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Halo 5 accessories commence with Xbox One controller

Halo 4 was a great return to the franchise but what fans really want to know is when will 343 Industries reveal any new details in regard to Halo 5, which will be released on the Xbox One, although the 360 is also highly likely? Having said that, we already know that the next game in the series will be the second part of a trilogy.

The developers had shared a teaser of the new Halo to us during E3 last year, although they never gave much away, along with this image earlier this month. This leads us to believe that more teasers and possible Halo 5 gameplay will be shown at the event.

It is clear to see that there is a great deal of enthusiasm surrounding this game, and some fans are so eager that we have now started to see the first fan made Halo 5 accessories appear, well an image.

The image that you see above was found on Reddit and is of a Halo 5 inspired Xbox One controller. The user has asked readers what they think of the mock-up and if it fits in with the theme of the next Halo 5 game?

Most people do seem to like it, although a few people have pointed out a few needed designs to make it that bit better. However, with all things it comes down to personal taste.



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