Improbable Assassin’s Creed 5 location rumors

By Peter Chubb - Jan 28, 2014

With Ubisoft pretty much confirming that they are already working on Assassin’s Creed 5, players who have grown tired of the current game have now been looking to the future. While Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag has proved highly popular, it goes without saying that a new setting is needed, and there are some great ideas being thrown about.

We recently looked at the possibility of two AC5 settings, Feudal Japan vs. Ancient Egypt, with one being more likely than the other because of some inside information. However, it is very clear that fans of the franchise have other ideas, and Product Reviews readers also have a diverse imagination.

Assassin’s Creed 5 location rumors – We have a handful of settings for you, although we have to stress that most of these are highly improbable, which you will understand fully once we mention them.

A Cold War period for AC5 has come up several times before, but I’m not sure people will want to visit a period in time that is so close to ours? The Call of Duty franchise and so many other games have already tackled the troubles with USA, Germany and Russia during the Cold War. It’s just not as interesting as it once was.

Assassin’s Creed 5 during World War 2 is another suggestion, and again we feel as if this time period has been done to death. However, Ubisoft might be able to find a way to make it more exciting.

Ubosoft has already tackled America when it was fighting for its independence, so how about fast-forwarding a few years to the time when they were going through a Civil War? It would be a natural progressing and with a lot of knowledge and interest in this troubling time one has to wonder if they would like to see a game that would tackle these controversial issues?

With Feudal Japan and Ancient Egypt being at the top of most peoples list, the thought of Assassin’s Creed V being set in the time of King Arthur does fill us with excitement. This could be a natural time period for and assassin, and we could get to see a completely different side of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

If you could choose any setting for the next Assassin’s Creed game, what would it be and why?

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  • Phay Kheyw

    French Revolution-Napoleonic Wars, China (any period), Russia (17-20 centuries), India under British Raj.

  • RoBoAlx

    The Napoleonic era would be a good choise this way they could include the naval again. Regarding King Arthur, according to the legend he lived in the late 5th century and the Templar Order was founded somwhere around the 11-12 century. Egypt would also be a good choice, it would fit perfectly in the era of the templars.

  • Resourcepacks

    early 1800's or

  • Resourcepacks


  • Resourcepacks


  • Resourcepacks

    Ithink china or america(civl war)

  • causty

    Id like to see Shou Jun’s story so China and her exodus to Ren Italy. As much as I would like to see Fudal Japan they already have a very defined assassins order (Ninjas) that are completely different in style and lore from the Creed, the assassins of China are less well known and thus could provide enough lee way to play with and develop into the Jade order …. I would also like to see a setting that allowed for ship missions like AC 3 & 4 maybe not play as big a part as AC4 but one that deffo does support ship missions

  • Logan_Graham

    I was thinking Ancient Greece.

    • Gabriel Perez

      Like athens !

  • Nation of Masturbation

    Feudal Japan with a female ninja assassin – weapons would include, katana, shuriken, rope dart, etc.

  • angus

    i think we should have the English civil war with Cromwell and all that as he is very Templar like.or maybe the 100 year war,30 year war or Victorian London

  • PZee

    I would suggest the wild west.
    There could be bank and train robberies, bounty hunters trying to kill you, bringing back horses.
    we could involve billy the kid and some other famous cowboys along the way

    • guy

      that sounds kinda like red dead redemption

  • Carrrrll

    Another idea me and my mate had was after the second world war, america. Time of gangsters and massive opportunities. Could easily fill in some templar themes behind some of the mafias! But I don’t think that would be the next game as it would be too much of a random jump. I’d say it’s more of a possibility for the 2 games ahead… not this one, not the next one, but maybe one after that or so. Wearing a nice suit tailored into looking a bit like the assassins creed thing. Putting a hat on rather than a hood though :/ Either way, just a wild idea…

  • joko joestar

    first, sorry for bad engrish

    how about indonesia, we’ve been in war with Dutch, british, and many more colonialist (?) for 350 years,
    and japan for 35 years,
    ubisoft could make 3 generation of assassins or more,
    and indonesia have a lot of myths and legend.
    rich cultur and island to explore

  • Dylan

    Ancient Greece for sure! the tyrants seizing control and fighting against democracy in Athens, Sparta agreed more with two kings, you would have your Templars from Sparta and your assassins from Athens, the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta would be the focus, set in the 5th century B.C. (a time never visited). Plus back in the time of the Greeks tyrants weren’t seen as bad and neither were democratic politicians, this is similar to the way Assassins and Templars have a common goal which is good but controversial methods on either side? The ancient Greeks were fantastic inventors and you could meet people like Socrates and his pupil, Plato!! They could invent things and if they were slightly too advanced for the time it could be said that there isn’t any archaeological evidence for them.

  • Dan

    What about Victorian England? Or Ancient China?

  • Michael

    Look, China, Africa, Egypt all sound interesting but if I had to pick the PERFECT location or destination for the Assassin’s Creed franchise, this would be this place. Imagine being an assassin in the world where Juno, Jupiter, and Minerva were from. I know it was destroyed but all man, it would be amazing surviving an environment we know nothing about, facing fierce battles with people that transcend our abilities, and trying to figure out where all the loose ends of this story leads too. That would be one hell of game I’d like to play. But eliminating plots for a second, the Assassin’s Creed locations are not gonna mean anything if there is no story that we can relate too. Assassin’s 4 was good in gameplay but I thought it was the story was the weakest of the series. I love to have Desmond back but we’ll see what happens in Assassin’s 5.

  • ninja123

    I think It should be somewhere in Africa like Kenya and the Assassin be a tribe member.

