Pokemon X and Y Pokebank wait with desperate measures

By Alan Ng - Feb 1, 2014

It looks like there are still a lot of angry Pokemon X and Y gamers who are fed up of waiting for the Pokebank release date in the US, UK and rest of Europe. As we await a timely update from Nintendo on the situation, allow us to inject a little humor into all of this, to lighten the mood somewhat.

Although we can obviously understand the anger and frustration, it also has to be said that death threats to Nintendo are well out of order too and uncalled for.

There has to be a reason why Nintendo are choosing not to go public with the problems and we’re confident that the company will be making it up to all Pokemon X and Y fans in due course – with compensation to soften the blow.

While all of the threatening abuse to Nintendo is not nice to see, it’s good to hear that other Pokemon fans are treating the delay in high spirits – one of those being the Team Rocket Twitter page.

With Nintendo not saying a word on the delay in over a month, we have seen Team Rocket resort to ‘summoning’ techniques in order to force Pokebank to appear. We have to admit that we found this pretty funny when we saw it, and couldn’t help but share it with you guys.

Enjoy that picture as you look at all the classic Nintendo consoles and let us know how you are handling the delay.

Do you strongly disagree with all of the abusive messages being hurled towards Nintendo or not?

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  • Vulpixie

    I don’t see why so many people are complaining about not geting Pokébank. Yeah, its been over a month since we were all supposed to get it, but sIt’s easy f happens and this is a new device for them so of course it may need a little fixing up. There is no reason for people to be getting angry and making death threats over it. I feel like people only really want it so they can feel like an elitist with their shiny or legendary Pokémon when they go to trade. And so what if Japan got it first, POKÉMON ORIGINATED THERE. Plus we should be lucky we got the game the same day as everybody considering we used to be months behind anyways. I am personally grateful when Pokébank comes out for the fact that we won’t have to play any ridiculous transfer game like the past, and also that they are giving us so much storage.
    We WILL be getting the game eventually so there is NO reason so many people have to be rude and immature crybabies over it. So calm down people. Geez~

  • Katie Marshall

    Death threats are uncalled for, no matter what. If you’re willing to threaten someone’s life over an app, you are worse then they are, significantly. The wait sucks. But it is what it is. Nintendo is known for stuff like this in regions outside of Japan. I have so many amazing pokemon waiting to be transferred, and although I’m fed up with waiting there isn’t a ton we can do.

  • Truth Speaker

    Nintendo is an ethnic company. until very recently, Nintendo released to JP way before US… And that goes for most JP companies. Leave it be. It’s like people saying they’re Buddhist or practice Shinto. Those are extremely ethnic religions (like being Muslim) Get over it already; you knew better.

  • John troll

    I for one am pretty damn mad that bank still isnt out. Its been delayed for over a month in everywhere seemingly aside from Japan. It seems like nintendo does not care for anyone in areas other than Japan. They still have not even said anything about a release date for the app, and have sent out computer generated messages which refered to bank as a game, not an app, an add on, etc. I think the death threats may be a bit uncalled for, but nintendo has done more than enough to justify them in this situation. If anyone from nintendo reads this, you shoukd know that if you dont leep your fanbase happy, you risk losing it. Step up your game.

  • Joe Pearson

    I feel that when a professional company states that it would do somthing then thay should fallow thought with it. I don’t think the threats are out of line simply because that we have been waiting sooooooo long just to so called “play with our old buddy” it’s redicules there losing fans over stuff like this people have givin up on pokemon x and y because of it there sells are going down and for people who had waited so long for the game to come out and then this happends? That’s really professional xbox never had this problem playstation never had this problem so why Nintendo? The only thing I’m saying is that knocking off extra fees won’t help pulse the game was lacking a lot of Pokemon they left us wondering who the ghost girl was and why is zygrade in the game? where is the boss of the Pokemon gazette?. Why are the other power plants locked? It’s ludacris there going to have to do a lot more then taking fees away and giving us a celabii

    • Jake

      I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple years they release a Pokemon Z that would explain all these questions. I myself actually kind of like the mystery.

