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PS Vita Slim UK price and release date, pre-order today

The PS Vita Slim has been available to the Japanese market for a little while now, but has so far eluded the UK and US. However, we can now tell you that Sony has finally announced release date and price details for the UK market, although there is still no confirmation as to when the US market will get the slimmer handheld.

We can tell you that the PS Vita Slim price in the UK is £180, which is cheaper than when the original Vita was launched back in 2012 at a cost of £229. However, we know that Product Reviews readers will have something to say about this because they expected it to be much cheaper considering you get a less impressive screen.

As for the PS Vita Slim UK release date, Sony will make the new handheld games console available from February 7, 2014, although you can pre-order yours from today.

PSP Vita Slim vs. Fat PS Vita – There will be a huge portion of you still undecided as to which of the two handhelds you should go for, and so we’d like to point you to our previous comparison.

However, we would like to point out that you can now pick up the older PS Vita for less than the new PS Vita Slim model, which seems strange when you consider the difference in displays, although you do get onboard memory with the newer model.



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