  • Lets go back in time to before Altair, to the BC era. The Sumerian Civilization and Ancient Egypt are really rich locations to visit and explore.

  • will

    Ubisoft has already said that they are pretty much done with the Kenway bloodline. But this thing with feudal japan is going to lead to everyone comparing ninjas and shinobi to the assassins its going to be brutal. I hope these ideas I’m tossing out are palatable enough to make some impression with those developing the next title of AC. I liked that Thirty years war idea that someone seconded; also the notion of having the options of traveling to both Europe and the Americas.

  • Nate

    I like the fast forwarding to the Civil War idea considering the fact that it could continue the Kenway family.

  • DCyallknowme

    I think they should do one set during the 30 Years War (1618–1648). Templars Vs. Assassins, AKA Catholics Vs. Protestants. Everyone seems to pass this one up but I’ve supported it from the beginning. It would have a 3 Musketeers feel to it. Especially since the main Villain could be the same guy, Cardinal Richelieu. we have other colorful characters too like Gustavus Adolphus king of Sweden and Fredrick I. Many military commanders died during battle in the 30 years war which could translate into some sweet assassinations. The major issue that I see is there is no spacific location, it would be throughout Europe.

    • will

      Thank you! someone who gets it!

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    Isn’t Arthurian Legend too…fantastical? I figure Abstergo, I mean Ubisoft, would want to stick with a period that was at the very least somewhat documented….with documents

  • TOMMY316


  • Eric Schwartz

    How about Russia in the late 1800’s through early 1900’s. Through the rise and fall of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. Maybe it would start with an assassin/templar mission of poisoning Tsar Alexander III (starting the illness that led to his death).

    Grigori Rasputin would also make great templar hunting for artifacts.

    • will

      yeah, at least something to keep it more western based

      • will

        Mesopotamia is about as far east as they should go, that’s only my opinion

    • Burningbush

      There actually is a series of assassins creed comic books that takes place in this time period. It is the story if Nikolai Orelov and the first one is called Assassins Creed: The Fall.

  • henry

    I have always thought that ACV should be in the civil war. It feels cool that someone else thinks like me.

  • john

    i think ww1 after all the nazis could be a templar and you a jew and you weaken the german army

    • angus

      you do realize that the Nazis were nothing to do with WW1 they only affected WW2

  • tyreese

    Somewhere from mid to late 1800’s in London, around the time Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was writing the Sherlock Holmes series.

    • William Cox

      That actually sounds pretty good. And there should be an achievement/trophy for climbing Big Ben.

  • Dethklok89

    I think Victorian England/London with trips to the colonies would be a great location. Victorian London combines the gritty with the high class, and there would be so many great historical people to interact with. Alas, I don’t think ubisoft will ever take this path.

  • Will

    Europe during the age of trade and empire. Somewhere between the Reformation and the American revolution. Definitely before the latter; maybe concurrent with and beyond the former but it should help the fans take a step back and get a bigger picture on the brotherhood and its global expansiveness along with emphasizing even more on the 17th-18th century technology and militaries versus the Assassins’ unique style of combat and how they do their thing.

  • spenny

    i think it should be:
    -england in the middle ages
    -ancient greece/troy
    -american civil war
    -ancient rome
    -war of 1812

  • joel

    Joel here. I think ac5 should really be base on king arthur n the round table. With Vikings theres so much mystery n weapons that can be made better. I think n would love to see it….

  • ian

    how about from the war of 1812 to WW1 maybe 2

  • james p

    I think it would be quite good to have one in the first world war 1 as it is now 100 years on but king arthur would be cool. Also an ancient one could be good. Maybe one in the time of jesus. They could do a civil war maybe USA or England.

    • henry

      I think an ac game in the time of jesus would be too controversial

  • joe

    They won’t have a setting with tanks, cars or airplanes/ helicopters. If you’ve played freedom cry you will notice a artifact that is a possible to the location. I think multiple locations and time frames would be ideal.

  • danny wodarski

    i think the Civil War would be really cool to use in ac5

    something around gettysburg

  • Dean Haigh

    1066 Battle of Hastings… Great Britain and her empire:)

    • Tristen Magnoni

      shaun might love that. XD

  • Sam Went

    The French revolution. The AC games work best in old European cities, it was almost impossible to navigate the cities of III by rooftop. Also there were so many great historical figures you could meet! The philosophy of that period is really interesting and it’s a conflict where swords would have still been commonplace. You could argue that they’ve already done a revolution of that period but it had a dull main character and the American revolution is not as interesting or important as Americans make out. I want a French revolution game with a protagonist from the non-bland side of Desmond’s family. An Ezio descendant who moved to France.

    • Jake

      Assassins Creed 5 should continue moving ahead in history. 4 did go back in time a little, but the series has been moving up through out history. So the next best time would be around the Civil War or even a little after. Maybe move West into cities like Dodge with a cowboy setting and scenes like the O.K. Coral gunfight.

    • Tav

      I agree with you that period of enlightenment with Voltaire and the French Revolution would be interesting like the renaissance. Especially since they didn’t play into it at all in AC3 with Thomas Paine. I mean the secular ideals during the time are interesting. I just don’t agree about it not being important as it was a major blow to the British empire and pretty much help lead France into their revolution.

    • Marshall Fabian

      Ever since Assassins Creed Revelations, I’ve been wanting an assassins creed game during the French Revolution- hence, the different political groups: The Jacobins… and the different stages and forms of governments. Plus the architecture in Paris and throughout France would be great to explore. Like what Sam stated- AC games work best in old European cities- I was not a big fan of the AC4 layout nor the AC3 layout (short buildings, map was too drawn out)