (graphics, live world map, ect… are all gonna be full HD so the rendering is gonna have to be insane and the memory required is gonna be gigantic) plus they have to make 2 different games essentialy because they wont wanna restrict quality for PS4 users because the XB1 specs arent as good. Dont mean to be mean if it sounds that way but that’s how the gaming industry works

      • Saratje

        They are allowed to pitch ideas, draft up concepts and make workable prototypes by whatever means they have access to, just like anyone legally can (although Zenimax will refuse outsiders because they have their own internal studios). But to produce and dedicate a team to work with the engine of that game requires them to be contracted and green lit to make a start. There’s a big difference between a conceptual stage and a production stage.

  • Corithna

    The reality that is the Elder Scrolls Online is that it is a massive world encompassing all of Tamriel. Cyrodiil has been converted into a 3v3 faction war zone with tactics and game play that are sure to please even the most hardened of gamer. Every iteration of the game I see, update to update just makes the game look better and better. I read in one article that this game looks like skyrim with some really good mods installed. And to that I could not agree more. Fully voice acted, tactical visceral, reactive combat. Mobs that work together to bring down players. An awesome story line. All these things combine to make this title a great deal at three times the price they are asking.

    Also of note, is that unlike other faction based mmo’s the player will go through all three factions story lines. The second faction post 50 or as it has been dubbed 50+ and the third 50++. Following these the player will then be immersed into what ZOS is calling adventure zones. These feature content built for solo, four player, and 12 player groups. And as those who have had the privilege of testing these will tell you. The end game will not disappoint. And what none of us have seen as of yet, are the real 24 man raid content. ZOS is playing these encounters very close to the vest. And given we have less then a month prior to early access launch I don’t think we will get much time with it, if any, prior to going live.

    As far as the pay model goes, you are each free to choose what you want to do. Wait to buy, hoping a free to play mode becomes available down the line, or do like I’ve already done and pre order your copy of the imperial edition, and have fun in this beautiful world and very fun game right away. Who cares what happens down the line with business model. What happens is what ever happens.

    In any case I hope to see you all in Tamriel sooner or later.

  • Frankie GC

    Skyrim out did Oblivion in a big way just as Oblivion did Morrowind. So ES VI has some big shoes to fill. One it should be co-op of course but this time around there needs to be more then one land to explore. Also, nodding for consoles would be awesome.

  • Ben

    A lot of you guys are saying the people who want F2P are self entitled brats. Skyrim made 450 million not including the DLC and cost 80 million to make. That means the company netted 370 million dollars. I’m pretty sure the 60 dollars we pay to buy the game more than covers a couple updates and a little bit of server maintenance. I think there may be a tiny bit of wiggle room in the 370 million dollars of profit from buying the game alone that could go to maintenance and updates. Either have us pay to play or make us buy the game, it shouldn’t be both and personally I think 60 dollars is more than enough to cover a year or two of the space I occupy on their megaservers.

    • Frankie GC

      The cost it takes to make and maintain an MMO is unreal. Keep in mind it two companies keeping this project going and a huge staff they have pay just for upkeep. So if players want it to be free they’re going to having pay for a few years to make it possible.

    • Frankieisadumbass

      lolololol YOU’RE A SELF ENTITLED BRAT. Comparing the price it took to make an RPG to the price it takes to make an MMO is the most retarded thing i’ve ever heard. MMO’S like ESO take SO MUCH MORE MONEY to make than an RPG like Skyrim. GTFO you know nothing,

  • Lewis

    Highly doubt I will be playing ESO, it’s not because I don’t love elder scrolls because I do. When I play an elder scrolls game I need to be captivated by it, which I dont think you get from mmo opposed to a single player rpg. It’s mostly the level of detail that goes in and the integrity of a open world to explore, after all the devil is in the detail. I do agree with the point that there needs to be more varied dialogue and consequences for actions of the character within skyrim for example, some characters after all dialouge has been said thier just a npc shell. I wish the dialouge would be more level based, as a character gets stronger the choice of convesation becomes more varied instead of the story line narative, then that way someone who you talked to at the start of the game may have something new to say that couldnt be said at the start because the npc didnt know you were dragonborn, then this could lead to other tasks, these are the things that would keep me playing instead of the same jobs over and over, any one would think Tolfdir had dementia keep misplacing that alembic of his haha.

  • WolfxNichols

    Not sure if I fully support the ES6 being Xbox One and PS4 alone. I do think they should keep the older systems alive in this matter. Don’t get me wrong here, I own both Xbox One and PS4, but the 360 also offers the diversity and singularity that you can’t find with the new Xbox One, seeing as it requires you to have an internet connection and what not for it to even work. I’m not sure how others think of me saying this and I’m not sure if there are any shared opinions of this topic, but I’m only saying it as someone who still loved playing his Skyrim copy on his Xbox 360 and would love to continue using the 360 for Elder scrolls and not have to pay to play.

