GTA V 1.10 patch video predicts notes

By Alan Ng - Feb 13, 2014

Are you looking forward to the highly anticipated GTA V 1.10 patch notes? Rockstar must be very close to releasing their next update for the game, an update which many players hope will solve all of the GTA Online problems following on from the GTA V 1.09 update.

At the start of the year, we told you what we wanted to see in the GTA V 1.10 update. The outstanding features that everyone wants to see is a GTA V Heists release, while there’s also high demand for the GTA V casino, which remains a mystery at this point.

You too had been telling us what you wanted to see, with many players still very unhappy it seems, specifically due to Rockstar’s constant attempts to make it harder to earn money legitimately.

We have also seen continued attempts with players trying to use GTA V cheats on the system in order to rack up unlimited money via glitches.

As we await Rockstar’s move with the GTA V 1.10 update, we have a fantastic video for you to watch, which again provides a prediction on GTA V 1.10 patch notes.

The user again reiterates the community’s desire to see Heists with the 1.10 update, while he adds that re-adding custom vehicle spawns into the game would be another way to get players back on good terms with Rockstar.

Take a look at the GTA V 1.10 new features wishlist below and let us know what you would like to see with the update.

Simply put, is it only Heists that would make you start playing again?

Update: GTA V 1.10 patch notes have been released by Rockstar here, let us know what you think!

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    i think they should make you able to have a maximun ammount of 20 to 40 cars in your garage ‘cuz for me its to hard to choice which car i want

  • enoch

    please R* give us more guns and cars to buy! and a casino please! im a legit level 177 and I’ve bought everything there is to buy. More cool sports and super cars would be awesome and more clothes and guns GUNS GUNS!

  • mike

    I meant triangle lol

  • mike

    Gta needs alot added like yy arent there revolvers? Y arent the foreign cars steering wheels on the opposite side? How come theres no casino? Yy cant i put as many tattoos as i want online? Yy cant i turn my car off like in gta 4 by holding square? Yy arent crews more directly in competition? I hav so many ideas wit this game its crazy

  • robrt

    Why doesn’t anyone want animals online? I think it would be awesome to be able to hunt and sell the fur

  • HG25_SFOD

    DLC could be added to ps store this time, cuz special military equipment and gear s awesome for it

  • adam

    making a gta v video blog need subs and likes on youtube @ adamsaukaitis

  • NotTheBest

    They should at least allow more vehicles online and into your garage or have a fixed spawn location for the vehicles like tow truck and others like police cars so they spawn and we can drive them, but rockstar most likely wont so we can at least dream

  • easyrider2k8

    Talking about ammo, I personally don’t think we should be using our own personal ammo at cost while playing death matches, or capture mode as the game i.e a single death match game will not equal to the amount of ammo used, so I believe in these types of games using your own guns an ammo should be free.

  • easyrider2k8

    I would like the anihlator helicopter to have auto locking mini guns cos I see that helicopter useless as its only got guns which are a big pain in the bum to shot anything with. With auto locking guns it would be ace an would bring that helicopter back into the game just an idea

  • mahad osman

    this gmae is getting more boring they took all my 58bill now i just have 20mill n also 1 more thing let everyone make his apartment beautiful the way he likes n by yhe way my psn somali-12

    • Willie Edwards

      Can you add me —–> Kidoker3g. Im not home so I cant add you bro. Also I use to have 11 billion and rockcock left me with 500k. Its sad cuz now I have $0 after spending. Do you think maybe you can help me get some cash maybe 20 mill like you?

      • Willie Edwards

        I can get you some rare cars. I can get you the
        Romero Hearse fully upgraded
        Pheonix muscle car
        Franklins Buffalo
        Tow truck (im not sure if you can store it now)
        Micheals tailgate
        Trevors truck with the teddy

  • Fred

    Dear R*… First, FU, quit letting your greed get in the way of providing us a fun game environment in which to play. Next, fix everything that’s broken. Last, Give us all the stuff you promised before the game was released.

  • Fred

    Dear R*… First, FU, quit letting your greed get in the way of providing us a fun game environment in which to play. Next, fix everything that’s broken. Last, Give us all the stuff you promised before the game was released.

