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Flappy Bird hack popularity visualized

Earlier on we told you about the length that some users were going to in order to obtain a Flappy Bird hack on Android or iOS. What we didn’t show you though is what methods people are using in order to use Flappy Bird cheats and fly their way to the top of the global leaderboards.

For such a simple game, we’re pretty amazed at how addictive it is and how much users have been going practically crazy over. Even more surprising though is the demand to hack Flappy Birds, considering that there really is no reward at the end of it, other than a leaderboard rating which means nothing when every other player is hacking.

Why is there such a desire to achieve Flappy Bird hacked scores, using cheats and other glitches that are now available?

We’ve seen some tricks that are out there that don’t even need a jailbreak to work, making all of the pipes in Flappy Bird invisible so you can just sit there and play for hours without hitting anything.

Do you see the point in this?
Do you see the point in this?

Doesn’t that defeat the whole object of the game though, it sounds and looks incredibly boring to us. Take a look at one of the clips below to see this Flappy Bird hack in action – we would understand the need to do this if the rewards were great, but what satisfaction do you get out of this in all honesty?

If you have been addicted to the game recently, let us know what you think about the desire to hack. Are you happy with your Flappy Bird high score, or have you tried to look at some hacks as well?



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