  • Jason Walsh

    Or in short, my ideal ES6 would have the scope of ES Arena with the detail of Skyrim. Ah one can dream 😀

  • Jason Walsh

    1. The stunning, breathtaking landscapes are probably the biggest hook. Morowind’s graphics weren’t amazing, but WHAT they rendered fascinated and intrigued people. These amazing landscape you WANT to discover;- they are rewards in themselves. They took this to the next level in Skyrim; those landscapes were so compelling and believable that it’s almost enough to explore for the landscape sake and nothing else. This has been very strong in the series and ES6 should keep up the trend by building their stories on the framework of such fantastic landscapes.
    2. The depth of culture, history and mystery evident across those landscapes. The dwemer, ayleid, daedra, ancient nords, etc, etc. They don’t need to elaborate much! It would steal the mystery! The patterns of the ruins dotted across the landscapes tell their own stories, hint and tease. I think this works, and I really hope they take this forward into #6.
    These two things alone I’m sure they will do, and I would buy the game if it only met these two. But my wishlist and ideas include;
    3. In themselves, the stories have been good and compelling, but it would be awesome if they broadened the plot script with more consequences; both on the large scale and the small. Lod from Falkreath got eaten by a dragon and no one cared. I killed some guy in broad daylight, paid my bounty, and went on my way, no deeper consequence. Or stuff like greater consequences for changing power regimes in the holds.
    4. More plot options; I hated the fact that I had to choose between the stormcloaks and the imperials;- I hated them both.
    For these last two, I guess it takes a lot of work to do these, and the game was still amazing, but if they put more energy into it in 6, that would be amazing.
    5. Better character appearance controls so that you really can create the character appearance you want, without pulling your hair out over frustrations with sliders that can’t achieve what you want anyway.
    6. Bring back armour modularity! I want to be able to mix and match my armour!
    7. I don’t know how realistic this last one is, but its maybe the one I want most;- Broaden the horizons. Go as far as you can. The greater the scope, the better. I really wanted to follow that pass south from Helgen and visit Bruma again. Or see Blacklight for the first time since Arena.
    It’s a long list, but one can hope!

  • Look at Star Wars. It used some of the best developers, huge amounts of resources and it fell flat.
    You cannot have a P2P game in a market where everything is Freemium.
    Make a Freemium game, balance it out the best you can and just like World Of Tanks, Hawken, LoL you get millions upon millions of people playing.
    The revenue comes from Advertising, Cosmetics and hell in an Elder Scrolls game online you should have a paid currency so you can buy Ore, Armor, Gear,Etc.

    In a military shooter I want balance, In a flight/Tank simulator I want balance. In a Fantasy MMO where some people are noble and some are beggars we should have the ability to sink huge amounts of real cash to provide a boost to items/stats.

  • Mathew Chilton

    I dont see TESO being too successful, as it doesnt really bring anything new to the table. They pitched a good game, but once you get in and play it, it’s World of the Elderscrolls Craft. It’s easy, unchallenging, offers little to no exploration, and holds your hand through the entire experience. It’s NOT an elder scrolls experience, it IS an MMO experience.

  • Soren

    I’m a fan of single player; having complete control of the pace of the story and how I go about completing it. The Elder Scrolls franchise as progressed this far, so I trust that they will continue on their current path with console games, and leave multiplayerto the elder scrolls online (it’s intended purpose…). As far as location, I honestly don’t know. Though a Dwemer prequel would be really cool (or any kind of historic prequel like this)! Of maybe Elder Scrolls: Fall of the Falmer.

  • Dragonborn

    I want them to go back to the single player games, maybe a Skyrim sequel? I don’t know, but next gen consoles will make the graphics really good.

  • joeblogs

    i don’t have an issue with the pay monthly fee, i loved oblivion and skyrim has got to be one of my favourite games ever that being said, to pay 12 quid each month i would have to dedicate a lot of time to the game to get my moneys worth for that reason i wont be buying it. I’ll be hoping they release an offline one player game in the future.

  • Ranger

    We’ll I don’t expect this game to be free either but still the game is gonna be cool these are my kind of type of a game so anyways, The game least expected to be free since it’s really advanced kind of game just like final fantasy realm reborn so I hardly suggest it’s for free.

  • Dou Chebag

    The only thing I’ve so far heard even rumored is that there will be an ES6 RPG to continue the solo franchise (in the wake of ESO). I was kinda surprised to hear that, but less so when I discovered it was a Zenimax vs Beth Game Studios distinction. Yeah Im sure they do share a few resources, but overall different timetables and budget. But beyond that nothing, not even credible rumors. And why?