  • get over it

    I hope the bank won’t come out over here everyone here acting like 3 year old grow up people wow we have to wait because they don’t want ares to mess up like it did in japan the making sure the server won’t over load there not going under they have to many fans to go under the fact they had to work on the server is prof of that they had to replace the server in japan because how many people got on it at once they don’t want to do the same here anyone that ever owned a server knows there not cheap hell nintendo is not the only one to have server problems steam sony and microsoft all have server problems from time to time get over it

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvz

    so much for everyone having a pokemon adventure at the same time, and not letting any regions have a head start on others

  • Pablo Rivera

    It was really a huge blunder to not have been prepared enough, or understanding, of the online requirements to properly release it. Yeah, we’ll wait, but there should be no reason for this to ever repeat itself.

  • Makai

    If you expect Nintendo to have competence when it comes to online, you’re as much to blame as they are.

    They have never ever ever had good online functionality. They never ever will have good online functionality. This is why I’m not getting the next Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Learned that the hard way the first time.

    • Aaron K Stone

      MKWii had decent online.

      • Makai

        How many people played it online though? They made the game too casual friendly to have too much hardcore competition from what I heard. Didn’t hear good things about the gameplay, so why should I expect the online to get crashed?

    • jamesgray

      I’ll buy the next Smash Bros. It doesn’t need online play. I have friends that can come over and play on the same T.V. Too bad you don’t. =P

      • Makai

        Actually I have friends. I just have no desire to buy a Wii U, just for like 3 games when getting a PS4 will give me games I can play on the PS4, games I can play on the Vita, games I can play on the Vita through the PS4 when the t.v.s in use, etc.

        If I want to play the game I’ll go over to Josh’s house. Can’t really have 4 people come over to play it on 3DS and the online will probably be terrible for the 3DS. I mean they are having problems with servers for an interactive Pokemon Safety Deposit Box for crying out loud.

  • Really people

    this takes a long time to do so don’t be angry with nintendo just be calm and wait. if you want it so badly lets see you try to make it and we’ll see how it turns out in failure for you. nintendo is taking it’s time to make sure that the bank is at 100% when it’s released. if it’s launched and there are many bugs they will just take it down again. so shut up and stop complaining!

    • Angry

      “This takes a long time to make”
      They’ve had four months since x and y was released and more time to work on it if they started before it’s launch so no, they’ve had a long time to develop it.

      “Let’s see you try make it and we’ll see how it turns out”
      Of course it would turn out worse if people on this forum were to design it BUT there not. Pokemon bank is been developed by a team of trained Asians that have studied games design and cloud based storage etc, for atleast 4 years (in this country it’s usually 4 years to complete a games design course at university/collage I would know considering I’m studying it) so your point is invalid.

    • Angry

      “Nintendo is taking its time to make sure it works 100%”
      It’s working 100% in japan right now and I’ve read there’s no bugs whatsoever so there’s no excuse for this delay. Stop been a noob and join me in my fight to remove the tyrany! For the preservation of our blue and pure world”

  • Angry

    Day 37: still no bank

  • wert

    U know why Nintendo’s not saying a word hummingbird? Because they’ve screwed themselves over and now they’re done for

  • Connor Williams

    Eh, although I still really want it, I more want/need the PokeTransfer, as I’m working on my Pokedex. I would recommend this for everyone else, as it’s a little more challenging then you would think. It would be nice for even a date, even if it’s not for a month or two.

  • Wiseone Knows

    i will never have Japanese friends in my friends list anymore well i use to but i daleted them because they wanted my shinys 6 gen and trade there legends which they can always HACK

  • Mike Wright

    Honestly idont really care for pokebank, I really want the poketransfer and I’m quite sure that’s what everyone else’s problem is. Imean if they are two seperate apps why not release poketransfer first then bank as you work out the kinks? Imean in Pokemon X and Y there’s Plenty of space to transfer.

