Pokemon X and Y Pokebank wait with desperate measures

It looks like there are still a lot of angry Pokemon X and Y gamers who are fed up of waiting for the Pokebank release date in the US, UK and rest of Europe. As we await a timely update from Nintendo on the situation, allow us to inject a little humor into all of this, to lighten the mood somewhat.

Although we can obviously understand the anger and frustration, it also has to be said that death threats to Nintendo are well out of order too and uncalled for.

There has to be a reason why Nintendo are choosing not to go public with the problems and we’re confident that the company will be making it up to all Pokemon X and Y fans in due course – with compensation to soften the blow.

While all of the threatening abuse to Nintendo is not nice to see, it’s good to hear that other Pokemon fans are treating the delay in high spirits – one of those being the Team Rocket Twitter page.

With Nintendo not saying a word on the delay in over a month, we have seen Team Rocket resort to ‘summoning’ techniques in order to force Pokebank to appear. We have to admit that we found this pretty funny when we saw it, and couldn’t help but share it with you guys.

Enjoy that picture as you look at all the classic Nintendo consoles and let us know how you are handling the delay.

Do you strongly disagree with all of the abusive messages being hurled towards Nintendo or not?



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