Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V PC update from analysts

By Alan Ng - Jan 27, 2014

Last week we spoke about the demand for Red Dead Redemption 2, with gamers growing increasingly frustrated by the issues regarding GTA V and its online mode. Now, we have some solid evidence to give you on the game with an Red Dead Redemption 2 news update that is sure to put a smile on your face.

We have a sense of feeling that the constant rumors on the game, without any real substance has been hard to take. Red Dead Redemption is a series that remains deep in many hearts, and the news of any potential sequel seems to be far more exciting than anything GTA V-related at the moment.

With this in mind, Research firm Baird Equity Research has gone on record to say that with shareholders in mind, Take-Two are expected to announce Red Dead Redemption 2 at somepoint this year. Not only that, but they also predict that a GTA V PC release date will land in 2014 – an outcome that most of you believe is only a matter of time anyway.

These announcements will help improve revenue and earnings visibility according to Baird Equity Research, but are we really that close to a Red Dead Redemption 2 unveil?

Let’s not forget that we have not even had any major story DLC for GTA V. We at least expect there to be two major pieces of DLC to echo GTA IV, so that may take us all the way until the end of 2014 by the time these are out – that’s not even getting started on GTA V Heists.

One conspiracy theory is also ongoing suggesting that the reason GTA V PC has not been announced yet, is due to the fact that Take-Two also want to put GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One in 2014 too – a move that will surely bring in a lot of money for the publisher and keep Rockstar flat out with duties.

Going back to Red Dead Redemption 2 though, is this the game that you would rather see announced, ahead of GTA V on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?

The analysts have spoken so give us your thoughts below.

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  • Tyler

    Isn’t Red Dead Redemption the 2nd game to the series “Red Dead?” Like “Red Dead Revolver?”

  • Name

    I’d rather have a Red Dead Redemption prequel announcement than GTA V on PC.

  • enoch

    RD2 will come out before heists

  • amerika

    so no heists

  • Jayson White

    rde dead 2 is a must on ps3

    • josj

      are you retarded? why would they develop a new game to put on an OLD console?

      • chris188

        the ps3 is not a old console

        • Tyler

          Yes, it is. PS3 was made at the end of 2006. It’s a 7 year old console.

  • Str8piffin

    If they do plan on focusing red dead redemption 2 on the first games characters then the only way it would work in my opinion is if they do a prequel to the first game. Show us how john marston came to join up with the williamsons gang. Let us relive the stories he told of in the first game and have one more chance to play as one of rockstars best lead characters of alltime. Again this is only an idea and in my opinion its the only way they can make a 2nd game that wont be a dissapointment as far as the story goes.
    (And for the love of god do not revisit jack marston. He is just…awful.)

  • djkaerf324

    i dont want a rdr2 i want an red dead that doesnt have anything to do with the characters of rdr

  • Tyler Smith

    GTA Online has been disappointing… bring on the Red Dead 2 but hopefully they take their time and do it right instead of releasing a $60 beta like GTA V Online.

    • Fred

      There was an extremely enjoyable and exquisitely made single player game that you got for that $60 as well. Groundbreaking work. It’s pretty much the pinnacle of gaming. The attention to detail and artistic craftsmanship is through the roof. A dullard like you doesn’t deserve the goodness Rockstar provides. Grow a brain. Pretty sure they took plenty of time to make the game, online included. I along with countless others are loving it. Have fun playing something else that isn’t nearly as deadly.

      • You do realize he was talking about GTA Online Right? Obviously not, since you had to resort to attacking him, and insulting him… So if anyone needs to “Grow a brain” it’s you… I’ll remind you if you’ve forgotten, GTA: V and GTA: Online, are two entirely different entities. Rockstar has stated this themselves… When I read Tyler’s, comment, I did not see him type one thing negative GTA: V.

        Regardless, yes I agree $60 is no where near the value of online alone, but lets stay on topic.

        • tony

          If hes just talking online then its free not 60. By Saying 60 dollar beta he involves the whole game. The whole game is 60 not just online so I have to agree with fred on this. Its a beautiful game ive always been a fan of gta. I was disappointed with iv n I am disappointed with online on v but I still love it. Im not goin to knock it just cuz im currently not savy with online mode. Its better than spending 60 every year to toss a ball around or shoot at anouther team. Over n over n over until next year then same again. Atleast with gta its a all in one game n you only spend that 60 every 3-5 years

        • Tyler Smith

          I bought the game entirely for the online portion I won’t lie. Since then I’ve found the campaign to be far more enjoyable but short lived. I’m still like a level 160 or something in online so just b/c I think rockstar dropped the ball doesn’t mean I’m not playing the game. In fact it runs pretty smooth now days but the online community are mostly asshats. No one can argue that when online was released it was almost unplayable at first and the things rockstar promised months ago are still no where to be seen. Call me names I don’t care kid, and to the other peoples thanks for taking up for someone like myself who was just trying to make a general statement about my experience with a game. SmittyBGKY XBOX 360

        • Kyle Doel

          Good attempt to defend but ultimately fail. In your universe Online and GTA5 are completely products, but in Tyler’s universe they are not. If they were then he didnt pay for Online so why is he complaining about $60?

      • Hahahha

        Groundbreaking? It uses the same engine as gta 3!

    • HeisenbergRocks

      I think GTA Online’s community is the worst part… I cannot stand the shit-talking kids who just want to run around killing as if it’s another Call of Duty game.

  • Pun Pun

    Ned Stark !!