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PS4 Tomb Raider: Definitive and Xbox One indistinguishable

The Xbox One has been getting a bit of a raw deal lately because several of its titles are not able to run at 1080p or 60fps come to that. It was obvious that PS4 owners would try to rub salt into the wounds and tease Xbox One owners, but then again some of them would say that the frame rate is not as important, but would you agree?

We recently pointed out that the PS4 version of Tomb Raider: Definitive was able to run at 60fps consistently, whereas the Xbox One version could only manage 30fps, although was able to increase to 40fps very occasionally.

However, VideoGamer says that Square Enix has felt the need to weigh-in and inform gamers that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Tomb Raider: Definitive are indistinguishable.

Square Enix said that both next-gen platforms can run the can at 1080p and that their assets, such as character models, particles and textures are equal. This was not in response to the frame rate claims, as they have not said anything about that, but they wanted to set the record straight for those who thought there were other differences between the platforms.

Let’s say that Square Enix is telling the truth, then how come the footage for the Ps4 and Xbox One versions of Tomb Raider: Definitive look different; maybe this will be answered on January 31, which is when the game will be released on both platforms?



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