    Because of the obvious Fallout 4 BGS is far more credibly currently working on. I honestly dont know why I never see comments regarding the obviousness of this. BGS makes ES and Fallout. They use the same game engine (Gamebryo, slightly modified for each iteration). Same structure of play, just different venue and story. They make one or the other, not both at the same time.

    First Oblivion, then Fallout 3, then Skyrim and now Fallout 4. Still unannounced I know, but it’s currently the worst kept video game secret in the industry, followed closely by the GTA V PC version launch.

    I really have to wonder if my reply is going to be deleted, and maybe that’s why I never see the blatantly expected Fallout 4 commenters. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Skyrim (though not Oblivion). I do look forward to the next version, but it has come back around to the time of Fallout. I expect F4 this holiday season or the next. And so I dont expect ES6 until a minimum of Nov 2017, more likely 2018.

  • MarkL12

    It didn’t work with SWTOR, it won’t work with ESO. They should have pulled the plug on this back when the TORtanic sank.

  • Chris Willis

    That’s a tough question, or rather a complicated one for me to answer. You see, Skyrim did so many things right that Oblivion simply did not. They made the user interface far far better, the world even more beautiful, and got rid of systems that just didn’t work. It all came together like the masterpiece it is. However with that said, the elder scrolls online title will have to do a great job of making the world feel alive, npc’s that feel human, the combat fun and responsive, and of getting others together while having so much fun. The true difficulty really comes from the MMO part as the game has to be designed with other people in mind, which makes it far more complicated to pull off.
    We have incredibly high standards (or at least I do, cause I will stop playing games that don’t have the it factor) for a game that involves so many moving parts. So much has to go right and work in a very cohesive manner. So if the ESO game doesn’t do as good as it possibly can, then it will tarnish the elder scrolls brand somewhat therefore causing a loss of interest. It might not take much to regain what was lost though if elder scrolls 6 ends up being an amazing spectacle that cannot be missed.

  • Danny V

    $400. Ps4 + $50. Psn +$25. Wifi + $60. A game not complaining its worth the experience but $180. A year for ES online (smh) nope u lost a fan Bethesda

    • No

      Its a PC game first and foremost and even without that considered, the cost of your console and associated networks don’t factor into the game itself.

      $15/mo is pretty much the established sub fee of quality online games. Some choose a free to play platform, but they still charge for content.

      I know that rocks your little console brain, but this model isn’t something they just pulled out of a hat.

    • Joe

      I’m not in the mood to go into detail but ESO isn’t even being made by Bethesda so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Mike O’Brien

    ESO looks great and i dont believe they will have any trouble with the monthly fee. If ZOS keeps it fresh with regular updates, the game will be around for years.

    • B Staff

      They’re only going to have trouble with the fee when it comes to selfish, self-entitled little brats who think that everything should just be given to them free of charge (F2P games are ruining gaming). Those of us who understand that companies need to charge money in order to produce quality products won’t have an issue paying the 15 a month because, as I stated a second ago, that money is put to good use. I’d rather pay 15 a month for a smooth experience than get it free and have a series of buggy and poorly operated servers.

      • MarkL12

        I hope you’re just trolling. In case you aren’t, allow a former SWTOR player to remind you how things actually work outside of whatever fan boyish bubble you inhabit. First, You have to pay just to get a copy of the game first, with the monthly subscription added on top of that. No one is getting anything for “free.” As for the developer, If their business model proves unsustainable, they just write off their losses, and blame their own fans for being “entitled.” Then they sit back and let mush heads like you do their PR work for them. Real corporate visionaries they are..

      • Dou Chebag

        I personally dont mind F2P games so long as there is a sub option. I’ve never had a problem with the $15 fee. In fact, I’ve always thought it was cheaper. And not even in the long run. A measly $15 is a single prime time 3D movie ticket. And that’s just 2 hours out of a month vs the entire month of the game. It’s always made sense to me.

        My friend lets his neighbor’s kid play an F2P MMO on his spare gaming system. That kid and his family are dirt poor. In that singular case, I see the value for F2P.

      • Tim Somethin Ernother

        My Post Below Is Mostly For You… And Show Me 1 Game That’s Put That kind of money into their game.