    • Gigawolf

      Pokétransfer was built to transfer old pokémon directly into your bank so you would need pokébank in order to use transfer anyway.

  • VOG

    It’s become practically an inside joke to me and my friends. Such as “Geez what took you so long were you waiting for Poke bank?” Wanna hear something funny?….Poke bank.”

  • Wiseone Knows

    release in ASIAN COUNTRYS racists

  • Wiseone Knows

    in my opinion when I herd it was release in ASIAN COUNTRYS I thought it was kind of racists

  • Morningstar

    I don’t think the US deserves pokebank. between the hacking and the whining about about. And even if Nintendo somehow finds us worthy of the app they might not still want to release while people are asking for it out of fear of crashing the eShop again.

    • Wiseone Knows

      apparently the us didn’t get pokebank so how would they hack it japan got first dibs and got hacked pokemon in like that stupid Japanese HO-OH at Lv5 in the GTS so its japans fault for doing this in the first place

      • Morningstar

        The West didn’t hack pokebank. but nintendo seems to have a double standard with it releases. The way I see it we are not getting pokebank because Nintendo doesn’t want to release it to the mass of spoiled brats on GameFAQs and Twitter and elsewhere and that they are not saying any thing about pokebank because if the press knew that would mean bad press, lower stocks and the end of Game Freak or Nintendo (or both).

        • Wiseone Knows

          u know what they should of do they should of tested the app first before trying to tell the us if they have thought about that in every game or app people like me wouldn’t have to be so mad if people haven’t herd of it.

        • Wiseone Knows

          but you know what NINTENDO didn’t do that flipnote, donkey kong and etc. haven’t ben released flipnote was suppose to release but look we waited over a month and played old game that is about 1 to 2 years old even 5

        • Wiseone Knows

          of course there is going to be threats to Nintendo and I say they deserved it. if Nintendo goes down people can just move on knowing that Nintendo is a big disappointment and maybe I said maybe there will be a better company than nintendo

      • Jason the Hallowed

        Not saying they dont hack, but a level 5 Ho-oh is entirely possible with Dream Radar and a new game on B2/W2.

    • Emanuel D Larino

      just stfu

    • Derpin

      Boy you’re dumb, or trolling, or both. Japanese players have consistently been the ones to find exploits first. Emerald’s RNG was discovered by Japanese players first, and they have been some of the players on the forefront of finding cloning exploits and RNG abuses before other country players. With Pokebank out in Japan first they were also the first and only users to find abuses in PokeBank’s hack checks, including the hacks to get pokemon from other regions into the XY with the blue pentagon, essentially making them Kalos Pokemon upon arrival.

  • Wiseone Knows

    japan population is slowly decreasing in a population pyramid the reason is women don’t want kids because they could lose their job and career its a FACT they even have a video of what I am talking about so for example there is only going to be one Japanese kid in school but he will be smart etc.

    • jamesgray

      While what you say is true, what the hell does this have to do with poke bank?

      • Wiseone Knows

        oh some guy was talking about japan and I hate for having averything

        • Wiseone Knows

          Japanese people that is

      • Wiseone Knows

        this just say that japan might not make pokemon no more if u think about the pyramid

  • TMan

    I do think people should calm down and not bug Nintendo on every single post but the lack of information is frustrating to be honest. I’m sure they have a reason though. I imagine that they want to do a quiet release so that everyone isnt trying to get on at the same time.

