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Battlefield 4 PS4 update 1.0.8 features vehicle improvements

DICE has released the next patch notes for Battlefield 4 and we can see that the main areas of improvements are to the vehicles. All platform version of the game will get the latest update, with the PS4 version being patch 1.0.8, which was needed considering the issues the previous version brought on.

A new update is supposed to bring with it a host of new features and bug fixes, but BF4 version 1.0.7 was said to make the game a little worse and created more problems than fixes. However, these should now be resolved once the next Battlefield 4 patch goes live either by the end of this month – not long left – or the start of February.

We believe that most of the issues will now be fixed in the next BF4 patch because DICE had asked players what areas of the game needed to be tweaked, although they only had a choice of 5, so not like they were given a free run.

Like we said above, the new update will help to make certain vehicles even better, such as Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft, Tanks and Anti-Tank vehicles. The full patch notes can be read in full on The Battlefield Blog.

However, it is clear to see that some fans are unhappy that DICE has left out some of much needed tweaks, which to us isn’t much of a surprise.



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