COD Ghosts Devastation DLC maps found in Onslaught

It looks like the release of COD Ghosts Map Pack 1 gave gamers a little more than they perhaps bargained for. The Onslaught DLC is now live, but initially it looks like Infinity Ward revealed information about the forthcoming COD Ghosts Devastation DLC map pack at the same time.

If you were frantically refreshing the Marketplace yesterday in hope of seeing the Onslaught content the minute it went live, you may have noticed something strange with the new content actually being listed as ‘Map02’ – or Map Pack 2 on other words.

When you actually downloaded the content, some of you may have been met with a strange outcome. Images have revealed the names of four other maps that are not part of the Onslaught line up – these maps revealed as Battery, Rumble, Red River and Dome.

Dome should ring a bell instantly, as we’re guessing this could be a remake from the same map that featured in Modern Warfare 3.

Are these the maps that will be released with the COD Ghosts DLC Map Pack 2, aka Devastation? It looks like it at this point, but we await more details with excitement.

It looks like all evidence of this early leak has been removed. Let us know if you also saw these four maps in the game immediately after installing the Onslaught pack.

Do you think it could be Devastation?



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