  • Ebaneil

    do you really expect less from angry fans I mean hell people were shot over Ps3’s in America do you really not expect them to not flip out at a month long wait that’s being released in other countries. its not so much the anger of not having it but there’s ways to make people feel at ease, throwing free games on e shop like four swords is kind of an insult to be honest, cause they think giving us something we care nothing about and keeping information that would easily calm the madness. you mind as well be spitting on there shoes at that point -.- and everyone saying we have no right, this, that and the other, you have no right to tell us we have no right. This is America We have every right and its not right that a companies failures to the community, while releasing it for themselves, which is pretty obvious that its almost on purpose. and then to just go incognito without so much as an update on why they wont release it to other parts of the world, but then I guess “I have no right to something I paid for?” yeah okay say what you want but I don’t blame people for being pissed, don’t get me wrong its no excuse to make threats on others lives but Nintendo needs to answer for there mistakes and being silent just makes them seem even more guilty, but then this is just my opinion on the situation nothing more, which I do in fact have a right too, sinces everyone else has the right to post there opinions of others on the internet why cant anyone else? no one should be pointing the fingers at anyone; we’ve all grown….I hope

    • Mike Wright

      Couldn’t have said it better myself man lol

    • jamesgray

      Just want to point out. No one in the Western World has paid for poke bank. We don’t have a right to something we didn’t even pay for yet.

      • Tom Warner

        We certainly aren’t entitled to Pokebank/Transporter for free, but to point that out is to conflate two related, but different issues. Customers purchasing X & Y acted in good faith that the December 27th date would be kept. Migrating Pokemon from the previous generation has been a feature in this franchise since about 2006 and has arguably become necessary for full completion of the game Therefore, the availability of this feature by the promised date was certainly a factor in the overall purchase decision of many, so we do have an ethical breach here. Good faith obligations are binding in business. Server failure is truly unfortunate, but doesn’t fall into the category of force majeure.

  • Calvin Tran

    Sadly….I kinda been waiting for it so long..that I forgot about it. I am sure Nintendo have it own reason for the delay. Just chill ppl and play some other game.

  • I Like turtles :D

    This is really anoying me, i heard pokebank came to japan and i got mad

  • Spacy

    Jeez, death threats? What is wrong with people? I’m as frustrated as anyone about pokebank not coming out but there is no excuse for death threats. Just play something else or something.

  • Lex Ryan

    inb4 no compensation is given from Nintendo upon release…

    But really yeah, I’ve complained enough, I’m just going to bubble and stew in frustration until it finally comes out…

  • swal hal

    Never going to by anything from nintendo again. If i really want it i’ll wait and download it illegal. But yeah, no more money from me.

    • Spacy

      You are aware that there is more to Nintendo than just pokemon right? This is how we can determine real fans from the rest. Real fans can wait patiently, we don’t need the rest of you making us look bad.

      • Aiden

        That is how you tell a “fanboy from a consumer” you mean. Sure the program was delayed it happens. But when it happens it’s good conduct for the developer to keep their fans in the loop, especially once you’re passed the previously announced release date AND it’s already released in some countries. It’s been poor business conduct on Nintendo’s part removing this feature that’s been in all previous pokemon titles and further monetizing it already, and now this. A boycott to encourage them to clean up their act is entirely reasonable, sitting there and handing them money anyway just makes you revenue not a “fan”.

      • shy

        I hate most nintendo games.. I think most of them can just burn up into full out flames. Pokemon is the only game of nintendo besides the new luigis mansion game id ever play by them. I am a fan of pokemon. am i only a “bad fan” if i only like pokemon? I am sick of waiting for pokebank ever since it was first mentioned to be release.. it was released in japan then it shut down… then it got RE- RELEASED and theres still no word about it… yeah, what do you expect from hard core pokemon fans?

        I’m going to say pokemon bank is the cake…

        We can have the cake but we arn’t allowed to eat it. because its not really there to begin with. it may seem like its there but its not yours to have. its someone elses.

        Thats basically how taunting it can get. And for some of us, taunting is not a good idea to do to people who are pokemon fans

  • That Guy

    So… If someone kills Nintendo… will they ever get their pokebank? There wouldn’t be much issue if the games released with something like poke transfer though. Guess Nintendo was desperate for some gross and decided to milk money from players, or did two 3ds to transfer sound like a bad idea? Whatever the case is, I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason that they need to take so long, and I wouldn’t mind the wait at all, if it involved anti-hacked pokemon measures.

