PS Now beta code disappointment over invites

Earlier on we talked about the possibility of PS4 backwards compatibility being revived. Now we switch our attention back to Sony’s PlayStation Now, which will offer a form of backwards compatibility via the company’s exciting new cloud capabilities.

Most of you probably don’t realise, but Sony has sneakily begun closed beta preparations for PlayStation Now already. We can tell you that emails are being sent out as we speak, but as we feared it looks like the chances of being selected are very limited at this stage.

Sony are giving users the chance to get an exclusive preview of PlayStation Now, which will include the ability to test out the streaming features on certain PS3 games, as highlighted in the email.

As far as we’re aware, those selected will be receiving beta vouchers ‘in the coming days’ and information on how to redeem it on the store ready for the secret launch.

You can imagine how disappointing this is for the millions of PlayStation fans who expected to be selected by Sony, but appear to have ended up with nothing after years of loyalty. Just listen to some feedback received so far below.

Hopefully Sony will be opening their doors to a lot more users after the initial beta period. If they don’t, fans may start to become frustrated without a valid reason behind the whole ‘secrecy’ of the beta.

The million dollar question: Did you receive an email from Sony and are you disappointed if you have not?



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