Microsoft offer incentive to dump PS3 for Xbox One

By Matt Tran - Jan 30, 2014

Microsoft are offering incentives to PS3 owners to dump their console and trade it in for an Xbox One. An advert has been sent out across the US and Canada, offering $100 in credit towards the purchase of a new Xbox One if they hand over their used PlayStation 3.

This looks like another ploy from Microsoft to deal Sony some damage by converting players that might upgrade to the PS4, over to the Xbox One instead. The advert which first popped on on NeoGaff claims to “recycle” your PS3 and give you $100 off of the price of an Xbox One, taking the price down to around $400.

What Microsoft will do with all these second hand PS3s that are traded in is intriguing, the promotion has begun and ends on February 28th. The PS3 that you trade in must be in working condition, without broken or missing components, liquid damage or a cracked display or housing.

Microsoft’s ethics have been called into question on more than one occasion recently, after they were said to have paid YouTube content makers to praise the Xbox One. Although this was ruled as legit by the FTC, Microsoft has been widely criticized for being desperate and sinking to a low level.

Will you be taking up Microsoft’s offer and trade in your PS3 for a cheaper Xbox One, or stay loyal to Sony and upgrade to a PS4?

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  • Pasty72

    Not sure how this can be considered an incentive. It’s only going to make the cost similar to that of a ps4. If you go for the ps4, you still get to keep your ps3. Will suit some though maybe.