  • Benn Perry

    elder scrolls online wont work because of the online subscription fee no one will pay it and there wont be enough player to keep the servers online unless they make they cheaper or free

    • B Staff

      People like you bother me. I’ve never been a player of MMO games, but I’ve always been fully aware of their subscription fees, most of which are more expensive than the 15 that ESO is asking. It certainly didn’t hurt WOW, did it? No? Didn’t think so.
      I get sickened by people who expect EVERYTHING to be free. Some things you should have to pay for, such as something like this that requires constantly maintaining servers to keep players on it. The cost of the game only compensates the work put in to the development and initial release. Additional, long term server maintenance requires additional costs…hence the subscription.
      Products cost money. Always online servers for an always online game count as a product, and should therefore cost money so that the product work. Anyone who thinks otherwise is selfish and self-entitled.

      • Geoff HamsterofDoom Davies

        To be fair the game shouldn’t cost the full price of an expensive traditional game (£40-50) And on top of that cost another x amount(£10-15) to play each month, it takes the piss. Guild Wars always demanded more outright (£40-50)than your WoW (£20-30) because it didn’t charge for online multiplayer after initial purchase, and this was years before the F2P model even got traction in the MMO arena.

        I was initially looking forward to playing ESO if it used either the GW of WoW model, but to charge so much money outright and then require a premium monthly fee they’ve lost me as a customer… Maybe when the game is heavily discounted or monthly fees reduced I may think about getting it, but in the mean time I will stock with GW and Skyim/Morrowind to scratch my fantasy itch.

        • Dou Chebag

          IIRC, the way Eve Online worked was that you had to pay for the game and a sub, but you got all xpacs for free. I do like that model. You dont get hit with the occasional large payment.

          In EQ2, I have a sub, two actually. And I did have to buy the base game and xpacs. Now you only ever have to buy the most recent xpac as they always come with all the ones before it. So if you’re entirely new, you dont have to cough up for 10 xpacs at $400. Though this does not please the longtime veteran. Not a terrible system exactly, but a little dated I think. I could prolly stomach it more if the xpacs were $20, but they’re $40. I really dont like paying that. Especially for 2 accts.

          Now for EQ Landmark, you’re actually now paying for the privilege to play Alpha & Beta. Anywhere from $40 to $100. That’s ticked off a lot of folks as you traditionally dont pay to do beta testing. Hopefully that wont be the case with EQ Next. I assure you I will not pay to beta test. There’s a line there, even for folks like me that are happy to pay subs. I would think anyway.

      • Benn Perry

        i dont expect it to be free i just think u should get more for your money

        • Tim Somethin Ernother

          For all of you pro fees… many games since the beginning of Internet play have been one time fee games. They make a game. Budget today… let’s say 4 million usd. They sell it to even 2 million people (easy for any console game). The game cost is 60 usd. They make 120 million… minus 4 million and the 5%-20% to their investors or marketing groups. How is this not enough money? Much game logic of old was if you bought a product you owned the product. You of this new MMO gen are destroying this and allowing them to screw with you as they please. Able to terminate your sub when they want. Now you pay 60 usd for a game. 180 a year minimum. And on average people play for about 3-5 years. Going with the lesser that’s 600 with cost of game. Plus those same easy to get 2 million users… 1.2 BILLION! And this is the minimum! How can anyone in their right mind validate this? The P2P is destroying gaming and the entertainment economy. At least if these games put that money into the games it would be worth it. When that happens I will be open for P2P… or at least more open. It has nothing to do with being self entitled… it is understanding cost to value and deeming that no game is worth 600 usd unless it comes with a “Happy Ending”.

        • NichiAlex

          Couldn’t agree more

      • LadyHorus

        I played the beta not this most recent one but the one before it, and well, I know it is far from finished but it just doesn’t seem so special as to warrant a full subscription fee to me. Usually you expect pay to play games to be a much higher standard than the rest simply because of what they ask you to pay. On the other hand I’m also a big fan of Guild Wars 2 which asked to pay $60 to buy but no sub afterward (with a pretty modest cash shop ingame that only sold convenience or vanity items). The model GW2 has used is the one I would have preferred TESO to use and one I would definitely have bought into when the game released. If anything I gladly will shell out money to ArenaNet on GW2 from time to time to buy some items just because I love their work and will support them when I can. And as far as I know it is a very successful model for them. They’ve been doing it since GW1, which I also played for a little while. So it must not be a bad idea.

      • Dou Chebag

        I couldnt agree more. A steady influx of coin increases the likelihood of innovation and quality maintenance. The demand-for-free spans everything online like a cancer, even this very page with extensive adverts (though this site does appear to be better than most). Indeed, I’ve been investigating the possibility of some sort web browsing subscription fee to cut out or vastly reduce advertising’s impact on me. Not just to one site, but to say a network of commonly used resources. I’d like to have something like that. Kinda like cable TV was originally. In the 80’s, cable TV meant zero commercials. Not like today, when apparently paying for TV still isnt enough.