GTA V DLC official ending after A,B,C

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2014

Are you looking forward to the highly anticipated GTA V DLC release date? The developer may be busy trying to get GTA V Heists out to everyone, but after that attention will surely turn to the first major story expansion for the game.

If you have played through story mode, you’ll know that there are a lot of unanswered questions – especially if you picked the GTA V ending C without giving too much away.

For those that don’t know, Rockstar has already said that the DLC expansions for the game will be a continuation of the story mode, which makes things very interesting indeed if you chose the other ending options.

Obviously, we don’t know what Rockstars plans are to make everything ‘work’, but we imagine that the developer is carefully planning out all of the scenarios so that the first DLC will continue as normal and pick up from events after you made your decision on what ending you wanted.

We had two major expansions for GTA IV, so it is safe to assume that the same will follow with GTA V at the very least. Earlier this week we told you about the demand for Red Dead Redemption 2, but it is common sense to assume that Take-Two and Rockstar will want to squeeze every bit of life out of GTA V first before even thinking about moving on to RDR2.

Without spoiling it for others, what GTA V ending did you choose? Are you interested to see how this will follow on with GTA V DLC, or do you regret making your decision since you can’t overturn it without replaying the mission?

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  • I was there

    I chose C and when the aliens abducted all 3 of the main characters I almost lost my lunch.

  • Eonkid16

    I think they should put in alternate storylines with mostly common mission but some special which you only get if you have selected the specific ending.. Like a mission in which Trevor and Frankil may be stealing Weapons (If u chose A) (If B then) there is a mission where Madrazo gives Micheal and Franklin a mission to bring back Patricia or something, and then if C then basically you can put anything

  • Name

    I wanna see more of Franklin and Grove Street. I feel like Micheal’s story was told and finished as well as Trevor’s. Franklin is young and this is his first real score. We didn’t get to see many Grove Street missions. I guess I was expecting more of a GTA: San Andreas feel with Franklin. I would also like basketball and bowling mini-games, as well as assassinations and heists.

    • Eonkid16

      Franklin, lets go bowling!

    • Jkid

      That would be amazing if they had a basketball mini game even if it was just horse

    • Random

      Also POOL. At bars.

    • CP

      you should also be able to fight for territory online

  • jason

    I want a dlc to play as Lamar, I just couldn’t stand seeing Grove Street ran by Ballas and nothing be done about it. BRING BACK GANG TERRITORIES!

  • Pasquale Sergi

    I chose Something Sensible; I thought it was hard to take but was more realistic than all three characters suddenly getting tens of millions of dollars and peacefully going their separate ways, especially when Michael kind of despises Trevor and Franklin and Trevor aren’t quite good friends.

  • broadstar

    Well said fred!!!

  • Darren

    Ending C is the canon ending, obviously. It said very clearly, continuing, MICHAEL, FRANKLIN AND TREVORS adventures in Southern San Andreas. Ending C (Deathwish/The Third Way) is the best ending, and therefore the only one where all 3 protagonists survive. Thank God, didn’t like the idea of Michael and Trevor being killed.

    • zainfazal3000

      Ending C is canon. It was even in the trailer.

    • urmomma

      the story asked what you picked with out spoilers and you just ruined it for anyone who reads this.

      • Seth Forsman

        In ending A or B, you kill, as Franklin, either Michael or Trevor. In ending C, you kill the people who want them both dead. Deal with it.

  • Fred

    R* screwed the pooch when they introduced micro transactions and designed everything to try to force you to buy those shitty shark cards. FU R*.

    • Player

      That’s dumb. The cards do nothing for game play. At most, they offer a few things early for those willing to throw away money, but never can a player purchase enough of anything to get themselves a permanent advantage that another player couldn’t get just by grinding.

      • Eonkid16

        They never upset the game flow like Forza ,everyone, grinders or rich, is always at equality… a person cannot buy the RP so though a rich guy can afford but not buy the gun.. wheres by grinding the person gets money and RP to unlock and buy the gun

        • Fred

          You ain’t from around here, are you? Many people cheated to get very high RP so they could buy whatever they wanted with the money they also got by cheating. R* took the cheated money away (and the not cheated money), but they didn’t do a thing about cheated RP and cheated world records, etc… R* doesn’t care about those things because they don’t affect whether or not you might buy those overpriced shark cards.

        • Eonkid16

          I have not brought a single card and am a level 248 without cheating!

        • ninjamonkey801

          if try you haven’t left your house and game for the last 4 months

        • Eonkid16

          My friend hasnt left the game and he is 582, well, was last month.. I haven’t played since 2 weeks ago.
          I only played 3 hours with my best friends so we were always playing together as a crew getting that 30% RP bonus
          We were playing the Takeoff, Down the Drain and Potshot, and all the jobs which anyone threw at us.. since we sat together we used to draw strategies completing the missions faster.
          We used to win turn by turn that made us all at the same level then I left the crew for studies, so did the others.

        • Seth Forsman

          No, you’re not. That’s way past the level cap.

        • Eonkid16

          The level cap is Rank 1000 you troll

    • cptObvious

      Guess what? You don’t have to buy them!