  • zf_wolverine

    Should allow the rat loader to be stored in the garage and bring back the Zombie custom chopper bike into the game, would be cool to see Mc crews rolling about on them

    and also open up the car shops that are dotted around the map.

  • Rockstarpolice

    Rockstar should allow police car and emergency vehicles not only me but many other liked to role play with police cars and maybe try to bring the taser gun into online to where it stuns you and can’t kill kill you

  • Tony

    I hate forgetting things also add a 2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1 people will love the car if you make it how it would be in real life (fast, and amazing)

  • Tony

    Almost forgot add new houses to like multi million doller condos, penthouses, mansions, etc. also add houses in the country part of the map from peace of crap trailers all the way to 1800’s looking mansions, and add a lot of new houses it will your likes ROCKSTAR. Once again social club name is The_Flying_Kyte

    • Revolver95

      YES everyone wants this in the online also , Im looking for the hiest ( It should be lever 20 to start doing Hiest not 60 )

      My Social club name is Revolver95678

  • Tony

    ROCKSTAR make ammo cheaper I personally don’t do anything at all except race because ammo takes all profit from the mission, death match etc. and then some. Also let us lift vehicles I like to off-road sometimes and there’s not many vehicles to do that plus adjustable tire size and more than one kind of tire grip. Let us be able to deal drugs like in gta Chinatown but more like weed all the way to heroine, bathsalts, PCP, etc. and also let us have the option of using the drugs we buy from drug dealers or other online players and make it real if we take the drug make it last it’s actual duration in real life but on the games time, like if it’s a hallucinagin like acid or mushrooms make are online character hallucinate calm but weird to crazy and freaky. Also add gang territories on free roam but what I mean by gang is crew and other online gangs can fight you, pay you, or receive as a gift or peace treaty from you. So that’s all I can think of right now but I’m really serious about the drug stuff that would sike people out especially the hallucination drugs. So if you read this ROCKSTAR my social club name is “The_Flying_Kyte” so tell me what you think everybody.

  • HG25_SFOD

    If u guys like my idea, got 16 or 18 like it

  • Evan Reyes

    ROCKSTAR I also suggest showing people’s vehicle’s if they win a race, that would be live !

  • Evan Reyes

    ROCKSTAR do whatever it takes to make GTA V the best game the world has yet played. I don’t care if we have to pay real cash to buy your DLC packs, just do what you gotta do .

    • Revolver95

      No one will play the game if Rockstar puts were you buy DLC ‘s

  • ReaperJVB

    Add a way to make and sell drugs. Not as a mission, but just something you can do to make some extra money. Selling cars every 45 minutes and missions just isn’t enough to make money. I like the club idea as well. The one is Vice City was sweet! Obviously, they need to open the casino. Doing stuff like this opens the game up to keep people interested. One last thing, I think it would be cool to have an option to have crew maps. What I mean is, sign your crew up for a certain locations on the map and other crews sign up as well. The point is to defend your area, make deals with other crews, drug dealers, store owners, etc.. to make money for you and your crew. I think it would give the “crew” portion of the game more meaning.

    • Al Briggs

      Word. After paying for ammo and dealing with muggings and/or insurance on cars, you’re basically making chump change on missions.

    • Rob Sanders

      ^This. Plus sometimes while selling an impromptu gang battle/drive-by would spawn.

      Crew maps is an awesome idea as well. Each location has a unique booster of some kind so crews from different areas take on a unique characteristics.

      For instance, claiming Vespuchi Beach as your turf and winning competing battles in that area gives you gunboat spawns and big discounts at the nearest shops(via a racketeering mini-game).

  • Will Hart

    There need to be a club added. Not a strip club, but an actual club like in Vice City.

  • Blake

    Be able to upgrade cars to be like of road cars like instead of lowering them raise them and other things like that and also buy houses or have friends live in the the same house with you that way you and your friends can save money and drive cars in the back of planes without blowing up and on the houses thing make it where you can make you house different from other people

  • Matt Benzenhoefer

    no when i lost my 3.7 billion i lost motivation to play its not fun anymore

    • Mister_Dillon

      Why is the game not fun because you lost your money? I only have a little under 2 million right now and I honestly can’t think of anything else to buy. So, if you did have your 3.7 Billion how would that make the game more fun?