  • Marcus

    I have pretty much concluded that this is one of those, we aren’t going to give it to you yet because we aren’t. Sort of like Yakuza 5 and SEGA

  • Joseph

    I just don’t understand why that can’t give us updates like: we’re working on it or sorry about the delay! It’s 2014 there’s no reason to go completely silent when your product runs a month late, just openly say that you screwed up and are working to fix it instead of going commando and not telling anybody anything. I feel like that’s why everyone’s mad at Gamefreak/ Nintendo because not many other major companies these days would be this pathetic at PR.

  • dude

    have we all forgotten the purpose of pokemon x/y global release date??? they ruined a companies goals and dreams just saying they dont deserve the patience they are receiving as for the whole country being dumb as a whole look to tmz and extra those will forever do worse for our reputation than anything i can think of

    • Roxie

      Global release date was for the game- not for the features. Japan has every right to get it first. We can wait, as the whole purpose is to prevent another crash.

      • Goobypls

        Oh please, Japan has every right? Get out of here, it grossed the most money in the US.

        • jamesgray

          Japan has a significantly lower population. It’s easier as a test group for the bank. However, Nintendo DOES favor their home country with exclusives.

  • LitleoOwner

    Pokebank comes out on 29 of february 😛

  • Jason the Hallowed

    Why the NES and SNES? Neither have any Pokémon games. Besides that, the GB systems all need link cables for this conjuring to be effective. Maybe buy several copies of Crystal just for good measure? It has always been my go-to Satanic ritual cartridge, and appears to work most of the time.

  • That Guy over there!

    It’s been so long that bank has been delayed that I’ve already re IV bred my gen 5 fav pokes (facepalm)

  • Colonel campbell

    im just hoping this week so it can shut everybody up for good in general

  • Gary Oak

    All of this for a damn application on the 3ds I hope it never comes out to America seeing how half of the Pokemon fan base is acting like this it shows how immature we are

    • Angry

      How dare you say such heracy!! Once bank comes out every negative comment will disappear (and I will never comment about it again)

    • Spacy

      They make the sane few of us look bad. I think I’d like to see it come out but the people who are selling their Nintendo products, making death threats, and swearing to resort to illegal methods in order to obtain future products are just aking for everything to get worse. I imagine that Nintendo might feel inclined to not release all their games in the future for Americans because of the behavior we are seeing right now.

  • Angry

    Meh I don’t care about the death threats, I’ll be the guy supplying ammo until bank comes out

  • BoneZ

    Its missing the gameboy pocket and the massive grey brick gameboy since pokemon red and blue started this all

  • Leh Go

    Yeah, I find it immature. It make us look stupid as a whole country, and as thr ill temper fans who acts like little kids. I actually find it disgusting that people will kill others for a game, for something that they’re doing for the geek throwing the threats at them, shows how undeserving we are as a whole. This is why if I had anything to say to father up there, I want another flood, another dark age, I’m tire of the petty humans who’s taken the limited resource they have for granted.

    • Noel

      That sounds like a great plan if you’re a person that seems to be waiting for a apocalypse to happen. i agree with you, people that are waiting for pokebank you guys need a chill pill Nintendo is just trying to go with the ” Certain Asian countries” because even if they sold less pokemon XY games over there they have to at lease get rid of the small stuff and see if they might need more updates. I understand that this waiting period sucks ( I’m also waiting ) but at least wait a couple more months any way train pokemon in pokemon xy on the 3ds or 2ds to have a much stronger team with Super training and way it’s better then to have a purge.

      • dShanek

        A couple months Are you crazy it’s already been a month and obviously it’s working decently over in japan. I don’t understand the death threats that’s uncalled for. But people haves right to be angry over this long delay. And to add to it Nintendo has nothing on the matter.

