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Xbox One new game in 2014 teases fans

Are you waiting for more new Xbox One games to come out in 2014? If the answer is yes, we have a quick heads-up for you on something big that is about to drop. Microsoft has confirmed that a new Xbox One game is about to be revealed, with big execs starting to get very excited on what is coming over the next 24 hours.

We have no idea what this game could be, but the mystery of it appears to be sending fans into overdrive. We know that the game will be announced ‘early in the morning’ on January 27, so stay tuned as we could be hours away from finding out what it is.

Is it something tied to Halo, a brand new franchise or a third-party developer who is bringing a well known series to the Xbox One? Either way, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is excited and we should know that he wouldn’t get excited unless it wasn’t a major reveal.

We’re happy that this hasn’t leaked out prior to the announcement. It’s always nice to keep things a surprise for the suspect element, so let us know what game you would like to see from Microsoft.

Number one, tell us what you think the game will be, number two tell us what you personally would like to see.



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