FIFA 14 Konoplyanka mystery before Liverpool FC transfer

If you are have been following the exciting events of the January Transfer Window, you’ll know that transfers in real life will have repercussions for FIFA 14 players around the globe. One player that has been the subject of transfer talk is Yehven Konoplyanka, who could be on his way to Liverpool FC.

The deal hasn’t been made yet, but it looks like it is close. Having said that, we know what drama the January transfer window can bring, and we’ve already seen the same player linked with Tottenham Hotspur, as well as big spenders PSG.

We usually like to take a look at a players FIFA 14 stats in preparation for a big transfer, but you may be shocked to find out that Konoplyanka doesn’t even appear to be on EA’s database for FIFA 14.

If he does go to Liverpool, you can bet that EA will be coming under fire to put him on the game as he is now considered to be one of the hot prospects of European football.

Assuming that EA does put the player on FIFA 14 after a transfer to the Premiership, then what could Konoplanka’s overall stats on FIFA 14 be? We have already seen players talk about this on social media, as you can see below.

Would an 80 overall rating be a good player card for Konoplyanka, with a dribble and pace skill in the 90 zone perhaps? We welcome suggestions on this so let us know what you think about this highly rated player.

Do EA need to put Konoplyanka on FIFA 14?



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