        • jamesgray

          E-shop crashed after it came out for Japan. The western world has a greater population, what do you think is gonna happen if they just release it to us?

        • teapot333

          japan has a much higher population than the US

        • Alexandra

          That’s a joke right? The US triples the general POP of Japan

        • jamesgray

          The western world is more than just the United States. Open up a map sometime.

        • nande

          Ohhh here comes the arrogant ‘murican ignorant. Fact: the US HAS A MUCH HIGHER population than Japan . If you don’t believe me, go google it I don’t think is that difficult even for an ignorant like you.
          Another fun fact for you which you can also google: guess what continent is called the ‘old one’ precisely because it was there before the US existed and it was their founder???;) Aw boy this stupid murican thinking he is the centre of the universe. Ohh let’s cry over the delay of pokebank. That serves you right.

        • Josh

          Alright, take it down a notch, so he had some wrong information, doesn’t make him arrogant or stupid. Just tell him it was wrong without all that extra negativity

        • Ralph

          However, the concentration of people who play Pokemon in Japan is probably higher than in the US.

        • jamesgray

          That might be true, but notice how I said “The western world has a greater population.” I didn’t say only the United States. I sincerely doubt Japan has more pokemon players than the entire western world.

        • LuxbeyTheMechromancer

          Yes, people have every right to be angry; no one can really argue that. And I completely agree. It’s working perfectly in Japan (as stated), so there’s no reason at all for it not to be released. Yeah, I could agree a week would have been good to get some of the traffic out of the way. That would have been fine. But after a month, it’s time to release the damn thing.

        • Noel

          But here’s one thing I don’t understand why do people have to be mad about some small aspect in there life’s. It will come out when Nintendo what’s to release it. If your mad go focus on your school work or find a job if you have a job that’s excellent. But answer this one question what will pokemon do for you the long run?

        • Mike Wright

          Maybe people are so wound up in school work or work work and want to play Pokemon as a stress reliever? *shrugs

        • LuxbeyTheMechromancer

          Well, honestly, if you play competitively, it is great for working on strategy and planning skills really. A lot of games can actually do that for people. Hell, I play a few card games for that reason and as someone else said, it is a great stress reliever. It does have it’s moments.

        • Noel

          Mah ninja plez.

        • shy

          you forgot to mention that when pokebank was first heard of it was back around august, september or october. Its been almost half a year since we heard it was coming out that it should of around december 25th. everyone was wanting to get the bank but when they turned around and said “NOPE!” because of it crashing, that pissed people off. now that japan has had it for a month or so, its time for us to get the damn thing.. im sick of waiting for it and so are others. sure the death threats are uncalled for but seriously… theres pokemon we want from out black and white games that its tiredsome to keep waiting.. poketransfer requires 2 3ds’s that some of us DONT have mind you… and not to mention its usually between X/Y only, not your earlier games. so itd be pointless to have it as a whole. Thats why some people who are needing the pokebank dont have the money to go out and buy another DS, they dont have the time to do what most no life pokemoners do. so look at it from their point of view instead of that trash minded nintendo “oh i can wait patiently” set. thats why i hate nintendo for the most part.. they never hold up on their ends of the deal till its long over due to where its pathetic at the time they do follow through. and nintendo wonders why they don’t have much going for them half the time exept for pokemon or the shitty mario games with their pokemon fans usually still pissed off even after they release something that should of been released ages ago? hmm… think about it idiots.

        • jamesgray

          Were you around back when they made the jump to the advanced generation (gen III) ? I was. Every single pokemon I loved from my Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal versions would NEVER EVER be able to be imported. THAT was a problem. At least we will get the poke bank eventually.

          I guess you’re the kind of person who would rather have a broken application available, than wait for a not broken application?

          How does Nintendo “never hold up on their ends of the deal?” I see them fulfilling their promises all the time.

    • guest

      says the slope who probably already has the pokebank.

      • jamesgray

        Kill yourself you racist coward.