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iPad Pro with stylus pen desire in 2014

Earlier on this week we talked about rumors surrounding Apple finally introducing a stylus Pen to the world, after it was confirmed that patent documents had been secured exploring this idea. Now, we want to engage your thoughts on this further and actually ponder whether Apple will have this stylus pen ready for the expected iPad Pro release.

Consumers may raise their eyebrows at this possibility on the thought of Apple advocating such a device. Then again, we are now in the stage where plans are under way to release a 13-inch iPad – another likelihood that nobody saw coming during the Steve Jobs era.

With Samsung set to offer a stylus pen with the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, are Apple finally ready to offer a similar experience to their own consumers? As we told you in our previous report, the patent filing was secured back in 2011 so it could be the perfect time for Apple to launch it.

If it happens, it would be strange to finally see an iPad device with a built-in slot for a stylus pen. We would actually love it if it happens, as it’s always nice to offer consumers the option of having it if the demand is there.

Would you like this to finally happen with the iPad Pro?
Would you like this to finally happen with the iPad Pro?

Perhaps Apple are planning on debuting the stylus as a premium feature of the 13-inch iPad Pro, as a way of potentially justifying the higher cost that a bigger sized iPad would bring. It’s obviously not going to come cheap, and don’t forget that we have just seen Samsung introduce a whopping £649 price tag for the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

This eventuality looked impossible in the past, but are we finally looking at an iPad future with a stylus slot? Let us know if you would only buy the iPad Pro this year – if it came with the pen accessory.

Should Apple offer this to consumers or not? More importantly – would it work with other iPad models?



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