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QuizUp Android anger reaches fever pitch

Are you starting to lose your mind over the delayed QuizUp Android release date? We were expecting the app to land on the Google Play Store at the end of January as initially promised, but unfortunately it looks like the makers still need further time.

Considering that QuizUp has already been available on iOS for months, we can imagine that the anger is starting to get to some of you. It has been a troubling pattern throughout 2013, where high profile apps release on iOS first, with developers then taking longer than expected to bring out an Android version.

QuizUp is arguably one of the best quiz-based apps available at the moment so we can understand the frustration that some of you are experiencing. We’ve been getting messages too from our readers after we published this initial report, but some of you have been having your own say on Twitter as well.

Here is some of the public outcry with regards to the disappearing QuizUp app for Android:

That last one in particular should be a bold reminder to the creators of QuizUp, that consumers never forget a promise. With the app expected to land at the end of January, there will be increased pressure to get the app out as soon as possible or face a further backlash.

Meanwhile, the latest update from the makers reads as follows:

So there we have it. Do you agree that QuizUp is the best quiz app around, or have you found something better – such as QuizDuell perhaps?

Are you disappointed that the release delay has now moved into February after the initial promises of January? Give us your thoughts below.



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