  • thisguy

    I don’t care about heists or people cheating. Cheats have always been apart of GTA and rock star should just leave that alone. What they should do in my opinion is add some apartments in the country side and add some HOUSES! I’d rather buy a house than a apartment then be paying that $175.00 a day

    Rockstar says they want to make the game “fair” they don’t they just want to make money. That’s why they keep trying to stop glitches. If you want to make the game “fair” fix how people get tanks and spawn kill people over and over. That pisses me off the most in this game. On top of that when you spawn there arent any cars around because they disappear So you cant make a quick getaway. Then if you go into passive mode they just run you over and you still die!!!

    Come on rockstar think with your heads and not your wallets!!

  • Jhon Marston PDI Encubierto


  • HG25_SFOD

    Arm pads and knee pads for military also

  • marc

    The guy that made this video is an idiot. They’re called PONTOONS!! Hearing you describe seaplane and how they work made me want to stab myself in the ears. But alas, I do agree with you. I have wanted the return of seaplanes and helicopters with pontoons like they had in previous GTA’s. I would also like them to change the missile targeting systems in the fighters and choppers. It sucks.

  • Glenn Cavan

    Please add the exact phone cheat like GTA 4.

  • tjs3256

    I don’t know how realistic it is, but I really hate the “wasted” screen and how quickly it comes up and cuts to the hospital. I think people should be able to control when the ragdolling stops by pressing start. Even if you could speed-up/slow-down the death would be really cool.

    • MrR

      Go play saints row?

  • HG25_SFOD

    What I like to see added gta online is military DLC packs. In DLC include 5 camo are:

    NAVY: military uniform, tactical gear, head gear helmet, gas mask, boots, and combat gloves DESERT: same
    SNOW : same
    UNIVERSAL: same
    MULTICAM: same

    For military vehicles, aircrafts, and base:

    Armored jeep call m1151
    Armored tank call stryker
    AC-130 gunship
    Military ship base
    WAH-64 chopper

    What you think!!!

    • Christian Lu

      I like the Idea and I’ve been stuck trying to make my guy look like a Private Military Contractor and it has sucked. It would be pretty cool and the helmet could add some protection against certain rounds. I don’t know It’s just the thought that would be pretty awesome.

    • Rob Sanders

      Its like you are trying to shove BF4 into GTAV because you don’t have an extra 60 bucks

      Just buy a shooter…

      • HG25_SFOD

        Hello!!!! R* gave us what we want to see on gta online. And here it is. They said they are making the game even funner, better, and epiclly.

        • HG25_SFOD

          Decide, I got bf4 and cod ghost, you just don’t know if I do, gta v needs more fun tho, if you don’t believe that.

        • Ethan Holmes

          Our definitions of fun are different, what you suggested would break the game more than tanks already do.

        • HG25_SFOD

          I agree on that, I heard tanks a noob but hope R* fix these glitches

        • HG25_SFOD

          Make tanks easy to destroy so the game will be fair square, in jets are powerful to hunt tanks down

      • HG25_SFOD

        All do respect, you should like my idea, 16 or 18 voted. Come on you know I’m right.

    • HG25_SFOD

      I can allow players to wear these items and ride them for war Journey

      • HG25_SFOD

        It can allow players*

    • HG25_SFOD

      Rockstar can allow players to wear these items and ride, that’s what I mean

  • ahmed khan

    I don’t care about anything just want 1080p quality

    • Bedatguy

      They can’t re-render the game.. If there is a PC Verison then It could be 1080p..

      • frank

        Yes they can! where in blazing glory did you hear that they can’t? You obviously don’t know what the flying bajesus your talking about. Troll maybe?

        • Anon

          If you’re going to troll, please spell correctly. No point looking like an illiterate troll.

  • gta5playa

    Mission creator FTW!!! Car dealership idea is excellent too i would have NEVER thought of that.

  • Russell

    I want the mentions in the next update